The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 48

The crowds cheering and celebrating kicked everything into party mode. Drinks were served and food platters appeared out of nowhere. I’m sure they came from somewhere but I was still wiping tears from my eyes so my vision was a little blurry. Troy and I were surrounded by mers, all wanting to congratulate us and to meet me. There was no way I was going to remember every ones names, I was going to heavily rely on Troy when it came to that. Once we had met with most of the people things quieted down, and by quieted down I mean we weren’t being bombarded by people. The party however was in fully swing with people dancing and talking all over the place. I couldn’t help but smile, these were now my people also.

“I’m impressed, she handled all those mer bombarding her with elegance and grace.” Queen Meredith said as she and the other Queens approached us, “I remember when I was first introduced to everyone as the future queen, I wanted to swim for it!” She started laughing at the memory.

“I’m sure we all felt very overwhelmed when we were first introduced, all except Natalie over here.” Troy’s mom nudged her teasingly.

“Ahhh, the joys of being a Princess from birth. It was my husband that was overwhelmed, and let me tell you that was quite a sight to see!” She laughed and the queens joined in.

“Troy, may we borrow your lovely Queen?” asked Queen Isabella. Queen, I’m not sure I would ever get used to be called that.

I looked at Troy nervously, who put his hands up in surrender. “You’re on your own little fish, no one ever says no to the Queens. Good luck!” He said with a quick kiss to my cheek and he walked away. Coward.

“Um… am I in trouble?” I asked. Most of the time when my mom wanted to speak to me privately I was in some sort of trouble, now I was being approached by four moms. How could that be good?

“Oh heavens no.” Troy’s mom laughed. “We just wanted to get you away from the men folk and get to know you a little better.”

“Oh, okay.” I said and smiled at them all. We walked off to the side of the room in what looked like an elegant sitting room. There were fluffy couches and chairs all around the room.

Queen Meredith kicked off her shoes and flopped into the one of the chairs, “Ugh finally! I seriously hate those shoes! Why must Queens always look prim and proper?”

“Agreed, what I wouldn’t give for my sweats and boots.” Sighed Queen Natalie as she laid across one of the couches.

“This is why you get extra-long dresses.” Queen Isabella said as she raised her skirt up to her knees. “I can wear flats and no one knows!”

“And this is why you are my best friend.” Troy’s mom said to Isabella.

“It’s not because of my good looks? Well….. if I knew you were only friends with me because of my ingenious ideas of getting out of wearing heels I wouldn’t have gotten you those adorable flats for your birthday, I would have gotten you heels!” Queen Isabella said with a huff. She looked at Sandra and they both started laughing. They reminded me of Renee and myself.

“Annie please sit and make yourself comfortable, this is a rule free zone in here. Anything goes and all lady like manners are out the door!” Queen Meredith said.

“Well some manners are appreciated.” Queen Natalie said as she gave Meredith a pointed look.

“One time! One time did it happen! I blame the bean dip.” Queen Meredith pouted. I put two and two together in my head that Queen Meredith had an episode of gas that she was blaming on a bean dip, I tried to hide my laughter.

“Oh it’s okay to laugh Annie, we all did and still do!” Laughed Queen Isabella. “Now, please. Tell us more about yourself.”

“Well.” I started. Does anyone else have the problem when someone asks you to tell them about yourself you go completely blank, like you can’t even remember you own name?

“Say something! They are going to think we are incompetent.” Nan scolded me in my head.

“My name is Annie Rogers, which you guys know already.” I mentally slapped myself in the head, of course they knew my name! “Uh, I love to read! My parents are Alpha William and Luna Sue of the Harvest Moon pack, which is the local pack. I have a little brother David, he’s kind of a pain in the butt but what singling isn’t. My best friends name is Renee, we’ve been inseparable since we were pups. Um…. I’m really bad at Math.” I stopped my rambling, why did I say that last part? They didn’t need to know my weakness at Math, I didn’t need to look dumb in front of them.

“Put it there girlfriend, Math is one of my crippling weakness’s also!” Queen Meredith gave me an air high five.

“Annie, you said that you were the oldest child of the Alpha, correct me if I am wrong because heavens know it wouldn’t be the first time, but aren’t you expected to take over your pack?” Queen Natalie questioned.

“Now Natalie, let’s not put a damper on Annie’s big day.” Troy’s mom said.

“No it’s okay, you all deserve to know.” I said. “Yes, I am to be Luna of the pack.”

“And Troy will be Alpha? How will he ever manage to be an Alpha and King?” Asked Queen Isabella.

I looked at all them and put my head down, “I don’t know.”

“Alpha Rogers is insistent that Annie find a worthy wolf to be her mate, even willingly to try to force her to reject her mate! Honestly the nerve of that man, he should feel honored to have my Troy as his daughters mate!” I couldn’t help smile at Troy’s mom, she had been on our side since day one and I couldn’t be more thankful for her.

“Oh, enough of the serious talk! This is a happy day so let’s do something more fun.” Queen Meredith said from her perch on the chair. “Let’s eat as much pizza as we can and gossip.” She said lightening the mood.

“Shouldn’t we get back to the party?” I asked.

“Darling, we are the party!” Queen Isabella said as popped open a bottle of sparkling grape juice. I was going to enjoy spending time with these woman.

Later that evening after much complaining and begging for us not to go, Troy took me home. On our way home I couldn’t help but notice how much happier he was.

“I love seeing that smile.” I told him.

“It’s all because of you my little fish.” He said as he kissed the back of my hand. “Although I guess I should come up with a better nickname considering you are a future queen.”

“Don’t. I love it when you call me little fish, I wouldn’t want anything else.” I told him and I meant it. “Are you nervous about what the research teams will find out?”

“No. I know that we are destined to be together, I’m not afraid of dying from your mark or even losing my powers. As long as I have you by my side at the end of the day that is all that matter.” He looked over at me and smiled. I couldn’t help myself as I quickly leaned over the console and wrapped my arms around him kissing him.

Troy started to chuckle, “Not that I am complaining the least little bit but can we revisit that once we have parked? I have a hard enough time concentrating when you are in the car, let alone when you are kissing me.”

“Oops. I’m sorry.” I said with a smile, I wasn’t sorry in the least little bit.

“Mhmm. Sure you are.” Troy looked over and winked.

“I love you.”

“I love you too little fish.”

As we pulled into the driveway I noticed the front room lights were on, weird, I thought my parents would still be gone at their meeting. I must have left them on this morning or something. As Troy parked the truck in front of my house I leaned over and kissed him, he said I had to wait till we parked so I did. Troy put his hands on my face and returned my kisses. We were interrupted by a fierce growl outside the truck, I looked out the window to see my dad. He was struggling to control his wolf from coming out, he was very angry. My face paled as I realized I was basically in Troy’s lap.

“Get out of the truck now or so help me I will rip this truck to shreds to get you out!” My father yelled in his Alpha voice.

Frosted flakes this will not be good.” Nan gulped in my head, I couldn’t agree more.

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