The maid

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Chapter 15

The ritzy- glitters things we take for granted. I am leaving this. They all tell lies. You see they are all bloody liars and I being a child have to believe in their stories why you know Snow White and them fairy stories is more real than what them munchies say why they muck the dirt they make the dirt and we believe in them. Why having them in these rooms means will never hear any true meanings of the damn life and without meaning life will be this endless urinal.

“Foster mummy told me the stories so I may think in something other than a urinal.”

I am telling you a story come from the kitchen sink what else do you want?

I want something I can never have and that is pure love and that will never be mine.

“I must have something other to think about then a penis.”

I am talking while the urinal is moving along when we bump into each other as we try to catch the urinal. The bottom has gone away the bottom of the river when the old man river went to Massa chutes and then never came back again as he had to make the movie with the musical score and he never learnt to read the music.

“Look tell me about horses tell me about the real people tell me about what it means to be human?”

“Foster mummy tells some tales there is this endless sex appeal but the stories are real.”

The thing is when a man has to have a wife he does not think about her reality and her situation and he only thinks of what he is and what he asks from her and then he goes to them hens and they have a better deal.

“I make nonsense out of sense?”

“Mummy my mummy said I would end up a whore do you all understand my own mum said I would end up like with syphilis and in hospital and damn dead end.”

“Like her?”

“Yes she gave a lot too many men.”

“Well you see did not tell anyone as it was her secret and she went and spread it like wildfire.”

“Well you see.”

“She should have taken time off.”

“Well her pimp that mean he worked her too hard.”

“After four weeks her battery went.”


“She forgot what to do with it and had to run along to get more fresh ideas of what people of her size were up to.”

“I mean the doll not mother.”

“That is known as behaviourist?”

“Well I think so because the good Skinner did say we get rewards and things for being good or something well my grandma being in a coma did not could not tell her good and give her a pat on the back. My back, well did not?

Mine did not feel the same? You see auntie not quite right! If I had told her a lie it would have made no difficulties. That would make her very mean and disagreeable for she had been sat upon as a baby and she disliked not being told, if she did good towards babies and other failures of society.

Adopted mother Zeks too seemed to have developed the same disease spent four weeks in hospital. I mean I thought it must be catching or something but us kids did not get anything bad from it.

You see it is very worrying doing something with the insane the insane do not do the same things as we the sane are supposed to be doing. For example the sane are supposed into good wholesome behaviour; which means doing good most of the time without rewards or punishments.

The banks are the prime example they think nothing doing not a crime so we can do what we like? So society of the psychopaths found in the bank manager as he refused us loans? Well he did it with wit and with such a smile?

Then the good idea of being in insurance at the same time so the holiday season took over with the woman going pregnant on holiday and had a baby. Then a million pound bill. Such a good idea she got a daughter too?

We are, the stores of the disease which is pleasant to be with. It makes us feel fearless why everyone loves us? What she did not say that in her small house did she? Aired around the world for the rich have it sorted? Why they paid for the damn thing.

What we own her the darling to think she did say such a word she did say such a thing why the darling?

She did say such a thing inside the house private house she did say what to do with the stories which we do not like to think are not our own. We did pay for the rights to do such a thing as we sit down and gather material for the good we do to the life of others.

They paid for the life she has.

Which are stored for the poor kid and she will never be anything but destined to be in that circle of friends. They eat what she now draws milk from. They will eat what they now take from her mother as she has to be breastfed on. What it means for her mother to holiday and not have insurance.

So many kindly strangers were dipping over their wet pockets with concern and making this and that remarkable concentration of meanness. Such is their thoughtful kindness to us to me especially; thank you all. Such thoughtfulness doing a lot for the psycho inside me because of thoughtful concerns to think it comes over as this villain’s unhand me not at all the villains say thank you come over.

Villains do not understand the word no.

We are not even doing anything at all? Why? What brought you here we did not think you could have cared for such a poor relation. To think you did nothing but feel good to think we are now out and about. We were just stepping outside. No we must say the others on their way too? If it were not for the kindness of the people whose society we can’t escape.

Going anywhere paid well? No you did not exactly spend money? Well you can go tomorrow what you did not pay to go outside? Why stay in and make it here the delights of home and come over to us we will show you what it means to have the fun on the breadline.

“Brother we love you so much we love you to such a high degree we love you ever so much indeed Shirley here comes on just to see you?”

“Is she from the Healthy Minster?”

“No not that sort of a Shirley.”

“Well then she is making a mistake.”

“Look dear there is not wisdom in interfering in grown up talk.”

“Oh well is it good to be interfered with but not to discuss the meaning about what it means to be without good behaviour and all bad when the things which are doing are not fairy tales at all?”

“But this is fairy tale now child?”

“The fairies do not have intimacies with the child?”

“What it does not?”

“Well if you read fairy tales they do not.”

Being so kind we are so kindly received in the benefits of being snow adrift and we still can’t understand why Green Peace spokesperson does not make sense to us? Why she got it bad the thing is did she just say something distressing it might be HIV but there? It is okay we will say that many places start off without the gadgets and go straight into the good old common windmills when we can win-win.

Oh dear did she say something about gamblers or something? Did she just say that the ancient systems are not worth keeping that we go to some other power? Anyway the system is under control they have just spent a lot of money making the environment less safe well they got government permits and everything and we are all drunk and disorderly dismayed as it just does not make sense nobody is talking anymore all at the urinals doing come dancing with them common dancing queens and the parties have them pills and we got HIV and we go to the dentist and they poison us too as the surgery has no GP as he has not got the qualifications as he a student.

“Woman you are now poisoning.”

“It is untrue I am not even bothering to tell the whole of it.”

“Damn it.”

And being able to run things without oily compliments my dear it is so nice to see you in such splendid flush in the pockets and it might be a good idea to thank you for losing the last time let us now make for lost time. Give me the loaded dice and behave yourself it is not easy to make money these days.

“Grand form that is Ati our Ati she has formed.”

“Yes she is the apple of our eye.”

“Beware she does not discover who you are sleeping with?”

“As bad as that?”

“Then let us move on from such disaster there is too much in blackmail I dislike.”

“How unkind ready to go and not without your coat I suppose this little place does not compare to the grand hotel?”

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