The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 49

I climbed over Troy’s lap and crawled out of the truck first so that I was between him and my dad.

“Annie go into the house this instant.” My dad growled. “While I remove this piece of crap from our territory.” He started to move towards Troy.

“No.” I said. When my dad’s head whipped to look at me I could feel my eyes widen, I had never stood up to my dad before but there was no way I was letting him near my mate.

“Excuse me young lady? What did you just say?” My dad shouted.

“I said no. You will not hurt him.”

My dad took another step towards Troy and I jumped in front of him and growled at my dad. His eyes widened but he didn’t back up. He is an Alpha, they don’t back down easily.

“So it is true. Your mate is this…. This… thing.” He said gesturing to Troy.

“He is a person, just like you and me.” I said. “And I would appreciate a little respect from you in regards to my mate.”

“I don’t know where this Annie is coming from but keep it up.” Nan encouraged me.

My father turned his glare from Troy to me, “I suggest you show some respect to your father and Alpha.”

“William, please. Let’s all calm down and talk about this like adults.” My mom said as she came down the front steps. She looked over to me, “I’m sorry Annie I tried, but your father intercepted the call from school saying you were absent today. I couldn’t lie to him.”

“I know mom, I don’t blame you.” I told her, and I honestly didn’t. I didn’t believe in lying to your mate, it just caused problems.

“I would like to know why this thing is still on my land.” My dad said.

“He is here because he is my mate.” I told him.

“Not for long, you will reject him and you will reject him now.” My dad commanded.

“William.” My mother gasped.

My father looked at my mother, “We can’t have him as an Alpha. What would the people think? It would be a disgrace! No, we need a strong leader of this pack. Someone who will be able to fight against those who try to destroy us. What would a little mermaid be able to do against a wolf?”

“Excuse me sir, but I am able to defend myself.” Troy said angrily. I looked at him and shook my head warning him not to do it but I was too late. Troy had a geyser of water shooting up from the ground and heading towards my dad. My dad was it coming and shifted into his wolf but he was not prepared for the strength of the geyser and it knocked him on his feet. Once my father was down Troy pulled the water back and it disappeared.

My mother rushed to my dad’s side to cover his lower region with her jacket as he shifted back to human form. He grabbed the jacket and rushed towards Troy, “Why you little-“

“Enough.” A voice boomed from the house. We all looked over to see Oma standing at the top of the stairs. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves, acting like children!”

My Oma was one of the few people who could make my dad stop in his tracks, he may be a big bad Alpha but he is also a big momma’s boy.

“Now, what is all of this commotion?” Oma asked as looked at all of us.

“Annie thinks that she will be allowed to mate with that-“

My growl cut off my dad before he could insult Troy again.

“I see.” Oma said. “Well Mr. Alexander you have caused quite a stir.”

We all looked at Oma, “You know who he is?” I asked her.

“Of course I know who he is, and I know who his parents are also.” Oma scoffed. “I may be older and move a little slower but I am still smart as a whip. Do I know who he is, ha!” She mumbled as she came down the stairs.

“Now, please tell me what all this commotion is about. I feel like we should be celebrating since it appears to me that Annie Jean here has found her mate.” Oma looked over at me and Troy and smiled.

“Celebrating? Mother you can’t be serious! He’s a fish!” My father exclaimed.

“Merman actually, and he is a Prince on top of that.” I defended.

“Oh well that makes it so much better.” My father said as he rolled his eyes.

“William honestly.” My mother came and put her hand on his arm.

“No, she can’t think that this will be okay!” Dad gestured to me. “She has been bred to be Luna of this pack, and I will not stand for this! She needs a suitable mate, a wolf that can be a leader and Alpha. A fish can’t be an Alpha! What are you possibly thinking? You should have rejected him on the spot!” My father was now yelling.

“Would you have rejected mom?” I asked him.

“Excuse me?” Dad asked me.

“Would you have rejected mom? If she hadn’t met you ‘standards’ of being a Luna, would you have rejected her?” I knew my parents story on how they met, they fell in love instantly and my father marked her within twenty four hours. He loved my mom with everything he had.

“That is not nearly the same situation as this.” My father said.

“How isn’t it?” My mom questioned. “They are in love, you can see it in their eyes. The moon goddess has destined them to be together. How can you say it’s not the same thing?” I loved my mother for sticking up for us.

“It’s just not. We need a strong leader for this pack, and he is not it. I will not just stand by and let a mermaid take over this pack.” My father said as he stormed into the house. My mother looked at us with a sad look before she followed him.

“Merman actually.” Troy whispered under his breathe. I looked at him and gave him a small smile.

“Well, you two are in quite a predicament aren’t you?” Oma said as more of a statement. “I am curious though Annie, what was the decision today at The Opening?”

“They all voted yes.” I said smiling at her, then I stopped. “Wait, Oma how do you know what that is?”

“I think it’s time that you and I had a talk.” Oma sighed. “Troy, say a proper goodnight to your mate. Annie, I will meet you behind the house when you are finished with your goodnight.”

Troy and I watched as Oma walked to the back of the house. “What do you think she has to tell you?” Troy asked me.

“I’m not sure to be honest.” I answered him quietly. “She was Luna and her father was Alpha, so she’s been privy to a lot of secrets and who knows what else over the years.”

“Maybe she will have some answers for us!” Troy said getting excited, it was contagious.

“Maybe! I never thought about it.” I was anxious now to go talk with her and Troy could tell.

“Hold on a second little fish, your grandmother instructed me to say a proper goodnight and I am not about to disobey her.” He said as he leaned in a started to kiss me. He was right, he shouldn’t disobey her I thought as I leaned in and kissed him back.

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