The maid

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It is I it is me why does nobody seem to realise that I am within reason within the bounds of society that I am speaking the truth to you all why is nobody listening to me at all? As if I have ceased. To view with open contempt the ones which we had moved to the opposite ends of society in order to devour the flesh and the wit of that woman whom we have now disgraced and made into a maid whose breath smells to such an extent that there is a stench through time and space. Your honour this marriage is not legal I was a duped man and a husband whose only fault was in being duped that my being a stupid man in love was the only fault which is mine and nothing more.

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Them were the days when women gambled away at their card tables and did the rounds and told about the troubled times and drunk wine. That there was the cocktail mixer and then get me another drink luckily they were not that many in there otherwise the maid would have had a fit. She did wash up a hundred glasses or so because they borrowed some of the glasses from round there and then they did wash it afterwards sometimes they did not because of tardiness but nobody minded because Ati paid.

She made money for the lower classes and her being a card player with the gaming rights not included did not give offence at all. It is a private individual playing with her friends and how dare the law come into such a den and there was no inequality if you paid you were invited no matter who you were Ati was no fool when it came to money everyone had the right of entree.

“My dear madam this is a gambling den?”

“No it is not certain and not with private friends.”

“All of them?”

“Most of them I have known before they got married and they did well did not you all and why because of me.”

“We were bored out of our minds before you came along to rescue us.”

“Bless you my dear it is a fool’s paradise saying that when a man is a giant that he knows where he is.”

“How right you are Ati my dear he does not even know where the draw is for his socks.”

“His socks why not tell him?”

“I have tried and tried but he still thinks it is in the wrong place because I dared to move it because of his former wife having the turbulence of mind to have put it in that place.”

“No consideration for your nerves?”

“No one can outwit you Ati at such a game.”

“Gin rummy we play it every week and I am still amazed at how much you put into it.”

“I win.”

“Not so fast.”

What ails you my dear?”

“My friends are saying my husband is having an affair.”

“Dress to kill he will come out of that.”

“My darlings they all have a wonderful time and when they come down they just find you playing patience all by yourself.”

“Here is the waiter?”

“Shall we play more patience?”

“No my mind is made up I want to play something else.”

“Like what?”

“I want to go and see if there is a veranda and then call the waiter in with a long drink won’t you?”

“Okay I will call him.”

“Waiter number one go to the veranda room and show Mrs so and so the bright lights.”

“Maid comes here.”

“Yes madam”

“Get me shaker.”

“Yes madam.”

“And don’t doddle how many times your cap is not straight.”

The maid flounces off.

“If she had not been such a good cook I would have got rid of her years ago.”

“And she lights fires so delightfully my dear Ati you would be a fool and so fond of you she is even being educated by the government you will be so used to her in your old age when your son leaves this place.”

“Yes of course what do you mean?”

“Nothing like I said nothing.”

“Keep it like that.”

So what is the matter with this were the ladies all related to the parliament in the Cyprus. So they came in the dark when there was no lamp post and left in the dark and nobody robbed them nor murdered them but the little house with not much money got robbed and broken into all the time. It does not make sense does it?

Ladies were gambling away when they begin to talk and that is it they always talking they were heavily talcum powdered and that was because of the heat it was 1950’s for a fact in Cyprus and all these ladies were in some cohorts with the presidents but bored women wives bored to their core. Eventually their boredom led them to say things which they were not in the style of saying and they did things which they should never ever have. The maid did the cooking the cook did the maids work and the butlers did them ladies and what tall order they rode they said they exhausted as riding a rhino or something.

The thing was being beastly dull made them dullards the ladies that was now long since dead and buried and their descendents doing the same odd things for them ladies left behind beauties to beware of.

Ladies being bored meant that they came out and told tales about everything and Ati who was being paid for information told her source who did think that they were good news to have like information is so much more fun when one has the money.

They led to the all the troubles we did have and ladies like them too. I mean it is not paranoia it is something worse I feel it in my bones that these ladies card shaping meant that they did something blame worthy and if there is not much else to speak about tell me why now they hiding from view and the Butler tradition has been airlifted to England?

In the 2018 there is the new turn for the worse something worst than what the ladies did mention? The system of rot and abuse has got more so.

Sowing such seeds as this can be less effective if one does not seek the true meaning of what happened in that land in the 1950’s. The British officially left the island to themselves and there was this cry for help from everyone but the British soldiers still there having the time of their lives.

Ladies at the card sharp end and the others in league what is happening to the dealt with things which are the worn out handicapped and just plain disliked?

“We dealt with them as well.”

Gladiators come forward come on this is the world in which we live in now gladiators otherwise known as the caring community who care for the sick and the vulnerable they hold that person’s life in their hands and versa-versa because if the one does not have the money or the means the other person cannot be paid and that means want and starvation and otherwise being very meagre in need in deed.

Gladiators come forward you are the ones who were famously active now in the hands of the disabled with the money, If they do quarrel or row the gladiator gets thrown out and another one is posted. Soon to be post and out we go. The thing is when one is disabled there are so many gladiators to choose from but then when one is a gladiator there is not enough rich disabled.

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