The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 45

As we walked into his house I was expecting it to be bustling with activity and people but it was dead quiet and not a soul in sight.

“Did we miss the party?” I asked Troy.

Troy laughed in response, “Oh you haven’t seen a party until you’ve seen a mer party. Everyone is downstairs, you know, that way we don’t get noise complaints or anything.” He winked at me and started walking down the hallway. I didn’t want to burst his bubble but werewolves knew how to party, I highly doubt I was going to be walking into that would knock my socks off.

As we walked down the hallway we passed a staircase that lead down, but Troy kept walking past it. “I thought you said it was downstairs, didn’t we need to go down those stairs?”

“Those do go downstairs but not far enough.”

Not far enough? How far down are we going? We stopped in front of a door, Troy opened it and turned to me with a smile.

“A coat closet? I mean it is really big and impressive I guess…..” I trailed off. Why was he showing me a closet?

Troy stepped into the closet, “Care to join me in here? Maybe a little seven minutes in heaven?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I could feel my cheeks turning red, “Um… yes? I guess…. Maybe we should.. I don’t know.” I stammered.

“Honestly…. How are you every going to mark him if you can’t even get in a closet with him.” Nan rolled her eyes at me.

“Hush. That will be different. I’ll be able to do that.” I argued.

Mhmm sure you will.” I could tell Nan had no confidence in me. I’ll show her, I squared my shoulders and marched into the closet. I wrapped my arms around Troy’s neck and pulled him in for the kiss of his life.

Nan howled in my head, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

I finally pulled away breathless and was pleased to see Troy was also breathing hard. “Okay, as soon as we are finished downstairs we are coming back to this closet.”

I put my head down as I blushed. Troy put a finger under my chin and lifted it, “Hey, do not ever be embarrassed to kiss me or whatever else you want to do okay? I love you more than anything and you are my mate. Anytime you want to kiss me, do it.” I got on my tip toes and kissed him.

“Now, the real reason I brought you in the closet, although I like were your mind went better, is to show you this.” He shoved the coats to the side and on the back of the closet wall was a silver door. He reached behind us to shut the closet door putting the room into darkness. Before I could say anything the silver door opened up shining a light into the dark closet.

“An elevator?” I asked.

“Trust me, you would not want to climb all those flights of stairs. Going down wouldn’t be bad, but coming up? No thank you.” He stepped into the elevator and reached his hand out to me. “Ready to change our lives?”

I grabbed his outstretched hand and stepped into the elevator, “Let’s do this.”

When we reached our destination and the elevator doors opened up I felt my jaw drop.

“Told you we knew how to party.” Troy said as he walked out of the elevator. He wasn’t kidding, as I exited the elevator behind him my jaw was still dropped. The room we were walking in to was huge, it resembled a ball room that you would see in the old time movies but bigger, a lot bigger. There were murals all over the walls of different mer people, I assumed they were murals of their legends and history. I would have to ask Troy about that some time. Like the outside of the house any spot that wasn’t covered by a mural has carvings of any kind of sea life you could imagine. What really floored me though was the huge cathedral ceilings, I had to bend my head back to see to the top. They were beautiful, and the murals that covered them, they were more than beautiful. Scenes of coral, schools of fish, and beautiful sea flowers covered the ceilings, this place was absolutely stunning. I was brought out of my amazement by a loud shout from the front of the room, it was then that I noticed how many people were actually in the room. There had to be thousands if not more, I gulped in sudden nervousness. We had to speak in front of all of these people? Holy frosted flakes. Another shout from the front snapped me out of panicking.

“Why are they shouting?” I asked Troy.

“It’s good shouting, they are playing a game of shuffle board.” Troy explained. “Kings vs Queens, they do this every year. It can get a bit heated but it’s fun for everyone to watch. Especially when the Queen’s win.”

As we made our way to the front I couldn’t help but notice how friendly and kind everyone looked. Everyone we passed spoke a hello to Troy, I could tell he was well liked among the people. Once we reached the front we could see the score board, it was tied. The kings were on their last turn and this was for the win.

“Don’t screw this up Samuel.” I heard Troy’s father say, if I remember correctly Samuel was King of the Atlantic.

“Steven, you put too much pressure on this. You know Samuel will mess this up.” A man I did not know spoke.

“The two of you need to be quiet.” Samuel said. “Let me focus.” Samuel took a deep breath and then took his shot. He successfully knocked the Queens piece off the board and kept his in, the crowd exploded in cheers. The Kings win!

“Samuel, you are a cheat.” An attractive woman said as she came up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Isabella my darling I am no such thing, it’s pure skill on my part that we won.” Samuel boasted.

“Ah so we had nothing to do with that win?” Troy’s father asked. “Michael, Ezra, did you know that we had nothing to do with winning?” His father said to the two gentlemen standing next to him. They all started laughing at his question.

“Oh Steven come now, let Samuel have his moment of fame. It’s unusual for the Kings to win period.” Troys mom Sandra said as she wrapped her arm around his dad. Her comment resulted in protests from all of the Kings, I couldn’t help but smile at the family like competitiveness they all had with each other.

“Troy my boy, I wondered where you had run off to. Who is that divine creature that you have next to you?” One of the kings had noticed us standing there.

“King Ezra” Troy said with a bow “Actually there is something I would like to share with all of you.”

“Troy.” His dad warned, “This is not the time or place.”

“Actually Dad it is.” Troy insisted.

“Let the boy speak Steven.” King Ezra said. “It’s obviously something important if he wants to speak to all of us together.”

“Agreed let us take our seats then you may present whatever it is to us and everyone here.” King Michael said.

I hadn’t noticed the four huge thrones that stood at the very front of the room, they had smaller thrones next to them for the queens. They all took their seats and called the congregation to order.

“Order! Your attention please!” King Samuel said as he quieted the crowd. “Troy, our future King of the Pacific would like to share something with us. Let’s be kind and quiet and hear what he has to say.”

The crowd quieted and all eyes and ears were on us. I looked to Troy’s father and received a very cold stare back, I turned my gaze to his mother’s face who was giving us an encouraging smile. Troy looked at me and I squeezed his hand in encouragement. He went and stood before the Kings, Queens and the people.

“I would fist like to introduce you all to someone who is very special to me and someone who will hopefully become very special to all of you.” Troy gestured to me. “I would like everyone to meet Annie Rogers, my mate.”

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