The maid

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Chapter 13

Men love dancing girls and they do not honour tenacious bonds the wife must be protected but so must the husband from so many women who now have the ability to do real harm to men.

“Do you want a divorce?”

“Well I already divorced you my dear.”

“When did I sign this?”

“It was brought to you when you were in Chemotherapy.”

“Ah I see I thought I was signing the hospital consent form.”

I studied literature in order to create this diabolical monster. ME.

“I am me and meme.”

“Beware when a Greek bears gifts but beware when an Arab gives you forms and documents to sign.”

“I quite quietly am laughing at all the sympathy.”

“Well wishers.”

“The golden handshake”

“Give my sister the clock on her retirements.”

“I was raped as a child I became this mobster mole we were Moyer and clown and I did swear for the revenges.”

“I killed we killed most of the things in order to get our home. The house is this very own home and we made it and we got it by murder the things.”

“The child care costs us a lot of working time.”

“She shackled us we could not leave nor move round as this would meant she would die and it not look good.”

“I mean to be meant.”

“I was brought into this world to do my worst.”

“These are me the sides to my characterisations. The three faces of Eve. None of the faces any use to anyone but to me.”

“We contract killers. We kill to do the money with”!

“Yes I am the blonde.”

“I am this stony blond and the thing is I died the car bombed the couple dead and we left the little taxi cab office and moved to a better area. The couple die and we not connected the burning flames the death and now this new home and we lived quite content as we made love we made dreams.”

Father woke me up to see this ravage this carnage as if sleeping when a child was bad for one he said you want to know everything now is the time to find out.

How to drive your children mad that is the whole point is it not?

Our children the pride the pride of our loins we are now a family we are so well connected round the world we ordain we make this is where the homestead brings the happiness we made this is our happiness.

“We can’t get out of it now?”

“We must kill her too?”

“Yes she knows all this much?”

“We can get munchies then?”

“We will become the joys which this brings?”

“The sisters are coming to order the circle and then when complete she will die?”

“Did mother cast the spell?”

“Yes on her death bed she had”!

Come to this our senses what do we do with the children throw them to the wolves?

“On her death bed with the crumbling house and the house now pulled down?”

Do not hide from the bombs come there is a rolling head down the street your father is saying this as he now a madman torn with jealous rages because your mother cheating on him and you are his new rag.

“Yes it is the house is pulled down and we can’t rebuild it with her ashes.”

“Yes the rights of this the wrongs of this mother had hell she had to live with daddy.”

“She was most distressed about this?”

“Why she could not do anything nor be herself?”

“Why I am here now because you are indeed unique my dear.”

“What a thing she had had enough at the end of thirty years.”

My mother now the child the virgin daddy said she was because she now sat like a child folded arms waiting for doomsday.

“Yes the repeats was worse”

“Yes she did.”

“Well now the spell begins.”

“Yes she will come to her when we call her?”

“Yes then we can do the things we get paid to do?”


“My son has this thing 100,000 cars and he enjoys spending as we all do.”

“Debts mounting him the villain who spends money.”

“No that is what boys do my dear.”

“The girl does not remember me she has not said anything like a human girl should she is something that is like a vampire she does not recognise me as a child should. She does not recognise the woman who saved her from hell, is this what drugged means does she have drugs like prostitutes must to sleep with twenty men in the same day?

Is this it? A prostitute who gives the same joys to everyone of them guys? What is this? Is this what it means the feelings are worn dead and gone? Is this what this girl has been given too? The pains of the disease are that it can be worse than the disease is this she is now unfeeling?

Does not even blink towards me as if she is not here at all? Her glance is this little happiness she does not even reason where did the feelings go? Her emotions the emotions are all dead. She does not feel anything does her?” That little child she is now grown up her life was not as happy as I had thought it might have been she is in Cyprus with her family and this is what happened.

“She has just walked away she just walks as if floating.” I add poor Z she had been such a good thinking reed now this little empress floating. She looks great she is almost fragile beautiful but where is the life in her? It is as if she is a walking doll. Her sister had a difficult life with her they argued like mad. But this thing is not real. She is not real.

“Yes indeed now my hand on her and she will be mended.” said the mother.

There is something’s one can’t mend and broken something like hearts and souls gone outside the body can’t return.

“I feel much better mother.”

“That is nice my dear.”

“I am so happy.”

She is as if this doll where is the flesh and blood and she did not even notice who I was or am. There is not much to say but that the girl the little emotional child has become this little has been perks and where did she take that talk and the walk as if she is a beautiful zombie?

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