The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 37

Troy wasn’t in school the next two days either and I was beginning to really worry about him. I’m sure he was fine, but what if he wasn’t? What if he was hurt?

“Staring at his locker won’t make him magically appear dog.” I turned to see Joy standing a few feet away.

“Excuse me?” I could have sworn she called me dog but there’s no way she would know I’m a werewolf.

“You heard me mutt. He’s disappeared because of you.”

“Disappeared?! What do you mean?” I asked. “Wait. How do you-“

“Know about you? Our leader doesn’t keep secrets. I’ve known about you since day one dog.” She snarled at me.

“What do you want from me? And disappeared where?” I asked.

“Like I need to tell you anything. Just stay away from Troy okay?” She turned to walk away but I reached out and grabbed her.

“Owe! You’re hurting my arm!” Joy looked at me and could tell Nan was close to surfacing because her face turned to a look of terror.

“You will tell me what I want to know, NOW.” I growled and tightened my grip on her arm.

“Ouch! Okay, okay. Troy took off to the Ocean to find answers about you two, said it was a matter of life and death. No one’s heard from him since he left.” Joy whimpered out and I released her arm.

My heart swelled when I heard that, he was out looking for answers for us. My heart also hurt that he hadn’t told me nor had I heard from him.

“So you’re a mer?” I asked Joy.

“I will be.” She mumbled as she rubbed her arm where I had grabbed her.

“You will be?”

“I mean, I am.” Her eyes widened as she realized her slip up. I growled at her to give her a little incentive to tell the truth, it worked. “Fine! I’m one but I’m not. I uh, haven’t shifted yet.”

I looked at her confused, “Don’t you just have to get wet and bam! Tail?”

Joy rolled her eyes at me, “Honestly, and he wants to make you Queen. Ha! No it doesn’t work like that, we can be in water and not shift. How do you think I did swim team? I uh, just haven’t shifted yet, no one knows why.” She put her head down embarrassed and I felt sorry for her. Barely, but a little bit.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Joy straightened herself out, “Yeah well now you know and if you know what’s good for you, you will keep it to yourself.” And she walked away.

So Joy is a Mer also, well kind of. I would honor her wish and keep her secret, I had enough on my plate than to spread gossip about a mermaid without a tail.

By the end of the day Friday Troy had still not shown up and I hadn’t heard from him. I was getting restless and so was Nan, a wolf gets antsy when their apart from their mate too long. When I got home no one was there so I dropped my bag in my room and then went down stairs and out the back door where I stripped down and shifted. I shook out my fur and stretched, it felt good to be in wolf form.

It should, it’s been forever since you shifted.” Nan said.

Oh it has not, we just shifted for our mate earlier this week remember?”

“Don’t remind me, why haven’t we heard from him?” She whimpered.

I don’t know….. I wish I did. If he’s been in the ocean this whole time he may not be able to get ahold of us.”

“Maybe….” I could tell I wasn’t making Nan feel better.

Want to run to the Ocean? We may not be able to hear him but we could be close to him in a way?” I suggested, Nan responded with a bark and we took off.

I loved running with Nan, we were fast and strong. We reached the ocean in record time, I stepped into the waves hoping I would feel some kind of connection to Troy but I all I felt were the waves pushing and pulling me in the sand. What would it feel like to swim in the ocean? I mean I’ve swam in the ocean obviously, but I mean out way in the deep. Where there is no one else, it’s just you and the waves. It had to be peaceful, it was probably as relaxing for mers as it was for me to run with Nan. If I couldn’t go out there, couldn’t swim in the deep, how could I make a great queen? Do I even want to be queen? I’ve been bred my whole life to be a Luna.

Isn’t a queen just like a Luna?” Nan asked me.

I hadn’t thought of it that way, a Luna is the same as a Queen. I could do it, I could be queen and lead by Troy’s side. I wanted to lead by Troy’s side.

That’s great except for one thing, how are you both going to lead an ocean if neither of you will be able to swim. If our mark will turn him human, he won’t be able to lead them either.”

Nan you really are a buzz kill sometimes you know that?” She just smirked at me in her head.

Annie! Where are you?” I jumped as I heard my mom thru the mind link.

By the ocean, is something wrong?” I asked.

“Well I just caught a boy sneaking into your window, and if my scent is correct you have a lot of explaining to do. I suggest you get home now before your father does.”Mom shut off the link and I ran as fast as I could back home.

I burst into the back door and there sitting at the kitchen island was the most handsome thing I had ever seen…..

“Hey little fish.” My mate was home.

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