The Unexpected Mate

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Troy looked at me when do one said a word. As rowdy as this crowd could get I was surprised we didn’t get any response at all.

Troy’s father was the first to break the silence. “I told you this was a bad idea and wouldn’t work. What were you thinking bringing this in front of everyone? Did you think they would be on your side? That they would want a human King, if you even live at all?”

“Troy, how can you be certain that you will live? And that you will lose all your powers?” Queen Meredith asked.

“I don’t know anything for certain. There is record of a werewolf and fairy being mates, when the fairy was marked she lost all of her powers. I, we, are hoping the same results will be true for us, if not better results.” Troy explained.

“But you cannot know for sure?” Said King Ezra.

“I know this is asking a lot of your highnesses,” Troy turned and faced the crowd “I know this is asking a lot of everyone. Those of you that would be under my rule would have a human for a King at worst. But I ask you this, would that be so bad? I would still be the same person, the same ruler, the same man that you’ve seen grow up since I was just a guppy. I have shown and proved over the years how capable and ready I am to be your king. I hope you all have seen how hard I have worked, how hard I have prepared myself to take over for my father.”

“What are you asking of us?” King Michael asked.

“My,” He stopped and pulled me to his side. “Our request is that you will allow me to rule as a human if that is what happens when she marks me. And to accept my mate even though she is different from us. I have no doubts she will make an extraordinary queen. That is our request, that you would accept a human as your King and a werewolf as your queen.”

We stopped and stared at the crowd who had once again gone silent as they looked to their kings for answers, this was something new to everyone.

“I vote yes.” We turned to look at Troy’s mother who had been the first to speak up. She stood from her seat and walked towards us. “I will not lose another son over something as silly as being human, however I am very concerned about the mark killing you and I would ask that we do more research before you receive her mark.” She whispered to us quietly and we nodded in agreement. I was secretly happy that she had requested that because I to wanted more information on the subject. We looked at the other Kings and Queens awaiting their answers.

King Michael and Queen Natalie both stood up, “We both also say yes, you are right when you say you have proven yourself over the years.”

“I have a question, say you become human. How will you rule your people in the ocean?” Asked King Ezra.

“Those are details that will need to be ironed out but I had hoped to have an ambassador of sorts that would relay messages back and forth. I could also meet people out in the middle of the ocean on a boat if need be.” Troy explained.

“I think that is a well thought out plan, shows that you have been taking this problem seriously. Also, it would be an honor to have Annie as a fellow Queen, I say yes.” Queen Meredith said as she stood, her husband King Ezra stood as well and nodded showing he was in agreement with his Queen.

We looked to King Samuel and Queen Isabella, they were the closest to Troy’s family, almost like an Aunt and Uncle. Queen Isabell stood and walked towards us, she reached out and pulled us both into a hug, “I do not know what your future holds, and it may be a very hard road for both of you. But I see the love that you have for each other. With that kind of love and bond you will be able to overcome any obstacle. My vote is also yes.” She looked over to her husband for his answer.

King Samuel looked over to Troy’s father, “Steven, you have been fairly quiet during this whole thing. Say Troy was to lose his powers and become human, what is so wrong about that? You know you are like a brother to me, I want to hear your thoughts before I vote.” I too wanted to know what his father’s thoughts were. Last time he and I had spoken he wanted me to reject Troy.

Troy’s father but his head in his hands, he was quiet for a few moments before he spoke. “Despite all evidence I have given, I do not have a problem with Annie. I want to apologize for the way I have acted towards you.” He nodded in my direction. “As you know, we lost Andrew. I just cannot bare to lose Troy, it would kill me.”

“Dad,” Troy stepped towards his father. “I understand you are hurting still from losing Andrew, but you are not going to lose me.”

“What if her mark kills you? Then what?!” His father shouted.

I stepped forward, “King Steven sir, I would never do anything to hurt Troy. I will not mark him until we can be certain that he will not die from my mark, no matter how long that takes. I can’t live without him.” I looked over at Troy, “I love him too much.”

His father looked in between the two of us then sighed. “I can’t believe I am saying this, but yes. I vote yes for you to rule as a human. But I want there to be ample research done before you mark him, I will not lose my son.” He walked over to us. “I love you son, and I am sorry for the way I acted thru all of this. I should have been more open and supportive to the idea. We will get our best researchers from all over to start immediately on this matter. Annie, I also would like to speak to your fathers researchers as well. Maybe there are more hidden stories that we do not know about.” I nodded in agreement even though I had no idea how it would be possible, but we would figure it out.

“Thank you dad.” Troy hugged his father, both men had tears in their eyes I think. My eyes were to blurry from my own tears that I couldn’t see clearly.

“Part of me wants to say no just to be a pistol, but I have a feeling my wife would filet me alive if I disagreed.” King Samuel said as he stood. “So my answer is yes.”

Yes. All of the royals had said yes! Troy could rule as a human and I could be their queen as a werewolf. We just needed one more approval, we turned to the crowd for their judgement.

As soon as we met their eyes, the crowd exploded in shouts of excitement and cheers. I couldn’t help fight the tears that fell down my cheeks, they had accepted not only the possibility of a human King but they had accepted a wolf as their Queen.

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