The maid

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Chapter 9

Is there someone with incest calling out there is no physical contact but he has it in mind and that is when I do the kick box and all that but he is never persistent because I always manage to kick him in the teeth and that one can take what I could not take was a six foot black guy outside the bath trying to kick the door in. Because dad was now older and I could manage him his urges but not the black guy who was studying therapy and did know a trick or two about forensics. What is the old saying better the devil you know?

The criminal minds now know forensics and educated themselves to high levels and they now have the better status socially but they still criminals my dears, One criminal behaves like any other they all want what they do want they want things lying about and me having that room and alone in the house without anybody maddened him so felt him all the time lurking round the rooms staring. No I was wrong of course not that is why I did that little bit of experiment in the bath and it turned out right did it not?

You see one feels things and that is what I had a premonition and sense of doom and that one day would end up like everyone else.

“How nice it is everyone having a nice time?”

“Little foreigners read Dickens all the time and Hardy as well what we do not care to see is them reading our stuff but we do like to read theirs gives us such an insights.”

“When we wrote the only novel about the toilet cleaning gent what did you say it was about?”

“We are the untouched untouchables.”

“Yes still it was our daily earning power that the men had to go to the toilets.”

The NHHS sucking everything dry if it had not been for that that child would have been safe in Cyprus does no one can hear us? This is the perfect murder the aunt and uncle are not taking her seriously she is going to die look cousin fucking heck come over here otherwise she will die come here do you hear me?

“I am going to my room.” The six year old girl is very sad and looks downcast.

“She eats nothing but bread.”

“Does she have any water with it?”

“Of course we place it outside the tray.”

“Good isn’t it being well looked after.”

“Well can you come without your dad?”

“No I shan’t know my way round.”

“She gets lost.”

“No sense of direction geography never any good.”

“Well seeing that everyone is happy we shall go and see if everyone else can be even happier.”

“Father let us get on that blasted phone.” I said. “Drive faster and faster we will be late we will be lost. I can’t stand this I can’t drive I can’t drive this is very not slow drive this is too slow. Poor girl she will be sad lost forever in that little frames a little girl. She will be ghostly. I can’t bear to think of her that way. I want to see her grown and alive reading and thinking being a thinking reed a thinking reed.”

The sweat on my frame made me sweaty. I did not know what to feel this or the fear inside me the fear did not leave me. The fear as we drove. The silence that came over me the silent self this is what does not matter, I do not matter anymore she does. She matters because she is weak and a child a baby she needs protection from vampires they will take her little self and murder that little baby why is she left inside there with them? Tears come tears they come and I cry silently I cry in that car as father drives away.

“Who is Z?”

“She is your second cousin.”

“Oh is she? Never saw her before?”

“No she is only six years old of course you haven’t.”

“Well only asking.”

“But we are that close.”

“Yes I was her mother’s favourite aunt. I made that cousin of yours she loved me so much.”

“How much is it the maid that is?”

“Very much nearly went to her wedding.”

“We could not due to our money running out.”

“It must have run out pretty much.”

“Yes your dad is a spendthrift.”

I am here in this car driving and the others do not feel the fear the fear of that child inside that house without anyone to guard her from the blows which will come out of their fists. The poor child my cousin my poor cousin was she really a pauper and deserved to end her days as a roamer. The fists are not that kind of things which she should know when she is so delicate. China doll what a china doll. She will break as we all did. When she is such thin and good when she is hardly able to be anything but a big baby you are not talking sensible stuff stick to the plot where is the doctor in prison because he now married to your mother and your mother besides herself what did she do?

“LOOK I am driving as fast as possible.”

I walk out into the kerb and nearly fall down on the pavement as the car slides over. I walk indoors and reach the phone. Dial the number in no time and then the ringing tone picks up and the mother answers the phone.

“Look fucking bitch why did not you drown your daughter?”

“Why what has happened?”

“She has not eaten anything but bread and water for three days.”


Mother went for it mother went for me mother now not mother it is an illness she does not respond she does not think like a mother she is now a slut she thinks like someone else she does not feel she does not react just a good doll she is submissive to her pimp her new man.

The father came with his gun and narrowly gunned down him down. His brother the uncle stopped him. Then there is not much left for them but to go back to Cyprus and then they begin to do a lot of work with blood banks because a gun is useful when they are all desperate to use the blood bank and so many kids depend on the blood. There is not much to seek for them who want it.

“I still blame you” Said society.

“You have to do the cleaning the cooking the bath lit up and when that is done cut the logs and then go to the kitchen and have something to eat but not too much as everything is counted” Said Ati.

The family blame me for her behaving like she did. But the thinking behind these cultures is that a baby is good and smiles all day long. That is not how sick children behave. But I eat too much otherwise they love babies. They do not smile and burp all day long if a baby is sick it yells the house down so what is their problem? I spoilt their happy marriage and made the mother old. We all have to make sacrifices you know growing older is one of these things which happen to us all.

“It did not happen to you.”

“We have to hire another goat to feed her with Gold I have come to you demented that baby is suckling the other goat dry. Your goat will do?”

“I will give you the full use of the goat of course for a fee?”

“How much is it?”

“Well the goat gets vaccinations and all that and any calves belong to me and then when it is freed I get to slaughter it.”

“Anything else you want?”

“Well it is fair?”

“Stop crying okay.”

“Well just use the yogurt treatment it is half a pint of yogurt olive oil and quarter sugar then go into the shower and shower and then ointments. It should work.”

That is a new treatment for old age. How Ati must have found it but when a baby I did not need such beauty treatments.

“We are that close?”

“That is close.”

The maid’s status became lower as his increased as his ever decreasing love went outside the window and she became this bore this maid who has now become a wanton whore. Going gone to another hen party? Anyone with a lot of hen parties has me round.

Oh how she loves those kind of parties and before a man asked her out she a common woman a woman a man could have been proud of. But not when her mother in law finished with her a mother in law like her does deserve some mention.

First thing the mother in law run a gaming club and she did hear a lot of gossip and used it for the advancement of the English government. You see she was asking the right questions got out and dealt with a lot of bores in the constitution.

Look Ati does not know won’t harm her. But Ati has ears all round her house she has employed butlers to deal with the situation the maid has gone above her station is above reproach one moment and lower than scum the next.

We did not mean it to happen to fall in love we just did.

What is the meaning of this that a woman can cross the barrier of social cast such a thing has not happened and never can happen?

“Throw the maid out.”

“I am going too mother see you.”

“Have this necklace for your new wife.”

“But it is your favourite mother.”

“I know.”

The parting was sweet sorrow and it was such a good thing like a chain round his neck he was ousted by the power of venom. Vim and clean and all that of course vim and clean and venom is the stuff which makes it happen.

Vim is a cleaning agent and is used by housewives to disinfect areas like bath rooms and it is a thing which leaves traces behind.

Venom is like the snakes in the other grandma’s garden. But unfortunately grandmother Ati thought it was mother herself.

A maid for my son no deal I rather see him in jail.

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