The maid

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Chapter 19

That means we are the rich and indeed we are the rich and we can enjoy the foods as we are the rich the rich do not pay of course they do not pay is it a cafe or something why the rich are entitled freedom of the city. Look the bloody rich entitled freedom of the bloody city if anyone objects to this tell the government that they are not entitled to fuck the poor and enjoy splendid discounts and make the Harrods richer by the hour so what is it for? Freedom of the damned city and there is the dames and the Hans there goes my baby?

Look I did not shoot the bloody sheriff I just shot the bloody deputy.

What you know the present of the good Turkish republic had the sense to hide all he stole into his antique house with the pounds and the gold stashed under the floorboards. No he never. Well when the civil servants did not get their wages then he was found out, too bloody crooked and too damned smart.

His wife did have to leave the house she went to her son day and she went only an hour when she came back the house had been searched ransacked. The poor woman did not know what to do the son’s death had made her soft. Of course she denied it? Well she did indeed put a brave front and did not even tell her dead husband who was in the Turkish parliament sleeping on a seat so he could prove he spoke fluently in Turkish.

“I do not know what this means maybe nothing but someone is hacking you.”

“No me.”

They did not believe his Turkish that good indeed they sent all them bloody emigrant Turks with no feeling at all but money. They made the road rages and dead and all the cars shattering the peace and the silence of the country.

Now not under control even the policeman died and into paying wages like everyone else. Why the law paying for that persons wages he did not could not hold his head high. What they had worse things to look forward to. Whatever next they had to think as well you know them had it no good all. This time I am into thinking and getting to know that their own engineering degrees when it had been bought and paid for?

That had cost them £700 on the damn thing and now they are dismissed the subject not known they can’t do the jobs then out they go.

Well then they had to come out here to this England and make it hell for the likes of us as well.

“Someone called Abdul is hacking the hell out of this novel.”

The doctors are so good we have the chemist inordinately proudly serving us cough mixtures. Well to think we are made of money that we can spend it on such a folly why do you know a cough mixture can set you back a good twelve pounds. On the best of days that is not right. Look you buy one then someone else says that is useless. It is true that is useless then you get another one and your cough gets worse. Another and another until there are ten. Bottles on the shelf then go to someone who gives you something worth less than a quid.

His sons had to be rescued. One of them wants a council house on the waiting list the one on camera with the gun robbing a bank he used to be a policeman then became a bouncer for the clubs. He travelled round Cyprus getting protection or something.

But he should have stayed away from my school he should not have made me his schooling his solitude. He should not have made my life hell. There he should have been an uncle instead of something not healthy. Not nice he used to be an uncle but him into Hyde.

He would drive and drive again mum said when he wanted something he driven by the deeds of his fathers. His fathers the deeds which made that well he was proud of his family tradition of robbing the girls and making them prides.

He it is in the big manner of the richest of the clan. Why he must have been robbed blind not to seek me out like he had. A child what for not to have the things one has paid for? Why we paid for this we must have it.

This is our flesh well we into kebabs in a big way. Why the skewer needs flesh does it not? To make a better frying pan one needs the meat does not one? Stir and stir again until cooked tender. The fryer on the oven on adding the spices and the taste then we can get away.

He made it his business to keep in touch and keep it alive. His wife was helping him because they best that way. Why she made him his handkerchief and put it inside his coat pocket to make it sweeter.

She was ironed that way, he wore it like a buttonhole he looked strange as if a tin soldier on a biscuit tin going round and round in the masquerade of some dried up prune. The pride of hers and the will of him was hers. Their marriages and deaths were never disasters. They had it made the man hole that couples get into are never the shame of theirs why they are richer for it.

Why if he did not molest me what manner of an uncle was he? He would bring me land deeds he would steal everything from me. What manner of men why they into packs of pride and making it a joke.

Why then they can become the pack leaders. They all hunted me because me a girl with brain they all hunted me like me a slave. They all began to enjoy this as a manner of living of life which made upstarts like me cower behind doors and lock themselves in.

The world had seen better days but this is what made the uncles and some kind of pack was round holidaying round and round. Never letting it stop never letting go of this gift horse they into such enjoyments which made their wives better able to withstand the pains. They went through. The women in bikinis desperately good tempered like plucked chickens rallying behind the wedding rings which in a manner of speaking was their only clothes.

The good cousin did say you look like my own family even feel the eyes are the same but you know you foreign stranger it don’t feel as if you are the same kind as us as this country. You don’t smell like us nor think like us we do not matter as if you are us. Even if you were us you are not like us even stranger you are not even similar in height or even the way of behaviour.

“Then why send the bloody Denktash to our house?”

“Well we have nowhere else to send him.”

“Well why ever not because it does not matter does it?”

“My wife’s brother has only daughters he disliked. He got them all wedded them off so now into the young things.”

“Pimping that is all that you Turks do?”

“No not all of us some of us are lawyers too.”

“My mother was a maid and that is why I am mistreated?”

“Well if it is any use the lawyer who took £840 for two wills can sit on it.”

They were the disasters which made the Turks and indeed not to enjoy the poor is such a shame.

“This is probate and all that?”

“What is that about?”

The food shortages the food scarcity the food gone all gone the food now no more here in this house the workers must have the food. The workers the girl has this blood disease she had to have the feel good food what can I do? The workers must have the food. The food is all gone she is the burden, are we the beasts which should shoulder her when she has no future?

She has this blood disorders she will never mate, her children will not even survive infancy. Never be anything but that little thing. She is not here with us a drifting like driftwood into the woods. She is dreamer. This is wool gathering my dear never pay attention to anyone or anything in another world another century her centre different from ours and she will not pay anything but what comes naturally to her.

What kind of a mother would I be to my stronger healthier children if I do not feed them and let her be fed? I am a mother who lives to give to breed not disasters of fairyland but someone who means stolid respectable existing in here and now.

When she has no future when her future is death? The darling things want her away uneasy with that although they do adore her. I am giving it away to her. To live well is all I desire? You had your food darling you had your food it had been on your plate now go and play or go to bed.

“I can’t remember having eaten mummy my plate is empty where did the food get to?”

They smirk they smile their smiles tell me meanings of this and that I get the tea and sit in my corner listening to the hidden whirlpools of the disease in my head. The disease that is slow to kill but the common food shortages of their lives make me meanings most clear they do not want me at all then I will not stay me going to go to Nene where I belong.

Damnations the thing is faint clean away when on my wedding night. The good husband was coming to get what he had paid for signed away his soul for and cleaned out for. The bloody two rooms until so tired and evil. Doomed room had got away. I had fainted the other day and still had no shoes had walked with wet feet.

The tell tale heart the screams as he made to another flat the screams did not die just did not come again. The frightening things the frights me not taking this in my mind is going the man made to another room. He did not get too disappointed did he not even note the thing a boy and not a girl. Why my husband must know that sort of a thing. Facts of life a boy who does it with a boy not a sort of husband to have Oscar Wilde proved that.

Another door he made a mistake. He noticed that the other door too went there then went down the basement. That should be interesting?

Mummy adding daddy went to consummate their advice and me lonely and happy that they made it up. Why all good feelings me too I felt so good for the first time I had food because giving advice means giving food why that was the nicest thing. I sort of loved this feeling.

I thought what would he do if he met the boy and he and he could get it on? To me that is together and that is forever? What it would melt like butter. I so loved giving butterfly spells they would love and be together! Why it would mean happiness and employment for they were made for each other. They would be like apples and pears. This is bananas and milky away. Why they were so smart they had it made they would love to be together forever and congratulations groovy kind of love.

The boy got it not me? Yes the poor boy got the dick and I got a lot of advice about things to know about the wedding night. The man got not high but low he made such a mistake. I do not know what made him do such a thing. The lights were on that day made new and shiny and everything working properly too?

The boy had the wedding night and he quite happy but the relatives did not make it happy they disapproved totally. Why the boy a virgin the man with money what else do they want? They can adopt as well. The world is full of cows who do surrogacy for money well we are sorted.

The blows did come but somehow did give hurt not a child blowing those blows. He has a daddy he does. The fist fight the end of the blows then someone being thrown out. It is such a thing to have taken care of that sort of thing. Not in this respectable reputable household that sort of thing does not happen.

That is what gets too unromantic them into not doing that? Well it sort sorted itself, you know love happens like that. It is so romantic. Why it is the most romantic thing in the house. He got cars and this and that why he so into it. It is not? Why my daddy into it big time why he so decked out he does not? What is what they are all at the most things they do it all the time so what is the use of this pretence?

The little car was being driven by kid with the little head and a lot of concentration he went that way with his father minding how he goes.

Irritable irritability a father who rescued me and got inside then went mad would not shack with father did not make him smile. The daddy said I a fool for not doing or making him money. Look the other artists father all swimming in lolly. You not even bring me candy. Why what kind of a child does to his family when all the guys and dolls so hard at work? Look the other one divorcee got such a lot of money can go and buy the canaries. The other one has the Whitehouse the other one has the Dickens and Jones what did you get for me?


Look the hell is what makes a child think nothing about the incomes and the incoming things. If money goes out it has to come in. There is no two ways about this. Look the other day this man had nothing went to get an allotment on the way met this man and that who in his darling knew and now he is more famous than Jack Robinson.

Then I went to the pub had a wag or something the casino got intense met the Casino Royale we did a deal because the brother darling knew the male. Why the penis works much more costly you know my sons my sons. For all my sons my darling wives have got the beeline on other women we know most lesbians in Hollywood country and doing fine thank you.

Why the black mailing trade never had it so good? Why wives get all the parts with Oscars included. We get wed again and again because of this. Why we could go mailing them the orders they did not give? Not now we must strike when they feel rich when they feel poor they won’t bite.

Look what you studying at the moment? Law degree and accountancy what do I want with a lawyer when the firm I want now is unable to deal with anything because the person is not dead? Why you doing two things at once? Well I want to go on holiday with the holding. Well take a break. I want you to concentrate what to do and say to look so noble like a noble man and make them cry and make them shriek and make them damnations look the thing.

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