The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 42

Over the next week and a half Troy and I spent every minute we could together. My friends were amazing too, they would cover for me after school and on weekends. Saying we needed to study for finals, shopping, or whatever else they could think of. My father got suspicious of me always being gone one day when Lily was picking me up and questioned us, to which Lily responded she was having horrible cramps and blood was coming out of everywhere so she needed my support and ice cream to make it better. My dad had already tuned us out when he heard cramps but it stopped him from questioning us anymore.

Wednesday morning I was standing at my locker day dreaming about Troy, he was absent from school today to attend his father’s presentation day at the convention. I would be skipping school Friday to attend The Opening with him. I had told my mom that I would be attending a traditional mer event, I just didn’t tell her why I would be attending. She agreed to intercept the phone call from the school if they called to report my absence, which knowing how Principle Jacobs is, they would definitely be getting a call.

I was scared out of my day dreaming to a hand being slammed against my locker. “Hello, mate. I think you’ve been avoiding me, I can’t imagine why though. Girls love me.”

I turned to face Sam, “Apparently I haven’t been doing a very good job of avoiding you because here you are. And I don’t know how many times I need to tell you this but stop calling me mate. Also, if so many girls love you then why aren’t you bothering them instead?”

He got a cocky grin on his face “Who says I didn’t bother one of them already this morning?”

“You’re a pig.” I said disgustingly “Goddess help whoever the poor soul that is your mate.”

Sam’s cocky grin turned to an angry one, “You need to learn how to respect those that are above you mate. Once I’m Alpha there will be none of this disrespectful attitude, from you or anyone in the pack. There will be punishments if rules are not and respect is not given. Let me give you a little preview you disrespectful piece of dirt.” He grabbed my wrist and squeezed it so hard I heard a bone snap. When he heard that snap he smiled and walked away. Did he seriously just break my wrist? I’m a wolf so it will heal quickly but how dare he do that to me, or to anyone for that matter.

“Let me at him, I will show him what we can do and who he is messing with.” I could feel Nan coming to the surface but we were in the middle of the hallway, I had to get control.

Not this time Nan, but if we are ever alone with him you have my permission to rip out his throat.” I growled.

“Annie are you okay? You look like you’re ready to kill someone.” Renee asked as she walked up to me. I shut my locker and told her what had happened on our way to homeroom.

“He did what?!” She yelled. “Are you okay? I swear to the goddess wait till I get my hands on him. Better yet wait till Trout gets his hands on him, hope Sam can’t swim and sinks like a rock.”

“We can’t tell Troy about this, not right away anyways. He has enough going on, besides I don’t think murder will look good to a crowd of people you are trying to impress and get on your side.” As much as I wanted to tell Troy, I couldn’t. Not yet anyways, at the end of all this however, all bets were off.

By the time lunch rolled around all the girls knew what had went down with Sam and they were all plotting his doom.

“I still say stringing him up by his toes in the middle of the woods naked is the best one so far.” Lily said.

“I don’t know, I kind a liked Scarlets idea of breaking his arms and legs and throwing him to a pack of rogues.” Ellie mused.

“Better yet let’s combine the two! We will break his arms and legs, strip him naked, gag him, and then string him up in the middle of the woods. Then we leave a little tip for our hunter friends just were to find a big bad werewolf.” An evil smile spread across Renees face, the girls oohed and aahed at the idea.

“I feel sorry for anyone that messes with you guys. You should be in charge of interrogation for the pack, five minutes with you all and the prisoners would be begging to tell you everything they know.” I told all over them. “Seriously guys, I’m all for getting back at Sam but we can’t kill him.”

“Well you’re no fun.” Lily pouted.

“You know what would really get him?” Ellie said “Telling your dad.”

“Ohh, now that would be good. Sam would hate to have Alpha upset with him, and wouldn’t your dad just love to know that his protégé hurt his little girl? That would get your dad AND Sam off your back about mating with him.” Renee giggled and clapped her hands in excitement “Ellie you are brilliant!”

“Then I would be a tattle tale, who wants a Luna who is a tattle tale?” I asked.

“You are seriously being a buzz kill today.” Renee looked at me and stuck out her tongue. I just smiled, I knew she wasn’t really mad, just being an over protective friend and I loved her for it.

“Are you and Troy ready for Friday?” asked Scarlet.

“We think so, there’s really nothing we can do to prepare. Since there is no record or even a legend of something like this happening before all we can do is plead our case and hope they will be understanding and accepting.”

“How are you able to go to this? If it’s a mer celebration isn’t it under water?” Lily asked.

“I asked Troy the same thing, but these conferences are held on land in the homes of the Kings. It’s safer for big groups of mer to meet on land than it is in the ocean with all the fisherman that look out for them. Thankfully, this year it is his father’s turn to host so I won’t have to go far.” I explained. “I’m nervous though, say the Kings don’t agree. Then what? There is no other heir to the throne, there’s only Troy. And say they are okay with him being a human king, but they don’t want a wolf as their Queen. What then?” I could feel myself starting to have a panic attack.

Renee leaned over and put her arm around me. “Not like you? How could anyone not like you Annie? They are going to love you!”

“Are you scared to be Luna?” Scarlet asked me.

I gave her a confused look, of course I wasn’t scared to be Luna, it’s what I was raised to be. “No I’m not scared to be Luna.” I answered her.

“Then you can be a Queen. A Luna is the same thing as a Queen, different names, same job. You were born to be a Luna, you were raised to be a Luna, and you have Luna blood flowing thru your veins. You think you can’t be a good Queen? Ha! You will make an amazing queen, anyone would be proud to have you as their leader.” All the girls nodded and voiced their agreement to what Scarlet said as the bell rang ending lunch.

As we gathered our trays I could feel my eyes getting misty from Scarlets speech, knowing she and the others felt that way about me made feel like I could take on the world. She was right, I had been made to be a Luna. But maybe this Luna would be a Queen instead.

I was ready for Friday, bring on the Kings, this Luna was ready for them.

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