The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 6

Thankfully the rest of the morning past without any more incidents, well unless you consider me getting a board question wrong in math as embarrassing. However, considering how horrible I am at math it’s not that shocking. I can do math if I can take my time, but rush me and put pressure on me? 2 + 2 equals…. 6? No, 8? It’s just annoying! As I walk into the lunch room I’m the first to arrive at our table which is normal. I’m the only non-social one in our little group, besides Renee, my friends list is short. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people talk to me, but I have to wonder if that’s because they want to talk to me or just because my dad is their Alpha. Either way it’s better than being shunned or sitting and eating alone.

Our group of five is made up of me and Renee obviously, then there is Ellie, Lily, and Scarlet. Ellie is best described as loyal, she would be there no matter what, no questions asked! Lily, is a take the bull by the horns, don’t take crap, blunt to the point girl. And Scarlet is the glue that holds us all together, she’s my favorite after Renee. Ellie and Renee are the same age, however Ellie is a grade below us. Lily turned 18 a few weeks ago, and Scarlet will be turning 18 in a few months.

“I swear she better keep her distance from him, I will rip her to shreds if she even THINKS of trying to get with him or even look at him!” Lily has arrived. And I can only imagine she is talking about Joy and Eddie. Eddie would be Lily’s mate, Joy would be a human girl who doesn’t care if a guy is single, taken, or mated. Although, she wouldn’t know anything about mates. If she did she wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to come near another’s mate, let alone touch another’s mate. When a werewolf discovers their mate, all others of the opposite sex become invisible. Except that one. Lily has tried to explain the mate bond to us before but until you’ve found your mate I don’t think you really understand.

“Lily, you know Eddie would never even consider another girl. Once you two discovered you were mates, no other girl existed.” Cue Scarlet.

“Yeah but if you want to take Joy out let me know, I’ve got your back and plenty of ideas on how to teach her a lesson.” And there’s Ellie, all we are missing is…..

“Lily are you honestly still going on about? It was just a brush on his shoulder, it’s not like she was making out with him.” And now we are complete. I looked at Renee with raised eyebrows silently questioning if I wanted to ask details about the incident. Her answering eye roll gave me my answer.

“Still. She needs to learn her place. And I have no problem showing her where that place is.” Lily started taking her anger out by stabbing at her peas. I’m sure those peas were little Joy’s because Lily got this evil smirk on her face as she kept on stabbing.

“So, Annie. Are you all ready for tomorrow? Ready to sweep Jeremy off his feet?” Did I mention Scarlet is my favorite? She’s pro Jeremy unlike the rest of my friends that think Sam would make a better mate.

“Ugh, do not encourage her. We all know that Sam is the better mate. He strong and will make an excellent Alpha someday! Have you seen how he handles drills? And he’s not horrible to look at either, but don’t tell Eddie I said that.” Lily’s dad is also a warrior so she knows Sam’s family.

“Don’t get us wrong Annie, we all know you love Jeremy. And he is a great guy, but we just want better for you. We also our thinking about who would possibly lead us someday. Sam seems the better choice.”

“Renee is right Annie, we do know how you feel about Jeremy. We also know how you feel about Sam. However what everyone seems to be forgetting is that it’s not up Annie to pick her mate! The moon goddess already has her mate picked out for her. For all we know it may not be Sam or Jeremy. It could be a complete stranger! Whoever you end up with Annie will be amazing, and we will support you no matter what. Right ladies?” Ellie looked at all the other girls who quietly nodded and went back to talking about Joy and all the other school drama.

While the other girls were engrossed in the latest gossip I whispered to Renee a recap of this morning’s incident with Sam and Troy.

“Little Fish? He seriously called you little Fish?”

“I know, I thought it was weird to, but he said that he gives everyone a nickname.”

Cue another eye roll from Renee “That kid is just weird. I would just steer clear of that one.”

That caught my attention, “What do you mean he’s weird?”

Which caught the attention of the girls, “Who’s weird?” asked Lily.

“Troy! He called Annie ‘Little Fish’ this morning.” So much for keeping it between Renee and I.

“Ugh that kid is just strange! Mister high and mighty and too good for anyone in this school! A girl in my Spanish class told me that Joy asked him to the homecoming dance and he laughed in her face, called her a ‘silly human’, and walked away! I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad she got turned down and embarrassed, but rude much?” You can always count on Lily to know the gossip in the school. The 5 min bell rang just then signaling the end of lunch.

As we were gather our trays to take to the trash, Scarlet tugged on my sleeve for me to hang back. “Troy isn’t a bad guy Annie, but he’s just not…. Good for our kind.” And with that she caught up with the other girls.

I however was now stopped in my tracks. Not good for our kind? What did that mean? He smelled human to me…. Then a thought dawned to me. Was Troy a hunter?

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