The maid

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Chapter 11

There were three of them I do not know what I should do. I am not speaking to him. The thing is what I care. I will not say anything to this human monster. He tried to rape me. What a deal he tried to rape me. What he is hell? I will never forgive him. He tried to- he banged my head.”

“Any broken bones Mrs”

“Oh no this time torn ligament.”

“Well that will heal won’t it?”

“It might but then the good fellow is so handy with his fists.”

“Well the wife has gone over there.”

“Where has the devil gone without my authority?”

“She only said she went to get?“!

It was not him it was his wife.

“To get what? I will show the whore from the village of the whore whose mother had so many kittens she did not know the father.”

“Well the first was the one who the...”

“Look is you joking with me?!”

“No we all know the second one was from??”

“Look I shacked with her myself as a lodger.”

“She took in lodgers then she had to no men about. Then the daughters took it in turns to do the breakfast.”

“I will not stand for these insinuations.”

“Then the family became fortunate with the good things.”

“Where is she the whore?”

“Oh I am leaving darling I have the herd to see to you will look after the children won’t you? See you all bye.”

“Such a good marriage we had dear we have to stay in this house together?”

“Well we might as kill each other well and true adding to the tragedies of living but we had indeed made a lot of children happiness all round we are indeed we made a lot of healthy kids.”

“To increase the amounts of joyous joy sticks we made them so well.”

“Now we brew something and you can get away. Look I have a plan and it might work.”

“What you thinking dear?”

“Can I say?”

“No just think about it.”


“Look I have bought a television.”

“What the hell?”

“That was what I was thinking of aunt a television for all of you.”

“Whatever next is there for me?”

“You have form Miss.”

“Black magic did not work?”

“Is it the right size?”

“Well I guess will he be able to live with me son?”

“Go and find out.”

“I am not that young?”

“Get away with it?”

“Come out with it.”

“Well I am leaving now.”

“Yes I have things to sort as well.”

“No not like that not you too everyone so busy”

“I must not betray this.”

“Yes but she so young.”

“The mother of mine own child.”

“I did not see mother for a long time”

“Yes just say do you want her to stay if not let her get away.”

“I love her.”

“You cut me as a child”

“With what”

“A razor”

“Did I?”

Mother laughs that charming tragic smile of hers and she disdains to explain the meaning of that smile or laugh it is so endearing to her punters many cousins of mine have copied it too.

“Yes and you don’t remember that?”


What kind of a laugh or a smile it is like a tragic Madonna or bleak or something fleshy or something that betrays guilt as if it is a beautiful woman pretending that she did not have enough and she still hungry when she is alluring playing the pool and making out with a bald head while her father watches her do it. In our case it was the husband who was watching as his wife made out with the guys and he did not only feel shame but liking it so much made him her slave.

“Look the mark it is here.”

“Her breath stinks. Your honour her breath stinks.”

“Where were we?”

“In the stable you were having this insane thing in your brain.”

“I do not remember that.”

“Like one possessed.”

“What possessed me to leave the room to commit adultery to leave the audits unaccounted for the accountants leavings made into a green book?”

“Like one in a film?”

“Like Exorcist?”

“I can’t stay.”

“Now go away.”

Many years later they told me that on the way to collect me from that hotel where his woman had committed adultery to save him.

“The ideal wife today- She is the one without any clothes shopping at Harrods”!

“Don’t be absurd.”

Looks see me with them great stars me in the frame look how well I look. Yes indeed it is a good thing.

I think no sweat and they went and took it aside as mother said what a nice thing it is to be back to the place they had been from.

You monster for destroying my child for making him a perversion of the self centred interested selfish male that nobody in their right minds would want. My lovely boy has now become a mummy cuddled coded and not very nice man. Why did they do this because they disliked me and him being together and under their influence he has now become a dressed up puppet without the right mind or the thinking straight. I am so sorry but this is not good for the likes of myself to think that they went and ordered a delicacy and did not even share a little one or two with me and he supported that without a qualm or even did not even say do you want one or two makes me think them unfeeling and undone me. That I who had shared with these monsters everything and they now not even inclined to share the half things which they do not even want makes me think them unfeeling unnatural and in love with their own banality.

“Your grandma did this to me and I now taught by her have done it to you.” Said mother Zeks.

“You see for two weeks I worked for your grandmother and she would make me boil the bath and then peel the fruit and cut it and take it down from the tree and clean the whole mansion and then she would say dismissed and I would not even have a share in that. Now I am doing the same to you revenge this is an act of justice.” Said Zeks.

An act of justice what is justice in this world to be working fourteen hours a day for a 100 pounds a week and then to be summarily dismissed because of the rows we had over who should take more of the share as I had worked more and now they have come like vultures to steal the very roof out of my house in order to make themselves the food which they are forever wanting?

No food no working house that is that this is justice this is what they find to say these women are monsters evil incarnate they are superficial to my needs I will not think of them again.

Even the Greeks would behave differently to someone who has grown lame trying to keep this horrid ship going and in this ship there is nothing but carcase eating.

Why he so full of his own devices that he sure did not see us drive off. Pride before a fall everyone has to fall doesn’t they? We all fail in some manner none of us are always successful as if the breaks come and then we do not succeed.

“When my mother failed me what was there for me and the world had become this dark place darker than anyone could see out of. There was nobody to pick her up from that dirt road and she had to wallow in it forever.”

My mother was lost forever in the dirty roads and the windswept hides which torments me the stench of death the death throes of behaviour gone wild in the elemental winds of passionate contempt for her which swept her and she drowned she drowned in the dirt road.

“Why she leave then?”

“She could not give anymore not because she did not care but that she did not even own the dress the eyelash the lipstick which she wore. She did not want anything but she did not want to she had lost the will to live to be human she had lost it all.”

“Are you sure?”

“And she did it for our future so that we would have a future otherwise we would not belong don’t you see?”

“Well certainly I am sure. Don’t you see he is in his element?” Elementals that sting and then they are what we become they burn us and we burn out.

“Well if you are sure?”

We are all sat in that garden all thinking about the whole situation they have eyes which state fully they know where I came from and I have eyes in the back of my head because been attacked so many times.

“Drive off before he sees us” I said.

I wave to him and we drive away.

He is still stunned when we leave.

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