The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 52

As soon as I opened my locker it was slammed shut. “Is it true?”

“Get off my locker now.” I growled at Sam, I was in no mood for him today.

“I’m sorry maybe you didn’t hear me, I asked you if it was true.” He said. “Did you find your mate?”

I looked over at him, “I’m pretty sure that it is none of your business.”

“Considering that I am going to be your mate and Alpha of the pack, it is my business. Now answer the question, did you find your mate.” He asked again.

“I’m sorry, when did the moon goddess tell you that you are my mate? Because I have not been informed of this yet.” I snapped at him and reached to open my locker again.

“When I ask you a question I expect an answer.” He said gripping my wrist again. He was not going to break my wrist again. I looked around us and only saw a few other students in the hall, everyone was still at lunch. Lucky me though, the few that were in the hallway were human so Sam wouldn’t be able to shift after what I was getting ready to do.

I looked at him and gave him a sweet smile, “I’m sorry, your right. I should give you an answer.” Sam loosened his grip on my wrist and I made my move. I took my knee and swung it up as hard as I could hitting him square between the legs. Sam howled in pain and doubled over. “There’s your answer.”

Sam’s eyes went black and I knew he was about to lunge for me, “Ah ah ah” I tsked at him “We wouldn’t want to shift in front of our human school chums now would we?” I asked him sweetly as I nodded my head in their direction. I looked back at him and I could see that he was trying to control himself. “That’s a good little werewolf.” I said as I patted his head, he growled at me quietly. I smiled and headed back out the door of the school, I was over this school day. I think going home, grabbing a book, and reading in my tree house is exactly what I needed.

When I got home I was happy to find that everyone was out, I quickly ran up to my room to drop my backpack and grab the latest book I had been reading. With everything that has been going on I haven’t been able to read much. As I walked into the woods I looked around me, there were buds on the trees, flowers popping up, and the air just smelled fresh. Sometimes I think people take for granted the simple things in life. A bunny jumped in front of me on the trail and then dashed underneath a fern making me smile.

We should spend more time out here, it makes you happier.” Nan said to me. She was right, being in the woods was my happy place. As I climbed into the treehouse I made a silent vow to spend more time out in the woods with just myself and Nan. I adjusted the pillows in the rocking chair exactly how I knew I liked them, sat down, and then opened my book. I had left off at a good part and couldn’t wait to see what happened.

I apparently was not that excited about my book because when I woke up it was starting to get dark. I knew I was tired from not sleeping well but I hadn’t planned on falling asleep in the tree house. Oh well, I guess I will have to try again tomorrow, it was getting to dark for me to see my book anyways. Then it hit me, it was getting dark. Meaning it was late evening, I was supposed to be home hours ago! Oh I was in so much trouble! As I quickly climbed down from the tree house I prayed to the moon goddess I wouldn’t be in a lot of trouble and that my dad would believe me that I had been in the tree house. Maybe not telling anyone where I was wasn’t my best plan.

Gee whatever gave you that idea?” Nan said to me. I just rolled my eyes at her and ran for the house. As I got closer I could hear yelling making me run faster, but as I cleared the woods line I stopped in my tracks. Not only was my whole family outside, but so was Troy’s. Renee, Scarlet, and their parents; Lily and Eddie; Scarlet, Jeremy, Sam, and others that I wasn’t sure of their names. I’m sure the yelling match between my father and Troy’s had drawn everyone’s attention.

“This is YOUR son’s fault. He upset her and how she’s missing!” My father yelled at Troy’s father.

“Oh really? It couldn’t possibly have to do with the fact that you are making her choose between her mate and her family. What is with you werewolves? Is power so important to you that you would force her to mate with a boy that physically harms her over her own mate the goddess gave her?” King Steven yelled back.

At this my father turned his glare from Troy’s father to Sam, “Would you care to explain what he just said? You harmed my daughter?” My father was now using his Alpha voice.

“Um, um I…” Stuttered Sam, I was waiting for him to wet himself.

“He sure did Uncle Alf, broke her wrist too!” Renee piped up. Sam looked at her with wide eyes, she just gave him a sweet innocent smile. Oh that best friend of mine.

“How dare you hurt my daughter!”

“You did what to my mate?”

Both my father and Troy were about to lunge for Sam, and as much as I would love to see that I didn’t need his blood on my hands.

“Wait!” I yelled catching everyone’s attention. “I’m right here!”

Troy rushed over to my and pulled me into his arms. “Little fish, you had me so scared. I didn’t know where you were, and you left angry at me. Which you should have been because I was such an idiot to you, I will spend the rest of my days making it up to you I swear. Please don’t ever disappear like that again. I love you.” He pulled me so tight against his chest I couldn’t breathe.

“I love you too.” I managed to mumble against his chest.

“See she was missing because of your son, I told you.” My father spat at King Steven.

“I was not gone because of Troy, I was in the tree house reading and fell asleep. That’s all.” I explained to my father.

“See William, it was just a misunderstanding.” My mom came up beside him and put her arm around him trying to calm him.

“Hmph.” My dad snorted “Let’s go inside Annie, I don’t want you to be around these people.”

“William.” My mother scolded.

“I mean no disrespect your highness, but Annie needs to be with a wolf not a fish. She has responsibilities to this pack and her family. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is.” My father turned to me. “Say your goodbye Annie, you will not be seeing him again. You will choose a mate and be marked by next week so that you may start your training.”

“What? No! You said I had till the end of the summer.” I yelled. “Please, don’t do this.”

“Enough. You will not be with his kind. End of discussion.” My father yelled back. “I am Alpha of this pack and of this family, I will not be disrespected.”

I could feel the tears streaming down my face. “But I love him.” I looked over to Troy who was being held back by his father, I’m assuming so my father didn’t rip him to shreds.

My father sighed, “I’m sorry Annie, but you can learn to love your new mate. Say goodbye, you will never see him again.”

“No! I will not leave him!” I shouted, I could feel Nan coming to the surface.

“How dare you question my orders. Are you really willing to give up your family and being Luna for a fish?! There are only two choices Annie, him or your family.” My father was now using his Alpha voice on me.

“There’s a third option.” Renee piped up.

“Renee….” Scarlet whispered at her with wide eyes.

I looked back at Renee with a curious stare, she stepped forward and stood up straight.

“I Renee Lawrence, challenge you Annie Rogers for the future Luna position.”

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