The Unexpected Mate

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Chapter 8

Um, why would he be waiting for me? Troy never waits for anyone. Or talks to anyone. Or has any friends, why is now all of a sudden waiting for me outside of my Chemistry class. Better question is how he knew I had Chemistry this period.

“Well… uh. I was just worried about you after this morning so I thought I would walk with you to our English class.” I apparently said the first part of my thoughts out loud. “But if you don’t want to that’s fine also…. I figured we could chat and catch up maybe.”

“Uh yeah, that would be…… nice.” I gave him my best smile hoping it would make up for my awkwardness, and also for plowing into him.

As we made our way to English I couldn’t help but notice the looks we were getting. Troy never walked with anyone. Never talked to anyone. Let alone a girl. He occasionally gave one of those manly head nods to a guy he passes but even those are rare. So to see him walking with someone, on purpose. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Not going to lie, aside from the complete weirdness of it all, it felt kind of nice to know that I was the first to pop his ‘walking the halls with a friend’ cherry. It’s a thing, just go with it.

“So uh, what’s tomorrow?” Troy asked.

“What?” One of my downfalls, I get lost in my thoughts and zone out, making me miss half the conversations around me.

“What’s tomorrow, I overheard Professor Addison say he would see you tomorrow night.”

Crap. He had heard that? So far us werewolves have been able to keep it hidden that we all know Professor Addison.

“Oh that. It’s um, kinda my birthday. I’m having a party and Professor Addison is friends with my dad so…..” I mean that’s not a complete lie. My dad does consult with Professor Addison when they come across a different plant or a poison they’ve never seen before. Okay, friends may be pushing it, more like a boss and employee relationship.

“Do your parents always invite their friends to yourbirthday party? Shouldn’t it be your friends that are there?” Well, he’s not wrong. But he also doesn’t understand how a pack works. Everyone in a pack is your family, whether you’re directly related or not. So when there are birthdays, weddings, or funerals, everyone is there to celebrate or to show their support. Troy however is human as far as I can tell and would not understand how a pack works.

“I don’t mind, my parents like a good party and my friends are still there. And hey, more presents right?” Crap that made me sound like I was only in it for the presents. “That was a joke, the present part. I don’t like presents! I mean I do like presents. Who doesn’t like presents? I just don’t expect presents. I mean that’s just rude to expect them. I don’t expect them at all! I mean everyone knows that cake is the best part about birthdays anyways, I mean come on its cake!” Annie just shut up. He already thinks you’re weird, let’s not make it worse on ourselves shall we.

Troy looked at me with raised eye brows and a smirk, it was then I realized how insanely blue his eyes are. But wait, they just aren’t blue, they turn a green and then gray right near the pupil. How have I never noticed those eyes before?

“What are you staring at little fish?”

I hadn’t realized we were now standing outside our English class and I was obviously staring with mouth open at him.

“Your eyes. I’ve never seen anything so….beautiful.” I also didn’t realize I said that out loud. Remember the getting lost in my thoughts thing? Apparently I also just blurt things out.

His answering laugh was like nothing I had heard before, it was mesmerizing. I just wanted to keep listening and get closer to him….

“Little fish, you sure are a weird one.” With that he turns to walk into class, but then he turns back and leans in close to whisper to me. “But I like weird.” He then turns and walks into class without a look back.

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