The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 5

“I’m sorry, did you say something hippy boy?!” Sam has now turned his attention to Troy whose locker was a few down from mine.

“I don’t have a stutter, so I know you heard what I said. But considering your IQ isn’t at its peak I shall repeat myself. The lady said to leave her alone.”

“Why you little-“ Sam had started to charge towards Troy.

“Sam! You can’t start anything here, Alp- uh you can’t get into a fight again remember? William would be disappointed in you.”

That got Sam’s attention. 1. There was no way he would disappoint my dad. 2. He couldn’t get into a fight. If Sam got too angry his wolf could surface, and considering we did not go to an all wolf school…. Well explaining the sudden appearance of a wolf in the halls would be difficult to explain to the humans. Not to mention dangerous for us, there were humans out there that hunted us. So yeah, Sam needed to keep a lid on it.

“You better watch yourself hippy boy, you won’t know what’s coming till it hits you. This isn’t over!” With that Sam stalks off towards his home room.

I’m so focused on getting my breathing under control that I don’t notice Troy is now standing next to me. Troy’s one of those strong but silent types, he keeps to himself but when he needs to step in he takes control of the situation. I could probably count on one hand how many times him and I have talked to each other, and I’m pretty sure none of those conversations lasted more than a minute. His nick name of ‘hippy boy’ comes from his shoulder length hair that he usually wears down, hiding his face.

“Uh, thanks for that. Sam can be...”

“An arrogant prick?”

“Exactly” I agreed laughing. “He thinks he’s the godde- I mean gods gift to woman.”

“I know his type, we have a few guys like him back home.” Troy transferred to West Grove about a year ago. You would think after all this time he would have made friends or referred to this place as his home. But I have never seen him hanging with anyone, nor do I get the feeling that he is referring to here as home.

“Yeah.... well thanks again for stepping in. I really appreciate it.” I reached up and squeezed his arm, and holy muscle. I did not expect that at all. I can tell he’s uncomfortable with the touch and it flusters him. I start to turn and walk away when he speaks up.

“It’s no problem at all little fish, I’ll always step in for you.”

I stop in my tracks, “little fish?”

I don’t think Troy meant to let that slip out because he is now a nice shade of red. “Uh yeah, it’s just a nick name I’ve given you..... but i give them to everyone so it’s not weird or anything.... yeah I’ll just see you around.... In English. Yeah in English.” With that he basically sprints down the hall towards his homeroom.

What is going on with this day?? Renee got Jeremy on team Sam, Sam is and has always been on team Sam, and now I’m apparently Troys ‘little fish’.... nope not a weird day at all.

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