The maid

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Chapter 18

The smiles they give the good smile of the crocodile smiles adding to their miserable selfish centred lives and we nod and agreeable. To add we cook the meals to house and feed them and they steal the sins they made they make the brides of our dear souls. We indeed enjoy their wedding marches and to disagree with the disgrace is to become the disease. The social whirls we do enjoy make for the burnt out machines. They have killed this soul their mother has died and gone to hell.

“We all now tumbled like them burnt out dryers.”

“Will you stoop to do such a thing?”

“Will you take me to the doctor and say you are my daughter?”

“No auntie that mum over there is my auntie!”

“I want a daughter I want a child.”

“Delirium is it Okays auntie you have three children.”

“I had children yes now where they are?”

“Look the son is here?”

“Oh yes my mad boy will he get married will he marry well do you want him for a husband?”

“No he expecting.”

“Look if only he were sane?”

“We are all mad.”

“Look the other daughter will she make a good house worker will she make anyone else happy? Sheer delight, self satisfied satisfactions all she is all agreements all selfish designs sheer lack of goodness like some rubber doll. Will she make anyone else happy except the money?”

“Give her the money she will toy?”

“I am without food?”

“You are without sentiment.”

“No one is listening to this mother has nobody heard what I am saying?”

Mummy messed up her appointment now has a fit of coughing.

“I have heard mother.”

“Yes my son hit me again.”

The thing is when a group of would be malice is happening the victim must take precaution they came and ate and now do not expect anything more than second helpings I am going to give all of them the second helping I am made that way I am very kind and generous to a fault.

“Mother messed up her appointment what you saying?”

“Look gets off the woman or I will take it outside do you hear no more get out and about.”

“Why you could have told her about the appointment?”

“I am no longer allowed near her.”

“I want to protect you.”

“From what hell did you escape from?”

“From yourself did you from the self centred self or the victim self.”

“How much do you want?”

“Not paying for that.”

“I want three hundred pounds won’t let anyone in.”

“It is such a good idea son such a good idea.”

“Let me pray over you.” Said Z, that she who ate all of our weekends and did not think about mummy now she is Saint Agatha the great because her into being this grand and great lady.

“Do you want some more meat my cousin so you can become better fists?”

“Look I am into training wants to beat it out of her.”

“Yes that is very nice now duty is clear you must eat the entire plate.”

“I am into training?”

“Oh yes you must train very well you must do your exercises on that bed now go on and make the exercises that is a dear.”

“I will take you into that bed?”

“Now not now there is everyone being into differences you have too much meat to eat yet.”

“How much does it cost?”

“Look the entire bloody freezer.”

“Have it all of it.”

“Oh that is good.”

“Very nice it will be too.”

“Yes that is dear.”

You see it is all about feeding time.

“Being married to the wrong husband can be devastating.”

She should have married Abdul. There appears to be a grave sadness, do you know why the nurse said that there is something wrong. Mother not to pay any money did her own teeth extraction she is very economical with money.

There appears to be anger yet she was smiling only before you came and she saw you when she collapsed and died. Do you know the reason for this? Do you know that when she saw your daughter she died she dies because you are all behaving unkindly to her for many years until this happens...? Yet only a few minutes before she was laughing and making funny remarks?

That the very sight of her niece made her die frothing and going blue? The state she appears to be in now? Green in colour she died so violently. Opposed to her own dying she appalled the hospital without agreeing to her own death. Disinfected areas she called it.

“Not mummy surely”

“No not mummy she will live entirely on her wits.”

She seemed to have been taken suddenly. She was a fat woman but strong and fairly healthy. Seventeen stones and going higher she had been fatter but lost most of her weight. She was unwell she was saving on gas and electricity when she went to bed and then suddenly realised she needed that too. I meant no harm when they told me I had to pay for such a deal I went and turned everything off and she said she shivered all night.

“Most unfortunate”

“Yes but the thing is she never remembers what she uses and thinks she is above reproach.”

“The things we use we must pay for and that she never understands unless explained in some sure terms otherwise she is unnaturally hostile about spending on that commodity.

Why she waited at the bus shelter with the mad son wasting in the cold and wind as the shelter did not get that bus from that stop the mad son banging on her ear drums and the wind and the rain keeping the storm at bay the bus did not come and they did not get far the son said okay after two hours they can get another bus and he laughed because he said she was dying. That his mother was dying because she had had enough.

“There is nothing to say about this?”

“It is a holy shambles,”

Then the nurse said when she saw this girl she collapsed? She collapsed before the nurses eyes? The whole ward saw her crying. Curtains drawn Abdul saying she said she not mad. As he sat down to roast beef and some Yorkshire pudding and some sprouts which Tom gave to him for dinner? Abdul got so carried away he wanted to say something rude and he gave some of the meat back and said how much did it cost. How much because it was topside beef and this made him so mad he said for me not to buy any such thing when my being anaemic I need such a great deal of it.

“What a fool?”

“The man is a con.”

The thing is strange. The autopsy made nothing. She had a heart attack she has a pace maker and we are all busy inheriting something from her and we behave according to decent persons who have nothing to gain by this? What a disaster this is for us all.

“We appeal to your good sense what could have made her live in this strange way? What manner of grief did she have what indeed had made her go from being on holiday to this state we do not can’t make it out?”

“I mean nothing but harm to fed and being the ex slave I want to weep that it was all for this lot?”

“The son is mad.”

“What me?”

“Well someone has to take the blame for this?”

“Well I did not know that sort of dinner made me into murdering acceptance.”

“Well the dinner was too much chops and sausages so doing as I say. Anyway take these jewels as well and be gone.”

“My inheritance too has been narrowly spent?”

“Well what else do you want?”

“Look I thought you were nice?”

“Look dummy I do not want to be involved with this wire attack whatever is just making you off.”

“I am nice.”

“Look I am going to go home to me daddy and beat his daylights.”

“You know it is none of my business.”

“She had a magnificent life.”

“Yes indeed we spent our money on it. I did not benefit in the end. But poor mummy did.”

The daddy must have been beaten the son placed in the mad hospital then the son and the daddy could not see eye to eye so they had to come to England again and then the daddy said he could not live with his disasters and sent it to England when he could walk again without banging his head here and there.

The son came very satisfied he had done his duty and he went to a hostel where he happily merrily played at his computer games and he smiled and smiled again.

“He spent all his money on trivia.”

“What an idea? What did he have on him?”

“He spent all the money we went hungry?”

“What you spent the money on a funeral a state funeral and went hungry and you mortgaged the house and made it into apartments letting it out too?”

“What a misfortune that is.”

“Why you spend the money on a state funeral you into state craft or something?”

“Why never.”

“Well at least you had no time to be sad?”

“Well no madness is something else?”

“Well it is not very nice living with madness but then you never did live with it did your uncle?”

“Well I?”

“No you let a woman a mother get to England and die and still you complaining that you went hungry and you let out your trousers and your life hell. Indeed to think well of this is to become absurd.”

“Well I never said.”

“What you just said is I will make the hash then make a dash then have the cash. Fuck yourselves.”

“Look I have someone at the door?”

“He does it is his other half.”

“Why no it is not the wife.”

“Well you know it could be your lucky day the president lived in our home for a long time now he can mate in yours. And tell you the truth it is not long before he will be feathering you and you feathering him and if enough of feathers spread we might get rid of you both.”

“Well I do daresay the thing is never be with madness?”

“Does it spread and did you make a house husband or did it interfere with being a child?”

“Look I have the supper cooking and it smells.”

“I think there is someone at my own door.”

“She is now dead in luxury.”

“Yes while I am flooded in the basement.”

To think that little homes are the good things which the rich love to mate in and to tell no storms and tell no tales for poverty means silence is the thing. What did we do whist and this mated with the servants and then went home got our wives and lives back from the many splendid enjoyments of sporting life and making cash flow perfect.

To think the rich don’t spend money why the queen never paid for any goods from the shops after the war got everyone excited for the shops went bust without their goods and made them so mad they said she worst thing that could happen the ladies in the waiting had the tastes too but then they put their foot down no more free goods then the queen told the ladies must pay she did not understand why she the queen and she owned them shops why she paid like everyone else for?

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