The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 51

I spent the weekend in my room sulking and crying, I knew I wouldn’t see Troy since my dad was now on high alert. Thankfully there was one last day of school today, why they have the last day on a Monday is beyond me but I’m now I’m thankful for it. I got dressed quickly and raced down the stairs, for once in my life I actuallywanted to get to school early. As I ran by the kitchen I was stopped by my father’s voice. “Where do you think you are going?” He asked.

“Um, to school? It’s the last day.” I said.

“I don’t think so, you will not go anywhere that boy may be.” My heart sunk at my dad’s words, I couldn’t go to school?

“William, she has to go to school today. There are exams that she needs to take and it will look bad on her school record.” My mom said coming to stand in between us. “They won’t let her attend graduation either if she skips the last day, how would that look to the pack that their future skipped school and didn’t attend her graduation?” Mom turned her back to my dad and gave me a wink. She knew that I had finished my exams last week and that I would graduate whether I would be there today or not.

“Fine.” My dad grumbled. “But it is straight to school and straight back, do you hear me? I will be waiting for you right after school to make sure you come.” Dad stepped out of the kitchen and walked to his office, we heard the door slam shut a few seconds later making both me and my mom jump.

“I’m sorry sweetie.” My mom said.

“For what?” I asked, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“For your dad, for everything I guess. I can’t imagine what you are going thru right now, part of me doesn’t want to know. Come, I will walk with you to school so we can talk and you aren’t late.” She linked our arms together and we headed out the door towards school.

We had walked for a while before my mother spoke. “When I met your father it was love at first site, which you know because we’ve made you listen to the story a thousand times.” She chuckled. Mom was right, David and I had heard lots of times about when mom and dad found each other, how it was love at first site.

“But what you don’t know is how very scared I was to be your fathers mate. I wasn’t scared of him but of the responsibility of being a Luna to a pack. I would be in charge of people, people would look up to me. What if I wasn’t good enough, or what if I disappointed them? All these thoughts ran thru my head.”

“But you are an amazing Luna mom.” I interrupted. I wasn’t just saying that either, my mom was a great Luna and the whole pack loved her.

“Thank you sweetie. My point to all of that is this, I never would be the Luna I am today without your father. He supported me, helped me, loved me, and encouraged me; he is the one who made me who I am today as a Luna. It goes the same way for him, that’s how mates work. The moon goddess destines certain people to be together for a reason, so they can support, help, love, and encourage the other one in specific ways that only a mate would know how to do.” She stopped as we neared the school. We both looked towards the front stairs and saw that Troy was waiting for me with Renee by his side.

“Annie, I can’t imagine living life with anyone but your father. I want you to know what you will always be my little girl no matter what you decide.” She paused as her eyes filled with tears. “I love you sweetie, now go to your mate.” She gave me a quick hug and turned to walk back home. I stood there watching her leave, my mom had just said in not so many words that she understood if I chose Troy or the pack. She would still love me if I chose him and was shunned from the pack. I couldn’t help the tears of love that I had for my mom slip down my cheek, she knew she would never be able to see me again but she knew that I needed Troy.

I walked towards Troy and Renee, they could both see the sadness on my face. “Annie, what’s going on?” Renee asked me. I took a deep breath in to calm myself before I told them about my conversation with Oma and my mother.

“Trout won’t die though, that’s good news!” Renee said trying to be cheerful. I looked over at Troy and he looked as bad as I felt. Renee looked between the two of us, “Hey this isn’t over guys, don’t look defeated. We can figure this out!” We both looked at her like sad pups. “Stop right there with those sad looks! I’m going to figure this out, there has to be a loop hole! Your mom may be okay letting you go but I’m not! I will figure this out Annie.” She gave me a quick hug and took off into the school mumbling to herself. I looked over at Troy who looked like he had been kicked in the stomach. The warning bell for class rang but I wasn’t worried about getting to class, I was worried about my mate.

“Let’s get to class, we will talk at lunch time okay?” Troy said. It was not okay, I wanted to talk to him now and reassure him that everything would be okay. “I love you.” He kissed my cheek and walked into the school leaving me outside a lone. All I wanted was to run for the woods and forget about everything just for a little while. But I knew if I skipped class Principle Jacobs would call my parents and tell them I was absent, the last thing I needed was my dad coming here guns blazing.

When I got to homeroom Renee was nowhere to be seen, I wonder where she had gone. It was hard telling with her, once she had her mind set on something there was no stopping her.

The morning dragged on till it was finally lunch time, I walked to the cafeteria looking for Troy or any of my friends. I didn’t see any of them which was very weird. I walked out back of the school and into the woods, maybe Troy was waiting for me at our spot. I felt a smile come on my face as I saw my mate sitting on a rock waiting for me. I ran the rest of the way to him and threw my arms around him, I felt him hesitate then wrap his arms around me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, he had never hesitated to touch me.

“What isn’t wrong?” He asked me. “You basically are having to choose me or your family. You can’t have both according to your Oma. How can I ask that of you? How can I ask you to leave behind everything and everyone that you know?” He put his head in his hands. My heart broke seeing how upset he was, I reached out and lifted his chin so he could look me in the eyes. I could see tears forming in his eyes.

“Hey, don’t think like that.” I told him. “This isn’t something that needs to be figured out right now, there’s still time.”

“But what else is there? If you mark me and I don’t turn into a wolf then that’s it! You have to leave your family. Which I would like to say is not fair in the slightest, just because you’re the future Luna you have to have a wolf for a mate. If you weren’t we wouldn’t be having this problem!” Troy shouted. I stepped back from him, he had never yelled at me before.

“Oh, so this is my fault?” I asked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize me being a future Luna was such an inconvenience for you! My apologies that the moon goddess was such a horrible person to you and mated you with me!” Now I was mad. How dare he try to pin this on me, couldn’t he see that I was just as upset as he was over all of this? I turned to walk back to school.

“Annie wait! I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant. I was just upset with it all.” Troy said as he came to catch up with me.

“You don’t think I’m upset to? You don’t think this isn’t affecting me at all? I’m upset too but I would never take it out on you! Mates don’t do that.” I snapped at him and walked back to school leaving him standing in the woods. It hurt to leave him standing there but he needed to learn that we needed to work together on this, it would be the only way for us to make it.

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