The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 50

After Troy and I had said our goodbyes I walked to the back of the house to find Oma sitting on the picnic bench.

“Come sit with me Annie girl.” She said as she patted the seat next to her. Once I had sat down she put her arm around me and pulled me in to her side. “I am so proud of you for standing up against your father. I love my son but he has a thick skull sometimes.”

“Thank you Oma.” I didn’t disagree with her, my father was known for being bull headed. We sat there in silence for a little while and just stared at the stars. It was a clear night and not to chilly so it was the perfect star gazing night but Oma had wanted to talk, not gape at the stars.

“Annie, how much do you know about your great grandfather, my father?” Oma asked me. To be honest I didn’t know a whole lot other than he was a great and fair Alpha that was well loved.

“He was a great Alpha.” I responded.

“That he was. He learned from his father what not to do as an Alpha.” Oma paused as if the memory was painful. “There was a time when all of our kind and all of the others that were different like us got a long and lived together in harmony. Are you familiar with the story of Alpha Bryan and Luna Sicily?”

“Yes, mom told me the whole story.” I said, I left out the part of Scarlet snooping to find out about it in the first place, no need to get her in trouble.

“Did you know that Alpha Bryan was your great great grandfather Ryan’s twin brother?” Oma asked with a mischievous grin. I looked at her confused, it was very uncommon for a werewolf to have twins. It was almost unheard of for an Alpha and Luna to have twins since it is the birth right of the first born to take over the pack.

“But how did that work? A pack can’t have two Alpha’s.” I said.

“You are right about that, and let me tell you it caused quite an uproar. By technicality Ryan was the first born since he came into this world four minutes and 33 seconds before Bryan, meaning the leadership of the pack fell on Ryan’s shoulders. But since they were both technically the first born, they both possessed Alpha blood, just like you have Luna blood. The time came when their father was to retire and Ryan was anointed Alpha. Things went well for many years, the pack was happy and growing in numbers until the Luna was killed in a rogue attack. It hit the pack hard, it hit Ryan even harder. He turned mean and hateful towards his people, blaming them for the death of their Luna. Bryan couldn’t stand to see his brother treating the people the way he was so he challenged Ryan for leadership of the pack.”

I had heard of this happening before, if an Alpha was a bad leader or if one of the pack members got a big head and thought they could do better the Alpha would be challenged for his position. It used to be a fight to the death but it was now just a fight to submission. If the Alpha lost, the pack member would take over as Alpha. If the challenger lost however, they were banned from the pack and considered a rogue.

“So Alpha Ryan fought his brother, it was a gruesome battle that stayed neck in neck for a while, they were brothers, they knew each other’s weaknesses. Bryan ended up tripping in a hole he didn’t see so Alpha Ryan took the quick few seconds that Bryan was distracted and latched on to Bryan’s neck until he whined into submission. Alpha Ryan had won but had also lost at the same time, he now had to shun his brother and kick him out of the pack making him a rogue.”

“So that’s how he made it all the way to Colorado, he was a rogue without a home. How did he become an Alpha though?” I asked.

“Well if you wouldn’t interrupt I would have gotten to that part.” Oma said. “After Bryan was kicked out of his pack he started on the search for his mate. He was 23 at the time and still had not found her, but he hadn’t necessarily been looking either. On his travels is when he found Sicily in the middle of the woods with a troll holding her by the neck getting ready to snap it. Both Sicily and the troll heard Bryan approached and when his eye’s met Sicily’s… well you know what happens when mates find each other. That troll didn’t have a chance. Obviously Bryan and Sicily fell in love and she continued on his journey with him, she knew he was a rogue and didn’t have a permeant home but she didn’t care. Where he went she would go. One day they came upon a young were girl in the woods, she had been beaten to almost death. Long story short her Alpha was known for his temper and taking it out on his pack members, her Alpha reminded Bryan of his brother Ryan. Bryan made the decision to challenge the Alpha for leadership, and Bryan won and killed the Alpha in the process. Which is how he became Alpha.”

“So the people didn’t really have a choice but to accept Bryan and Sicily?”

“They didn’t have a choice to accept them as their leaders, but they did have the choice to love them and love them they did. Bryan and Sicily were fair but just leaders of that pack, they were loved so much.” Oma said sniffling a little bit. “When Alpha Ryan had heard that his brother had been killed he went straight to the other Alpha’s in Colorado and petitioned for the treaty to be created. When it was brought to the others like us they didn’t want to sign but Ryan threatened them and their family’s lives, if they didn’t sign they would all be killed.”

“Wow…. Over one fairy for a mate.” I said.

“There’s another part you don’t know Annie, Bryan and Sicily weren’t the only mixed mates in that pack.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Annie, there was also another mixed couple in that pack. It was a wolf and a mer.” Oma said.

“WHAT?! Are you sure? How do you know? The mark didn’t kill the mer?” I asked excitedly jumping up, finally some answers.

“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down Annie Jean. The answers are not that simple.” Oma said trying to calm me down. I sat back down so she could finish.

“The mer was mated with an Omega, which as you know means that the mark wasn’t as ‘lethal’ as an Alpha or Luna mark will be. I can tell you the likely hood of him dying is very small, however what it will do to his powers is another thing. The mer that was mated to the Omega lost all of his powers like the fairy did.”

“Where their children human?” I asked Oma.

She put her head down, “They were never able to have children.”

“Oh.” I said, that was something that I would need to tell Troy. A king would need an heir. “But this is all mostly good news isn’t it? Troy won’t die.”

“Yes that part is good news, but that still doesn’t help your situation as future Luna. Annie, you are the future of this pack, and unfortunately you will need to have a wolf Alpha by your side.” Oma said sadly. “I don’t know what to tell you to do, nor do I really have an answer for you but you will have to make a decision Annie. Stay with your mate and be his Queen or reject him, take another and be Luna of this pack. Please don’t take this as me being hateful to you or down on you, my heart is breaking for you over this.” She kissed my head and went into the house.

I sat there in silence. I wouldn’t kill Troy with my mark, but I couldn’t lead this pack with Troy as my mate. Oma’s heart wasn’t the only one breaking tonight.

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