The maid

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Chapter 1

The pickings are rich and they mean well some have sympathy some do not some are related some are not but when the hands are down and one has to hold on to the phone and that means what? One gladiator is down.

Look this is a serious novel there is nothing the matter with you is there? Look when the phones are off line all day what does it take me for a fool?

That is that there is too many people in this novel I am going to politics.

“Politeness I am slight of hearing”

“No politics.”

“Did you mean disabled politics?”

“There is no such thing as disabled politics.”

“But there is.”

“No today we have the best qualified people on their jobs doing it tirelessly without let or let ups trying the patience of the whole world.”

“What is the meaning of this room it is a pig.”

“Is there a pig in the room?”

“I most definitely did not I did not see any pig at all. It is not here.”

“You are the pig?”

“Who is the pig?”

“That gladiator ate all the food.”

“Well incidental.”

“Where is the politics in this?”

“We have nothing else to do but to praise him.”

“And her we must praise the philosophy of marriage can two couple so joined have such different opinions?”

“You are saying that they differ?”

“Well yes he did not want to harm anyone he is just an elephant in the room.”

“Well they are not work-shy?”

“They do nothing but work and work until perish the thought they might waste away.”

“Their nose to the grindstone you see they see nothing until all is anything but botched up hangover from too much over work.”

“Yes their ears too?”

“Yes the list can go on.”

“What else is happening I had to wait 45 minutes on the phone and had wet myself?”

“It was a bit of sweat.”

“This is when they are supposed to be working in caring for me.”

“This is while they all worked.”

“Yes the indignity of it all.”

“So what is their work?”

“Their work is when they make the patient comfy but the thing is my hand therapy over due and it is not getting better in fact it is getting worse.”

“These workaholics are doing all they can to make it worse for them to earn more money when they can cut my hands off in order to create more work for themselves. That way they can do the artificial limbs and repair the tendons and the nerves and all the therapy inclusive.”

“But you do have a point?”

“I am curious to see the use of what is the meaning of delaying everything to the last moment when the condition is mild then they make it extreme and take all credit for their deeds.”

“But that is awful?”

“The thing was you were given an option and you chose the wrong one.”

“Sorry I am also a dyslexic so made the wrong choice. Look it seemed so rosy to be begin with having the glamorous hospital then when I went to the neighbourhood realised there I had narrowly had been gang raped and murdered. I am also forgetful.”

“What on earth do you mean?”

“Gladiator comes to my aid.”!

“The thing is you are perfectly coming to your own aid what an idea saying that sort of thing happens and in England the very heart of civilisation.”

“It is a country almost like Dickens wrote about.”

“You are being tactful?”

“Look what on harm does that do I am curious.”

“It makes me feel a fool.”

“Loathe it to.”

“There is nothing the matter with waiting on the phone 45 minutes but then the incontinence of it all. What was the receptionist doing?”

“You were in a queue because you do not have a gladiator.”

“Do I need one?”

“To survive the system you sure do.”

“Well how does one get or appoint a gladiator?”

“Someone must care for you enough to volunteer then we pay them nominal sum of money and that makes them your servant.”

“Oh dear I don’t want a servant.”

“Then you are doomed.”

“To hold on indefinitely to this scheme of things when we are mostly educated in life now and need something better than Utopia.”

“I can’t I am a diabetic.”

This is partly my opinion it has nothing to do with anyone else’s and most people would think it controversial but the many things which we found out bears close resemblance to what is happening round the world to Britain the focal point the centre. I meant no harm of course so what did happen we do not know did not see anything at all so why are you not somewhere else have to inspect it further.

I who have nothing the matter with me but insights have taken a turn for the worse over the many tidings which did occur what in the world should a nation do who is lazy and good for anything?

There is nobody to pick the fruit of the trees but never mind we have invented a cure for cancer. You see it is all the snobbery in the world to pick trees is beneath them and they do not want foreigners coming to deal with that kind of thing might marry them and run off to somewhere shiny. That our ears have been sullied to such an extent by the likes of you?

I did nothing wrong.

What did I get a paltry nothing?

I am just giving everyone a background to glimpse this enchanting tale of mine it is Britain and there are all these deaths happening round the world especially in America with this disgruntled man who is sending parcels round and round because he might be a sacked actor and a sacked parcel man. I do not know if there is anything to do pizza hut as well but he might be sleeping rough due to no means of paying his dues.

Where is this In America?

But it is I think Texas and Florida or something there is not much to cause anyone alarms because he is in the receipt of some benefit and national insurance number and can be I.D. He was formerly in the armed forces and had to be dropped because he dyslexic. I meant no harm officer I cannot tell right from left and it matters because he not co ordinate but he deadly into good acting skills.

Now we had this in there and here and we had the forest fires in California and all that we know that there are Russian sympathisers in America and that there are some in Britain too but who is doing the brain work?

Oh worthy sir there is nothing the matter with saying that there is a brain more powerful in a woman than anything else and one who is closer to death and making the ploy of protecting her young child. He might had aged but to her he is her darling boy and he is now forced to be second in command because of her enjoyments of all this.

I am not certain how they plan to go on with this but the thing was to create a world war. It is very serious to do and it had to be gotten over with that made them look good and masked their fifty years of lacking in sentiment towards the poor.

Now I am not looking good but why not?

I love to say things decent things about the entire world but these are dangerous times with dangerous people which are what I would care to behave in accordance of what it is to be in a world I have come to fear dearly.

I know we shared the same man and we did all that but what about the other things which has happened?

It is shocking is it not when at school this teacher had said she did not like the thought that the empire had been lost due to their lacking the grip now they have trained the women to have such a grip that they are tentacles and will not let go.

I go out and people walk by looking on and on at this house as if a whore house as if the sin house with the gin. Come-come my dears it is not that bad is it?

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