The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 32

The man looking back at me reminded me of a Viking, a very unfriendly one. He was a large man, I thought my father was big, this guy made my dad look like a pup. He was at least 6’4” but he was sitting down so I couldn’t be sure. He had white hair that stuck out in all directions and a beard to match, if I hadn’t been so scared out of my mind I would have found it comical at how much he looked like the Little Mermaids father. A lot meaner though.

“So. This is the mutt you want to possibly risk your life and everything we have for?” His father spat.

“Steven!” Troy’s mom scolded.

“I strongly suggest that if you want keep this civilized and not ruin mother’s decorations with a fight, you will show so respect towards Annie.” Troy said in a calm voice. I was impressed with his ability to keep it together, I on the other hand was shaking.

“Now, shall we try this again?” Troy pulled me from hiding spot behind him and put an arm around me. “Father, this is Annie. My mate.” I curtsied to his father, I knew I wouldn’t be receiving a hug like I did from his mother.

“Hmph, we shall see about that.” His father mumbled. “Well you brought her here for a reason I assume, get on with it. I’m a very busy man and have things to attend to.”

I thanked the goddess that Troy seemed to take after his mother Sandra, his father was about as friendly as a rogue.

Troy cleared his throat, “As you both know I had the pull towards Annie last year when I transferred to her school. Annie turned 18 last Saturday which is when werewolves are able to find their mates. Yesterday, is when I became hers.” Troy looked at me with eyes full of admiration, I melted right there in my spot I had been frozen in from his dads glare. I was jolted out of happiness by the sound of a fist hitting the desk.

“You let this dog mark you?! We don’t even know what that will do to you! How can you be King and bear the mark of a mongrel?!” His dad shouted as he stood up from his chair. Add two more inches to my 6’4” estimate. I jumped to hide back behind Troy as vase full of flowers sitting on the desk exploded soaking his father.

“Why you lit-“ His father started to come around the desk towards us.

Holy frosted flakes…..” Nan whimpered.

“ENOUGH!” I stopped and stared at Troy’s mother. Her voice held such authority and made both Troy and his father stop in their tracks. “I will NOT tolerate the two of you acting like a couple of sea urchins in this house, especially when we have a guest! I suggest that if you two want to act like guppies you take this elsewhere.” She glared at both of them.

“Sorry mom…..” Troy hung his head.

“Sorry darling.” King Alexander said as he sat back down. “I will try to control my temper, even though our son is acting like a com-“

“Steven.” Sandra said stopping him from finishing that sentence. I’m beginning to really like this woman, she would make an amazing Luna. “Now, how about we all sit and calmly discuss this.” She gestured to the two chairs in front of the desk for us to sit down in as she went around the desk and sat on the arm of her husband’s chair. She probably wanted to stay between the two men of the room, and I thought male wolves were bad.

I went to sit in a chair but was pulled into Troy’s lap instead. I squirmed to try to get up but he held me fast, “Don’t even think about it little fish, we have to hide in the world out there so I want to be close to you any chance I get.” He whispered in my ear, nuzzling my neck in the process. I could hear Nan sighing in my head with pleasure, or was that me? Oh goddess did I sigh out loud? I mentally face palmed myself in the forehead, get yourself together Annie!

“Now, Troy, Annie, please tell us what you came here to say.” Sandra said.

“First off I would like to say that Annie has not marked me, yet.” Troy put emphasis on the ‘yet’ and stared at his father. “But if that’s what it will take for us to be together then I’ll wear it proudly.” His father started to protest but Sandra put a hand on his arm to stop him. She nodded her head at Troy to continue.

“However, we do not know what will happen when Annie marks me. Will I become a werewolf? Will she become a mermaid? And what will happen to Annie once we have the mer bonding ceremony? It’s never been performed on anyone other than a mer. Not to mention the issues we are going to have with her father and Annie needing an Alpha when she becomes Luna. And who’s going to take over as King when the time comes if I’m a wolf? Last time I checked a wolf can’t swim to the ocean floor with no problem and walk around. And what happens if I don’t turn into a wolf?! Then what? An Alpha has to be a wolf, I’m just a stupid fish!” If I hadn’t been sitting in Troy’s lap I’m sure he would have been pacing the floor. Troy pulled me against his chest to calm himself, “I do know this though. I will do whatever it takes to be with Annie. I love her more than anything in this world.”

I turned in his lap to stare at him, did he just say he loved me?!

HE DID!! He loves us!!” Nan was doing a little happy dance in my head.

Troy took my face in his hands, “It’s true. I should have probably waited to say it for the first time in a little bit more romantic setting but I couldn’t help it. I love you Annie Jean Rogers and I will do whatever it takes to be the best mate you could ever ask for.”

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