The Unexpected Mate

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It has been three months since Renee had changed mine and her life forever. When she defeated me and took the future Luna title from me, we knew our lives would never be the same. She was now training relentlessly with my mom to learn all the Luna duties she would have some day, what I had learned in a lifetime Renee had to learn in a few years. Thankfully my mom and dad weren’t ready to retire yet so Renee and whoever her mate is would have time to learn all the things that would be expected of them. She will be turning 18 in 7 months which is when she will find her mate, and I pray to the goddess it’s a werewolf so she doesn’t have half the problems I did.

After graduation Lily and Eddie marked each other and completed the mating process, they are now expecting a baby. I’m not sure if they meant for that to happen or not but I have never seen them happier. Ellie is beyond thrilled to be an Auntie, I think she’s filled half of Lily and Eddie’s house with baby essentials. Although Eddie isn’t sure why a large stuffed owl is essential but he doesn’t dare argue with the mommy or auntie to be. He’s smarter than I give him credit for.

Scarlet turned 18 last week and surprised us all by being Jeremy’s mate. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, they are two of the sweetest people I know. They both have decided to join the research team and dig further into our culture and the same for the others that are different like us. They believe that we should be more informed and open to them, how the others will feel they aren’t sure yet but stranger things have happened!

My Dad has kept his word and has tried to accept Troy more into the family, other than a few slip ups and grumbles he has done pretty well. I think over time it will get better and they may actually get along. My mom however is completely head over heels for Troy, she thinks he’s the absolute greatest which you know has gone straight to his already big head. David thinks he’s awesome because he can shoot water out of the ground.

Troy’s parents have been awesome and supportive. King Steven has actually been trying to reach out to my dad and form some sort of truce between them, my dad hasn’t ripped his head off yet so I’m going to call that progress. I’ve been having queen lessons with Queen Susan and a few of the other queens if they are available, but really they have just been times were we all relax, talk and stuff our faces with pizza. I have learned a lot though, and if I’m being honest it is not much different than being a Luna. I’m just in charge of mer’s instead of wolves.

As for Troy and I we decided to spend the summer as a normal couple and get to know each other before I marked him. We’ve done all sorts of things swimming, hiking, spent time with our friends, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We knew we would have responsibilities to face as future King and Queen and thankfully his parents agreed and told us to enjoy the summer together just being normal. Which his father found hilarious because neither of us are close to being normal.

Our bonding ceremony for the mer was tonight, I think everyone from the mer community showed up. These ceremonies are usually performed under water but since wolves can’t hold their breathe for very long this was the first ceremony that was held on land. I had asked, okay I begged, for the ceremony to take place in the hall were The Opening was held and Troy’s mom thought it was a splendid idea and got right to planning everything. I couldn’t have asked for a more magically setting, his mom had definitely out done herself. She had filled the already gorgeous room with thousands of white lights and candles, vases full of flowing flowers I’ve never even see before lined the aisle that Troy and I walked down. My friends came to watch as well as my parents which surprised both Troy and I. I hadn’t expected my dad to come but I’m pretty sure my mom and Oma dragged him there. I loved seeing their faces as they saw the hall for the first time, they were in awe of it as well. As Troy and I walked down the aisle I could see my mom crying and my dad had tears in his eye’s as well, maybe he was warming up just a little. I couldn’t keep my eyes of Troy, he was dressed in a three piece tux which made Nan and me perk right up. Troy’s mom gave me her bonding ceremony dress that she had worn when she was bonded with King Steven, and it fit me perfectly. It was a gorgeous flowy dress with an empire waste, each layer of the dress was a different shade of blue. Lily and Ellie had once again transformed my hair and makeup into something beautiful, I wasn’t one to toot my own horn but toot toot!

Once the bonding promises were exchanged we received our matching marks, I looked at Troy’s father with a confused smile. Our marks were little crescent moons, “In honor of your ancestry and that you may never forget where you came from.” He had explained as he then pronounced us bonded for life. Troy scooped me up into his arms and kissed me as the crowds cheered. We couldn’t help the happy tears that escaped down our cheeks. After the ceremony the party was in full swing, I was happy to see that my family and friends were mingling well with the mer. My girlfriends, mom and the Queens were all huddled in a group laughing and talking, I knew that there would be many more ‘meetings’ in our future.

“There you are.” Troy said pulling me out of my thoughts, “You had that line again little fish, is something wrong?”

I looked up at him and smiled wrapping my arms around him, “Absolutely nothing, everything was perfect. I was just thinking how much trouble all the woman in my life could get into if we let them spend too much time together.” I said making the both of us laugh.

“I couldn’t agree more, but let’s let them be for tonight. If they are distracted we can sneak away.” Troy whispered the last part in my ear instantly giving me the chills. “Come on, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

We took the elevator to the main part of the house, when we stepped out of the closet Troy produced a scarf. “What’s that for? It’s not even chilly outside.” I asked him and he answered me by blindfolding me.

“Um should I be worried?” I said sticking my hands out in front of me so I didn’t run into anything.

Troy scooped me into his arms and carried my bridal style out the door, “No you should not be worried, I just want you to be surprised.” I expected us to get in the truck but Troy kept walking so we must not be going far. We walked for about 5 min when Troy set me down, I could tell we were in the woods because my foot snapped a twig.

“Did you bring me out here to murder me? If I hear a chainsaw I’m running, and just so you know werewolves are way fast than mer.” I teased him.

“Hhmp. You beat me once and I think you cheated.” He said back. “Now hush so I can impress my mate. Are you ready?” I nodded my head yes and he removed the blindfold. What I saw before me instantly brought tears to my eyes, I turned to look at him with a confused smile on my face.

“Is this ours?” I asked gesturing before me.

“Welcome home little fish.” He said as he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Troy had a home built for us. But not just any home, this house was part tree house, shoot most of it was tree house. It was a dark grey house, with white trim; simple yet elegant. As I walked up to the tree I noticed something, this tree sat directly on the border of pack’s territory. Our house was half on wolf territory, half on what could be considered mer land. Our house was on both lands, representing that we were from two different places but stood as one. I looked at him and smiled, “You are amazing you know that?”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He teased as I rolled my eyes at him. “Do you want to see the inside?”

I nodded and started to open the front door, “Wait! I have to carry you across the threshold!” Troy shouted rushing at me before I could step in the house. I laughed at his cuteness about the whole thing and let him pick me up, I wasn’t ever going to complain about being in his arms. As we walked in a felt my mouth drop for what had to be the hundredth time tonight, this place was gorgeous. Huge barn beams held the house up and the walls were covered in a light blue color. I could tell the decorating was done by our mothers, there were signs of both of them in the furniture and things on the walls. In the center of the house stood the trunk of the tree, a stair case leading around it to the upstairs. Troy set me down and tugged me towards the stairs.

“There are three bedrooms, our mothers insisted that we have an extra one for any little visitors we may have.” He said wiggling his eye brows and I felt my cheeks heat up, I would have to remember to have a discussion with my mother. “And then your girlfriends insisted that they have a room for when you guys have sleep overs.” Of course they did shaking my head and smiling, I followed Troy to the end of the hall where there were double doors. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me as he pushed open the doors. Once again my jaw dropped as I walked in our bedroom. I couldn’t even tell you what the room looked like because I was too memorized by the floor to ceiling windows that faced the ocean. The next thing I noticed was the gigantic bed that faced the windows, it was made with wooden beams and had white sheer curtains all around it with little white lights woven around the top beams. I felt Troy wrap his arms around me and kiss my neck, he then picked me up and threw me on the bed.

“Hey!” I said laughing, my laughter was soon cut off as he crawled across the bed towards me.

This is it. Mate. Mine.” Nan growled happily.

“Little fish you look like you’ve just seen a ghost, are you okay?” Troy asked.

You need to be okay, we are bonded with him, we need to mate and mark him.” Nan shouted at me.

“Just a little nervous, I’ve never…. You know.” I said quietly hoping he wouldn’t think less of me.

“Whew, good. Because I’ve never, you know either.” He looked at me and smiled. “So I’m glad we are both ‘You knowing’ for the first time together. But, if you are not ready we can wait.”

I knew what he meant what he said, that if I told him I wanted to wait he would. Nan would probably kill but Troy would understand. It was his willingness to wait that made me not want to, I pulled his head down to me. “I don’t want to wait.” I whispered as I kissed him.

As we lay there after Troy reached his hand up to my mark, he flinched when he touched. “Does it hurt?” I asked him concerned.

“No, not at all. When I touch it, it….. it’s hard to explain but it sends like an electric current thru my body in a good way.” He tried to explain.

I smiled at him, “Now you know how it feels every time you touch me.”

“Well then I will just have to keep touching you now won’t I?” He pulled me into his chest snuggling me close.

I hope touches me again like he did a little while ago, I hope he does that a lot” I thought smiling to myself.

“Well of course I’m going to want to do that again, that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.” Troy said. I was happy he felt the same way I did, but then I realized something. I sat up quickly in bed and looked at Troy, “What did you just say?”

He looked at me confused, “I said I wanted to do that again, do you not want to? You just said you hoped I would touch you like that again, did you change your mind? Did I do something wrong?”

Could it be possible? Only one way to find out, “I love you.” I said to him in my head.

“I love you too Annie but back to the- wait. You didn’t move your lips when you said that! How did I hear that? Am I losing my mind?” Troy said panicked.

“Say something to me in your mind.” I told Troy who looked at me confused, he closed his eyes and put a concentrating look on his face.

I love you little fish.” I heard him say in my head, I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. “You can mind link!”

“I can? But how?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders “We didn’t know what would happen once I marked you, but you’re alive and you can mind link with me.”

“So I won’t ever be able to say ‘I’m sorry I didn’t hear you honey’ will I?” Troy asked.

“Nope.” I told him laughing.

“I wonder….” He said as he stood up from the bed and headed to the balcony, it was a good thing we were in the woods because he forgot to put his clothes on.

Are we really complaining about that?” Nan asked me. No, no we were not.

I followed him out on the balcony and looked at him, “What are you doing?”

“I’m wondering if I’ve lost my powers or not, but I’m afraid to try.” He whispered making my heart break a little. “Is being able to feel your feelings part of it? Because I just felt you get super sad.”

“Sorry but if it makes you feel better it goes both ways, I can feel that your scared.” I took his hand and squeezed it. He squeezed it back and let go of my hand to put both his hands out in front of him.

“Here goes nothing.” He muttered as he closed his eyes. At first there wasn’t anything and I was instantly sad for him, he knew this was a possibility but a possibility and reality are two different things.

“Troy honey I’m so-“ I was cut off my a splash of water in my face. “Hey!” I yelled at him, how dare he splash me with water. Wait, he splashed me with water! I looked over at him to see him beaming and laughing at his now drenched mate.

“I’m sorry, it’s a little hard for me to control right now but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.” He shrugged at me sheepishly. I couldn’t stay mad at him. I walked over to him and hugged him getting him wet in the process but he didn’t complain. We were together and we were going to be okay.

I love you little fish” He whispered to me thru our link.

I love you to my unexpected mate, I love you too.”

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