The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 36

Troy wasn’t in school the next day. I knew I had messed up not telling Troy that I would die if I didn’t mark him, but I had hoped he would have forgiven me and would have been waiting for me at me locker. Instead of my mate waiting for me though it was Renee.

“Hey.” I said to her weakly.

“Normally I would be offended by such a weak greeting but seeing how crazy your life has been lately I will let it slide.” Renee said. “How did it go with his parents last night?”

I told her about my conversation with Troy’s father.

“Wow….” Renee said. “So not only do you have to worry about him being Alpha, but also about him being King. There isn’t anyone else in line for the throne? A cousin or something?”

I shook my head, “No. At least not that his father said. That’s not the worst of it, Jeremy caught us last night.”

“WHAT?” Renee yelled.

“Shhhh.” I shushed her and looked around. “I have enough issues already, I don’t need the whole school finding out on top of it.”

“I’m sorry! I’ll be quiet. So Jeremy knows? How did that go?” Renee questioned.

We started walking towards out home room, “Not good. Long story short I almost ripped his throat out for attacking Troy and then Jeremy told Troy about how I will die if I don’t mark him, then Troy left and I haven’t seen him since.” I could feel tears in my eyes again. I’ve become a real cry baby lately.

“Oh Annie…. It will be alright. Troy can’t stay away from you for long, I’ve seen the way he looks at you, he loves you Annie.” Renee gave me a side hug as we walked into homeroom.

By the time lunch came there was still no sign of Troy and I was starting to worry. What if something bad had happened? What if he decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore? What if-

Would you stop freaking out? Honestly. He loves us! He told us and Renee says she has seen it, he isn’t leaving us. I’m sure he has a perfectly good explanation.” Nan reassured me.

I still felt nervous though as I walked into the lunch room and up to our table. I must be dragging today because once again I’m the last to arrive.

“There you are! Sit down so Scarlet can tell us what she found, she wouldn’t tell us anything until you got here.” Lily said as soon as she saw me. I looked at her confused.

“Yes I know all about your mer lover, who do you think helped Scarlet break into her parent’s office?” Lily smiled slyly.

I looked over at Scarlet who smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, I know it’s a secret but I needed the help.”

“Then we really couldn’t leave Ellie out, that just wouldn’t be fair or nice!” Renee added.

I should have known better than to think a secret would stay a secret in our little group. “What did you find out Scarlet?”

“Okay, so I didn’t find out an exact answer but something kind of similar.” Scarlet started. “It was a wolf and fairy that were mates.”

“A fairy?! You’ve got to be kidding me.” Lily scoffed.

“Werewolves, mermaids, and now fairies. What’s next, trolls?” Ellie asked.

“You guys hush!” Renee said, “Keep going Scarlet.”

“Anyways, the werewolf and fairy were mates. I couldn’t find all the details on the story, but I did find out what happened when the wolf marked the fairy.” Scarlet stopped.

“What?! What happened??” I shouted.

“Annie shhh, people are starting to stare.” Lily said.

“Sorry,” I said lowering my voice. “What happened Scarlet?”

“The fairy lost all of her powers, she became human.”

“And the wolf?” Renee asked.

“From what I can tell he remained the same. There wasn’t a ton of information, but good news is you won’t kill Troy. Unless of course mer’s react to it differently than fairies. He will just become human.” Scarlet looked at me and smiled.

It was good news that I wouldn’t kill Troy, great news actually, however it didn’t solve any of our problems. If I marked Troy and he became human then he couldn’t be Alpha or King. He would just be a normal guy that was mated to a wolf.

“Okay, so say he turns human. Will he live longer like we can or will he have the normal life span of a human?” Renee asked.

“Again, there wasn’t a lot of information but it looks like he would live longer like we can. However, that’s if he doesn’t get hurt, he would still be human and would heal slowly or not at all if the injury was bad enough.” Scarlet turned to look at me. “I’m sorry Annie, I wish I had more to tell you but that’s all I could find. I could try breaking into their office again and seeing if I can find more information if you want?”

“We can all break into the office!” Lily said. The other girls nodded in agreement and started to plan another break in.

“Guys I appreciate it but I don’t want anyone getting caught or found out. What Scarlet found already is more than I could ask for. Thank you for taking the risk for me.” I said to them all.

“You’re our future Luna Annie, we would do anything for you.” Ellie said.

I gave her a smile. The girls started talking about some party this weekend but I zoned out. If Troy reacted like the fairy did to the mark then he wouldn’t die, he would just turn human. Which would be perfect if we were any two other people, two normal people. But no, I have to be the Alpha’s daughter and he has to be the King’s son.

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