The maid

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Chapter 12

The clowns shame nobody you left me alone on the road out of nowhere and me after shave and this here shirt.

“I am nothing to do with this.”

I am not going to become a whore.

“Why is everyone blaming me he drove the car?”

“He is a stranger.”

“Well why did his mother call him master before she died?”

I mean why call R master before she died several years ago? Why it is puzzle puzzling me.

Look the reaper is here again with the moustache. He gets inside the homes which have death coming over. He is the reaper in the employ of the shame.

“We are all sham and living a sham existence when we do nothing but fiddle and thieve and there is nothing the matter with our hands and our feet but we do nothing but lie and live on lies.

Some even live on black magic.

“My sister has got my husband and I went to the graveyard at midnight and got her these things I have been round the grave for the past two nights and tonight the spell will be made.”

“Yes the good things happen?”

“Yes you are with me on this?”

“All the way we have husbands too.” The sneer is such a crude one I do not believe it.

These are the siblings who are the cousins of mine the nagging doubt is they do everything by the black arts but the thing which they produced poisoned one child and nearly killed them all. It is not magic you stupid fools it killed their own child they wanted nothing better than to go to the grave at midnight and do the black arts got what they wanted then they danced round and the little poor child said I want it I want water and drunk the whole glass.

I am sorry child I did not mean for you to die and that mattered to me her good little bony face all that I can see saying them words over and over as if telling her parents not to misbehave what on earth can a child say ?

She died.

She died and yes it was meant for me she died because of me an innocent good child died because of me. The poison was meant for me.

Nac was distraught screams and then to the hospital where the child died three months later.

“Why no do not do that sort of thing Nac it is not worth it?”

“It will haunt that for the rest of her life.”

“What is that why not?”

“She shagged your husband.”

“They had to do this murder in order to marry the sister as well into the house and the little girl’s twins did not want that happening.”

And she drank the poison meant for me and died?


“Well it is unfortunate?”

“Most unfortunate it was a disaster.”

“Look if the spell works and she dies it would not be worth it?”

“Look after all the trouble you went through?”

“It is a shame to leave it alone?”

“If half of it works”

“Well which half?”

“I will think about it.”

“The diabolical Nac has had it.”

“No one would own to doing such a stupid thing.”

“Poor mum.”

“Look mummy is coming I can see her has she heard this?”

“Well she is one of us?”

“We never know about this if she hears we will be made to pay?”

“Well we must risk the things we worked for?”

“A rich woman and all that is our Nac”

“No in penury.”

“Look we have made our beds and we must go through with it.”

“We are all bankrupted and all insolvencies and all that”

“Look other things coming.”

“Where in the world do they come?”

“Hello darlings I bought you all these gifts.”

Beware of Greeks bearing down gifts.

“Ah how lovely it is made did you make them yourself?”

“I did no such work.”

“I do not know what you mean.”

“She has too much work to do as it is with her child in the blood bank.”

“Well at least she has plenty to do with her hands.”

“Wash and scrub?”

“I am giving you all this gifts.”

“I am leaving you to your gifts.”

The delighted of the delights as they made off with the things they were so much into the gowns and things that they did not know that the mistress of the sibling had come inside and was watching waiting for them to do something.

The witchery of the Sabbath was made the marriage would go ahead and the sister would now die. The beautiful sibling watching the things which they had to do to get the man of their dreams as she waited in that doorway as she stood while they made the loaves when they made the loaves of which the fish would be fed.

“Auntie there you are?”


“The darlings are fighting over the Nac husband the man is too good looking.”

“Look he is riding her on his bike.”

“Whatever is next?”

“What folly will they get up to?”

“Well auntie I will leave it with you.”

“My baby died my baby died she died my darling child has died why has she died after the sister went away now married and my child has died why she died. After two years after these years why she died what did I do? What has become of mine why she died she died. What made me the wife when not a mother?”

“Mother said she would protect me? Mother said she would protect me as the sisterhood had made me? What has happened to me what is this mother killed her darling child. Why did it happen the child has died passed away.”

“Get out I am cooking for my husband no dinner for anyone else just my children and my husband no dinner table for the likes of you.” Banged shut the door in her arms the baby she had given life to and her in the thrills of being this perfect mother. One is taken in order that another shall replace it.

“My dear wife you have a need of a holiday. I am sending you back to the house you came from.”

“When can I return?”

“When your cancer is cured”

That was the other woman now turned out like a woman who did not satisfy her man.

“I let him have other mates and he now throws the head wife out?”

“But that is not for long is it??”

She comes yearly to her sisters and they give her the black arts to wile her husband with but she returns like the postman delivering her again and again.

“No it might be this cancer business my business I did harm wronged that child and made a good life and then this happened to me there is nothing else but grief there is nothing but penitence why me why this when I gave so much to charities and made so many happy?”

“I am clear of cancer my dear can I come home?”

“I am busy at this moment. I have this new darling she dances so well.”

“I know what you like?”

“Someone is taking care of that.”

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