The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 29

I stopped with the strawberry half way to my mouth, “I’m sorry what?”

Troy gave me a shy grin, “Well… it’s no big deal really. My parents are just kind a considered royalty in the mer world.” He shrugged at the last part as if it was no big deal.

“What do you mean royalty?! I thought you said they were on a research team!” I was starting to panic.

“Shhh little fish, breathe.” Troy pulled me into his lap, his touch instantly calming me. “Eat while I explain.” He shoved a strawberry in my mouth.

“Okay, so you know how every pack has an Alpha? Well it’s like that for mer also, except it’s divided up by the Oceans. Every Ocean has a king, so there are four kings total.”

“There are more than four oceans.” I interrupted.

Troy shoved the PB&J in my hands and I took that as a sign to eat and shut up. “I know there are technically more oceans recognized now a days but we’ve been around for centuries. Long before it was decided that they would split up the original four Oceans into seven or however many different ones the humans think there is.” Troy rolled his eyes at the last part. “So, there’s the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Artic kings. My father is King of the Pacific. Let’s be real though, my mom is the one who wears the fins in the family.” He started laughing.

“So if he’s King, why isn’t he in the Ocean ruling? Why aren’t you in the ocean?” It was something I had been wondering. If they were meant to be in the Ocean, why weren’t they there? Werewolves were meant for land so that’s where we were, we weren’t hanging out in the ocean.

“You’d actually be surprised to know that most mer live on land.”

“They do? But why?” I asked.

Troy turned a little red, “Uh well, to raise a family. We have to be in human form to uh, you know, make a baby.”

“Oh.” I’m sure I was beat red now also.

“So anyways, over the years Mer found it easier to raise their families on land. We work, play, and do things just like humans so we blend in. When mer get older and have had enough of the human world they ‘retire’ to the ocean. My grandparents moved to the Ocean a few months ago, I miss them but it gives me an excuse to be out in the ocean more to visit them.” He smiled, I could tell he missed and loved them. I wondered if I would ever get to meet them.

“What does your family do?” I asked as I reached for my sand which.

“Have you heard of Trident cruise ships?” I nodded yes, that was one of the biggest cruise lines in the world. It was well known for its different excurses across the globe, you could go anywhere that touched the ocean. I know people from our pack have gone on their cruises for anniversaries or just to get away.

“I figured you might.” Troy reached for a strawberry, “My father runs the company and the cruise ships are all staffed by mer’s. It gives us reason to be out in the Ocean all day, and who else better to give people a good time in the ocean besides mers? We also have cargo ships, boat builders, pretty much anything involved with the ocean mer’s have their hand in it.”

“So your parents aren’t only a big deal in the mer world but also the human?” I questioned.

“Yep.” He popped the p. In the distance we heard the warning bell letting us know we had five minutes to get to our next class. Troy grabbed the rest of his sandwhich and shoved it in his mouth, men and their manners sometimes I swear.

But look how handsome he is with his cheeks all puffed out like a cute little chipmunk.” I rolled my eyes at Nan in my head.

We packed the rest of the picnic up and headed back into the school, “I can see you are freaking yourself out over this little fish.” Troy was right, I was freaking out. We already had a ton of obstacles in our way, and now this? His dad was a king for goddess sake! Making him a prince, meaning not only was the leadership of my pack at stake but also the whole mer population of the Pacific Ocean!

“Hey,” Troy grabbed me into a hug. “It’s going to be alright. We will talk to my parents after school and figure all of this out.” He pulled away and smiled at me. I gave him a weak smile back.

“Oh, I know you can do better than that. Do not make me use my mer magic to make you smile.” He waggled his eye brows at me.

“You can do magic to?!”

Troy laughed, “No! Well besides the water thing, that’s all that’s special about me.”

“I think you’re very special actually, you are to me anyways.” I said shyly.

“Hey short cake, ready for Chemistry?” We were interrupted by Jeremy. “Here let me carry your books for you!” He took my books out of my hands before I could say anything. Jeremy has never walked me to Chemistry, he’s never walked me to class period! Why was today different?

“I was going to walk Annie to class, so if you’ll please give me her books back we will head that way.” Troy reached for my books that were in Jeremys arms.

“You don’t even have the same class as us, so I will be walking her to class. Not you. Ready short cake?” I looked between the both of them. A week ago guys didn’t give me a second glance, now I have two fighting of who is going to walk me to class. Not going to lie, I secretly was enjoying this a little bit.

I was enjoying it until I saw Troy’s eyes had turned black, uh oh.

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