The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 53

“What?” I asked her my jaw dropping. Did she really just challenge me? Could she even do that?

“You heard me.” Renee said, “I have officially challenged you so get ready to get your butt kicked.” She gave me an evil smirk and winked at me.

“Now everyone just hold on.” My dad said. “This isn’t a thing, Annie isn’t even a Luna yet so she can’t be challenged.”

“Although it was very brave of you to try to stick up for your friend.” My mom said as she went over to Renee’s mom who looked like she about to have a panic attack.

“Brave or stupid, take your pick. Enough of all this, everyone disperse and go back to your lives. Annie inside now!” My father growled, everyone turned and started on their ways scared to make their Alpha mad.

“Wait!” Renee shouted making everyone stop. “With all due respect Alpha it is a thing. Scarlet?” Renee looked at Scarlet who know looked like she was about to pass out.

“Um…” Scarlet started looking around at everyone.

“See. Nothing, they have nothing. They are just children trying to act like adults. Don’t think I will let this go unpunished.” My dad stated.

“William, your father would turn over in his grave if he knew how you were treating your daughter and these young girls. Shame on you. You were raised to be a better Alpha than that.” Oma said chastising my father.

“I’m not sure who this lady is but I like her.” Troy’s father said with a smile. I couldn’t agree more, my Oma was one amazing woman.

“Now. Scarlet, will you please tell us what Renee is talking about?” Oma asked Scarlet.

Scarlet looked around nervously as everyone was now staring at her, my shy friend was not one who liked to be the center of attention. “Well,” she started as she cleared her throat. “According to our law book, Renee can challenge Annie for the future Luna position.”

“What? I do not believe it, you are just making this up!” My dad bellowed at Scarlet making her jump back and whine a little.

“William! You scared her, shame on you.” Mom chastised my father. She turned to Scarlet, “Honey, will you please elaborate on what you just said.”

“I can just read it to you.” Scarlet swung her back pack off her back and pulled out a huge book. I recognized it as our law book. Scarlet put her back pack on the ground and then the book on top of it so she could flip to the pages easily. Everyone was dead quite for a few seconds as Scarlet searched for the spot she was looking for. “Here” She shouted as she pointed to a place in the book, “Any unmated werewolf the age of 18 or under may challenge the future Alpha or Luna for their position if he or she is considered unfit to take on the leadership role. The future Alpha or Luna must also be unmated. A future Alpha may only be challenged by a male pack member, and a future Luna only by a female. If said future Alpha or Luna is defeated they will pass on their title to the challenger. If the future Alpha or Luna is the age of 18 or younger and is defeated they will not be banned from the pack but will be demoted to a lower rank in the werewolf pack.” Scarlet stopped and looked up to see everyone with their jaws dropped. No one had heard of this law before, probably because it’s never been needed.

“Annie’s 18, so when I kick her butt the future Luna title comes to me and she gets demoted. I have piles and piles of laundry for you to do, or you could start cleaning me room….” Renee said smiling at me. “Or, even worse than being my servant….. You’ll be Queen of the Trout.”

It all finally clicked in my head. Renee had found our loop hole, if she defeated me I was free of my title and would be able to be Queen. The best part, I wouldn’t be banned from the pack. I would still be able to see and talk to my family and all my friends. Tears sprang in my eyes as I walked over to Renee and pulled her into a huge hug.

“Thank you.” I whispered into her ear.

“Let me see that book!” My father growled. Scarlet yelped and jumped up from the ground leaving the book there. My dad went over and picked the book up and read, his face paling. He looked over to my mother and then to Oma.

“It’s true.” He whispered as he let the book drop to the ground.

“So does that mean what I think it means?” Troy asked excitedly.

My mom had gone over to where my dad stood stunned, she picked up the book and reread what Scarlet had just read. When she finished she looked over to me and Troy with happy tears in her eyes and nodded.

“Annie will be able to be a part of this pack but since she will have no responsibilities she will be able to rule beside you. And she won’t get shunned, she can still be a part of this family.” My mom now had happy tears running down her face, and so did I. I looked over to Troy and his family who also had tears running down their faces. Troy came over to me and engulfed me in his arms, “We will be together for the rest of time little fish.”

My dad had finally come out of his shock, “But Renee doesn’t even have her full wolf yet!”

“Doesn’t matter.” Renee hollered. “Read it again Uncle, all that matters is that I kick Annie’s butt.” We both looked over at her and smiled, our saving grace.

“But Annie has her mate.” My father argued.

“She does but they are not mated. Do you see a mark on him?” My Oma questioned my dad. He looked over at Troy who showed him his neck and slowly shook his head no. “Exactly, so technically, Annie is still unmated.” My father went back to his shocked look as Oma had a pleased as punch look on her face.

“Are we going to get to this or are we going to stand around and talk all day?” Renee said. “Send over your woman Trout so that I can kick her butt!” She hollered at Troy.

“Just don’t bruise her face okay? I’m rather fond of it!” Troy hollered back at her laughing. “Go get your butt kicked.” He said to me as he kissed my forehead and sent me over to Renee.

As I walked up to her I couldn’t help but wonder if Renee knew what she was about to do. She would be Luna of the pack someday, that was a huge responsibility.

“Are you sure about this Renee?” I asked her once I was standing in front of her. “This is a huge thing you’re doing, you will have a huge responsibility on your shoulders now. You-“ Renee put her hand up to stop me.

“If this is how I and your family don’t lose you then so be it. You’ve been there for me thru everything, your there for everyone whenever they need it! Let me do this for you. I can be Luna, and I’ll be an awesome one. I still have a year before I even find my mate so I have plenty of time to prepare. And I’ll have the best coach too.” She said punching my shoulder a little.

“I’ll help you in any way that I can, you know you can depend on me always.” I told her and I meant it. Even with my new Queen duties I would have I would always make time for Renee.

“Enough mushiness. Let’s do this thing.” With that Renee shifted into her small wolf. She growled at me and wagged her tail informing me I needed to hurry up and shift. I smiled and shook my head at her as I shifted. Nan was much bigger than Renee’s wolf since she was not 18 yet.

“Remarkable.” I heard Troy’s dad say. This was the first time his parents had seen Nan. “Troy honey she’s absolutely stunning.” His mom added. I couldn’t help but wag my tail a little at them showing how nice and fluffy it was. My strutting was interrupted by my getting slammed into the ground.

Pride goeth before a falleth my dear bestie.” Renee said to me thru the mindlink “Really, we all see how fluffy your tail is.”

“You’re going to pay for that” I replied as I rolled out from underneath her.

Are you going to surrender yet or should we give these people a show?” Renee asked. I could hear the smile behind her question.

I can’t just give you the Luna title, I’m going to make you earn it.” I growled at her playfully.

Oh really? Geez, I try to do something nice and this is what I get. Saddle your sea horse future Mrs. Trout, it’s going to be a long ride.” She howled signaling the start.

Bring it on.” I howled my response as we charged towards each other. This was going to be fun!

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