The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 28

Troy walked me to my locker where Renee was waiting.

“Hey there Tuna.” Renee said.

“Renee!!” I scolded her. How rude of her to say that to Troy!

Troy however thought it was hilarious, “Hey there mutt.”

I looked at Renee to see how she would respond, her response was nothing but laughter. Okay, apparently insulting each other is going to be their thing. Renee looked at me, “I like him.”

“Me to” I responded.

Me three….” Nan sighed.

“So, I’ve been thinking.” Renee leaned against the locker next to mine, “Since Troy’s family doesn’t keep secrets like a certain pack that we know, we should go to them and start asking questions. They’ve got to know something that can help or at least know someone who may know something.”

I had thought about this also, but I hadn’t seen Troy to ask.

“I thought about that to, what do you think little fish? Want to come to my house after school and we can talk to them together?” Troy and Renee looked at me for my response. I gulped, meet his parents? They already freaked out when they found out that Troy had the pull towards me, what would they say once they knew he was my mate?

“I already told them about us if that’s what you’re worried about.” Troy said.

“What if they don’t like me?” I whispered.

“What if they don’t like you? Seriously? Their son is the mate to one of the strongest Alphas daughter, how could they not be impressed?” Renee questioned. Well when she put it that way….

“It will be fine little fish, besides, we need to find answers. I want everyone to know we are together, but until we figure out a plan it has to stay a secret. It’s not just us involved in this.” Troy was right, this involved more than just the two of us.

The bell rang signaling home room, “Meet me for lunch?” Troy asked.

“Of course.” I smiled at him and he headed for his homeroom.

Renee and I headed towards ours, “Don’t be mad but I told Scarlet about your ‘issue’.”

“Renee! No one can know about this!!” I can’t believe she would tell someone else.

“Shhhh calm down. You know we can trust Scarlet, and her parents are on the research team. The research team that has information about certain fishes that we need to know about.” Renee said. “I know I should have asked you first before I said anything but I’m worried about you and what will happen. I’ve seen the way you look at Troy, there’s no way you will reject him. Meaning we need to figure something out or you’re going to disappear on me. I can’t lose you.” She whispered the last part and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

I grabbed her hand as we walked into homeroom, “You will never lose me, and you’re stuck with me for life.” I smiled at her but deep down I wondered, there may come a time when I will lose her, my family, my whole pack.

If every math class ended with Troy standing outside the door waiting to sweep me off to the woods I think I could learn to enjoy it. No, that’s a lie, I don’t think anything could make me enjoy math.

“Are you ready?” Troy asked.

“Yes.” I noticed he had a big brown paper sack in his arms. “What’s that?”

“I made us a picnic lunch.” He smiled with pride.

And score for the brownie points.” Nan said and I laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Troy asked as we walked out of the school.

“You scored brownie points with Nan by making lunch.” I told him.

“Is that your wolfs name? I was so amazed by the site of her I didn’t even introduce myself, how rude of me.” Troy stopped in the middle of the trail and faced me. “Hello Nan, I am pleased to make your acquaintance, and might I say you are one beautiful creature.” He said as he bowed.

Oh my lanta, can we PLEASE mark him now! I just want to-”

“WHOA! Okay! Enough of that!” I interrupted her in my head, I was not ready to go there.

“I’m guessing by the beat red color in your cheeks Nan approves?” Troy asked chuckling.

I more than approve.” Nan gave him a wolf whistle, its times like these I’m glad he can’t hear her!

“So, what did you make us for lunch?” I asked.

“Nice subject change, but I made us PB&J’s, macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and for dessert….” He pulled out six chocolate covered strawberries, my mouth instantly watered.

“I know it’s a weird combo but it’s all I know how to make.” He shrugged his shoulders. I leaned over and kissed him, “It’s perfect.”

As I reached for a strawberry I asked Troy about his family, “I should probably know something about them before I meet them, like do they prefer Mr. and Mrs. Alexander or….”

Troy cleared his throat, “Umm, actually you should probably start off with Your Highness’s.”

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