The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 41

I hugged him so tight I’m surprised I didn’t break one of his ribs.

“Easy little fish, you haven’t even heard the plan yet.” Troy laughed.

“I know but knowing that you’ve even been planning and thinking of ways to make it possible for us to be together make me so happy and thankful to have you as my mate.”

Troy tucked a lose strand of my hair behind my ear, “I will always fight for us, don’t you ever forget it.” I pulled him down to me for another kiss. I was the first to pull away again, not because I wanted to but I wanted to hear his plan.

“I’ll give you more kisses once you tell me everything.”

Troy gave me a little growl in protest but he leaned back and started telling me his plan. “So, every year all the Kings, Queens, and their advisors get together for a conference. Updating each other on how each of their oceans are doing, pollution issues, fisherman threats, how many new couples, how many new babies, basically an update of what’s been going on the past year. The conference lasts a week giving each King and his advisors a day to present their information and then on the last day the Kings gather together for The Opening.”

“The Opening? What’s that?” I asked interrupting.

“I was getting to that my impatient mate. At The Opening, all mers are welcome to come and present any questions or issues they have before all the Kings, and afterwards there is a huge party for everyone. Most mers don’t travel outside of their Oceans so it’s a chance for everyone to get together, not everyone comes but most do. And to be honest, most of them just come for the party.” Troy said with a smile.

“Okaaaay….. What does that have to do with us though?”He looked so happy about all of this but I wasn’t understanding the significance of it all.

“I can present our case to all the Kings at once, and most of the mer population. If your mark will turn me human, it will be harder for me to be king. But I got to thinking, why can’t I be King as a human? The majority of mer live on land to begin with, so I don’t need a fin to be their leader, I just need two legs.” He explained.

“Are you serious? Would that actually work? What about the mers in the Ocean? How would you see over them? Would they be okay having a Queen that’s a wolf?” I couldn’t stop all the questions, I was seeing a small light at the end of our tunnel of problems.

“Whoa, one question at a time.” Troy put his hands up to stop my nonstop questioning. “I don’t know if this will work, but it’s worth a shot. I’m to be the next King, part of being a good leader is communication. If I tell everyone our situation, explain to them the possible outcome of your mark, I think they will be open to the idea of a human King more so than if I were to hide it all from them.” I had to agree with, secrets were never a smart thing to have when it came to the future of a group of people.

“I don’t see you being a wolf being an issue, if they are okay with a human King then a wolf for a Queen will be an added bonus in my book.” He gave me a wink.

“As for the mer that live in the Ocean permanently, I was thinking of taking a page out of the werewolf hand book and having a Beta of some sort. Someone I trust completely that could visit the Ocean when there was a need and report back to me.” Troy grabbed my hands “This could work Annie, this could really work.”

“What do your parents think about your plan?” I asked.

“I didn’t tell them. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not I can be king as a human will come down to the kings. The people will have a say of course, and the kings will listen to their people. I want to show them and everyone else that I can take charge and be a leader, solve problems, take ownership of problems that may come up. I want to show them all what kind of King I can be.” Troy said proudly. And I couldn’t help but feel the pride I had for him bubble up inside of me.

“You are going to make a great King, Troy Alexander.” I told him.

“And you, my little fish, will make an amazing queen.” Troy kissed my forehead. “But, as happy as I am about this plan, there is still one more issue.”

“Luna.” I whispered that one word.

Troy nodded, “That’s still a huge issue…. And I’m not fully certain how we are going to manage that one. Do you think the pack would accept a human King of the Pacific?” He asked jokingly.

I laughed weakly, “I wish that were the case…. But one issue at a time. When is The Opening?”

“Two weeks, right when school is ending.”

“And right when I am supposed to leave on my trip to find my mate….. I’ll have to come up with an excuse to tell my father as to why I am not going to be going on that trip.” I groaned.

“Don’t tell him anything yet, we still have two weeks.” Troy said.

“You’re right.” I snuggled into his arms

“I think we should take the next two weeks and spend as much time as we can together.” Troy said. “We don’t know what our future will hold, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to be with you. But we also have to be prepared for the worst.”

He was right again, no matter how much we both wanted this, no matter how hard we would fight for us, in the end we still may not be able to be together. I didn’t want to think about that or anything else, I just wanted to picture us as a normal couple. As normal as we could be anyways….. and for the next two weeks that’s what we were going to be.

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