The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 3

I was able to convince Renee that jeans and a cute shirt would be good enough to celebrate my “last day”, but I had to let her do my hair and makeup for the day. Considering how amazing she is at both, it really was a win win situation for me.

“Oh Annie you look so beautiful! My little girl is all grown up….” My mom had greeted us as we came into the kitchen with tears in her eyes.

“I’m turning 18 mom, not moving across the country.”

“I know, I know. But it’s your big day tomorrow, you’re becoming a woman! I just can’t believe you’re going to be 18 already…. It seems just like yesterday I was wiping your butt and when you were hungry bringing you up to my brea-.”

“OKAY! We can stop the reminiscing right there!” I’m sure I’m blushing beat red at this point. Luna Sue Rogers everyone. Mate of Alpha William Rogers and amazing, sometimes a little much, mother to me and her other spawn David. Speaking of Alpha Rogers…

“Why are we talking about breast this early in the morning? Unless it’s about yours my darling mate, then keep talking.” My dad started nuzzling my mom’s neck making her giggle like a school girl. Any other kids would be grossed out by this but unfortunately for me, this is a normal and daily occurrence. Sometimes David and I have to remind them that we are still in the room. But it does make me happy to see them so in love with each other after all these years, makes me hopeful for when I find my mate.

“Annie are you ready for tomorrow? I’ve asked Sam to escort you to the party, unless you have someone already.” I’m sorry my dad did what?

“Uh oh..” Muttered Renee “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Dad you didn’t? I don’t need an escort! The point of this party is for me to find my mate, not to go with a date. I don’t want him to be my escort!” I can’t believe my dad has done this to me. First off, how embarrassing to have your dad set up a date for you, and secondly with Sam! A guy who would rather be my dad’s escort instead of mine!

My mom can tell how upset this is making me, “Willy honey, why don’t we let Annie make her entrance alone? Sam can be her escort IF she doesn’t find her mate tomorrow night. Does that sound good?” She said all this while rubbing my dad’s head, his known weakness.

“Hmmph. Fine. But I want you to promise to be nice and open to him if you do not find your mate. Who knows, it could be Sam. Sam would make any female a perfectly suitable mate, and an excellent future Alpha if needed.” My father smiled, kissed my mom and then walked out the door before I could even form a response.

“Annie darling, back to the breast feeding you need to start being more open to things like that, I mean you could find your mate tomorrow. And you know he’s going to expect sexual things from you eventually. And of course you’re going to have cubs one day, how do you plan on feeding them if you can’t even hear about how I breast fed you?”

“Mom! My main concern right now is not failing chemistry, not how I’m going to feed my non-existent cubs.” Honestly. Love my mom to death but sometimes she can be a little…. much.

“Auntie Lu your 100% right, Annie should be worried about all those things and how to please her mate. Do you see what she is wearing? Dull. Just dull. Sam wouldn’t find it attractive at all.” I shot daggers at my bestie who has magically appeared out of thin air, so much for waiting outside.

“All right that’s it we are leaving!” Time to get out of here before my mom and Renee decide I need the birds and the bees talk or goddess knows what else.

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