The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 7

I didn’t think too much more about Troy being hunter, my next class was Chemistry. Meaning I got to stare at the back of Jeremys head and day dream about our future life for 45 min. Needless to say, Chemistry is my favorite class.

“Hey there short cake, how’s your day?” As usual Jeremy is already in his seat. He eats his lunch in the library and then comes to class 10 min early so he’s not late. His motto is ‘If you’re on time you’re late.’ Renee calls him a nerd, I say he’s just punctual.

“Oh not too bad, it’s Friday so pretty easy day. How is day so far?”

“Can’t complain. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about earlier. I’m sorry Renee and I were going on about tomorrow like you weren’t there. That wasn’t fair to you, I’m sure you’re nervous enough about the whole ordeal already.” Another reason that I love Jeremy, he thinks of others and can admit when he’s wrong.

“It’s okay, you’re right though. I am pretty nervous. There’s a lot of pressure, especially with my dad being who he is.”

“I know short cake, I know.” Jeremy knew better than anyone how difficult it was to be an Alphas daughter and the pressures that come with it. Jeremy’s mom was an Alpha’s daughter in her old pack and she’s always told me and Jeremy stories of things she had to do, and what was expected of her. To say her father was strict was an understatement. When his mom mated with his dad and made the decision to become part of our pack, her father cut her off. No one from her old pack was to speak to her. Thankfully, my father is not that bad. I hope.

“Anyways, if you don’t find your mate right away you better save me a dance.” This made me perk up, he wanted to dance? With me?

“It can be a way for me to repay you for being a jerk this morning, sound good kiddo?” Thankfully Professor Addison chose that moment to start class so I didn’t have to respond other than the weak smile I gave him. Kiddo? Is that seriously all he sees me as, I understand that I’m not drop dead gorgeous like Renee, or sweet like Scarlet…. But I’ve got good qualities to! I’m a good reader, smart, easy going, a planner, and personally I think I’m quite funny. I just don’t get it. Tomorrow may change it all, no tomorrow WILL change it all. Once Jeremy and I lock eyes across the room, everyone else will fade away. It will hit him upside the head like a hammer, he will realize finally that it’s been me. It’s always been me, and as he leans in for our first kiss… closer… closer…

“MISS ROGERS!” I’m jerked out of my fantasy to see Professor Addison glaring at me and the class snickering at me.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?”

“I asked the class to raise their hands if they did the reading last night. Am I safe in guessing that if you can’t even pay attention in the first 5 min of class that you did NOT do the reading last night?” He now has his eyebrow raised which meant he was not happy.

“Umm, no sir.” I honestly did read last night, just not the Chemistry homework. For some reason I don’t think Professor Addison would care if I had a new book that I couldn’t put down.

“You know Miss Rogers, you probably wouldn’t be failing this class if you actually did the homework and paid attention in class. I would like to see you after class.” Great.

The rest of class went by without any more incidents, but I also made sure I paid attention. When class ended, Jeremy shot me a sympathetic look and then took off out the door. I approached Professor Addison’s desk, expecting the worse. See Professor Addison is a werewolf also, therefore he expects more out of his students, especially the Alpha’s daughter. Remember the whole pressure thing earlier?

“Miss Rogers. I would expect more out of the Alpha’s daughter.” See, told you. “But considering what tomorrow is I can understand how you may be a little distracted.” Whoa, what? Was he seriously giving me a free pass?

“So I am giving you an extension on last night’s homework, and I will expect a 100 word essay on atoms and their reactions to different compounds.” Nope no free pass….

“Thank you sir, I think that’s fair.” No, it’s not fair at all but what can I do?

“Off you go, I look forward to your party tomorrow night.” Other students have started to come in thankfully cutting off our conversation. I gather my books and head out the door. How am I going to get all my homework done, now extra homework, and deal with tomorrow? My brain must be already fried because I didn’t see the body in front of me until I ran full force into them, dropping my books and knocking their books out of their hands. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”

“It’s okay little fish, I think I can forgive you. Besides, I’ve been waiting for you.”

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