The maid

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Chapter 21

I still remember that night when we came from that trip rain and the traffic lights blue and the squeeze of the climate. Us in short sleeves and we so cold and hot and sticky we had a bath too of course as she said we smelt like pigs.

We got a burger in exchange with beans and eggs and some toast with chips we liked it very much as we had not eaten anything for nine days we were on the coach. Having been sold out by grandfather as he said it settled as the dogs on heat had to be mated with the likes of shit.

I suppose the smell of the chips was the answer to our question and this and that when the litter outside was too much the man of the house out wanting to ask if I want something

“Yes go away.”

“Why my dear how lovely to see you at it again”

“Yes Mr?”

“Never mind this is not the end this might be something someone calling for reasonable excuse to commit adultery and someone so incensed that it does not care about anyone else’s feelings can see nothing but the failure of it all the whole jumbled up clues is that the failure to see her point of view to see what she has to say and make amends when nobody but crooked thinking has maddened to such an extent that now everyone she has had contact with will be in danger of exposure and will have to face the sad truth of their behaviour”

I am running out of time.

I looked at him his wife not understand him why his moustache trembling with this I run out and about then he had to look into my steps as he run after me then the normal things happened then the normal of the wallpaper the cosy atmosphere.

The things which made me madder than all the holocausts of the mind were the fools who preyed on me. The brains of the beans this is the things which are the common colds which sneeze into the handkerchief of man and woman. Out of the manna into the bananas which go and get into the tin soldier’s playing forever this nuptials and nuptials the acts of reason or charity do not go unnoticed.

The parents are the maddest for letting them nearby but what good is that when we have to defend ourselves with the things that matter to them? So of course we make for the house and the homestead.

“You know that wall paper very expensive why it must have cost a lot of money and the effort you know the effort of keeping it clean you must have a cleaner?”

“We manage we have to?”

“Why you not have much money?”

“Well the house is very spot on the neighbourhood I see is quiet and very clean I like a quiet neighbourhood with the silent neighbours why they gone out or something?”

“Oh they are nearby?”

“Well they into discussions on what to do with the neighbourhood bins?”

“I see they have not been emptied.”

“Well there has been a strike.”

“You haven’t paid the council tax you know we have to.”

“Another close relative there to make us not pay”

“Why we do to.”

“Them on strike better living conditions that is what it is they have better houses.”

“Well they do around here,”

“Mummy do you think we are living beyond the poverty line do you think we are not behaving strangely when we do have things for the right entertainment and the whiskey bottle but not for the other stuff like books?”

“Books why should I pay for that sort of thing”

“Of course not we have just been away.”

It is all sensibly told.

“Yes we had an interesting time at the houses of our family why we must do that some day.”

“Well we are a bit tired at the moment.”

“We do not want to go again.”

“Yes they must say something they not interested in school.”

“Yes we are.”

“Well I daresay that is okay they got interests at present.”

“Look at them both at their books why it makes them such scholars.”

We admire the walls and the windows and we gloat at the plates why we will set the tables for the likes of you yet. I am caught day dreaming about plates and things why it is a happy smile on my face the smile of some sort of things for the future when I have a husband he would buy me such plates too. What daydreaming about plates? Oh yes what a thing it is to have such plates why it is such a good sort of gold they make such a good set on this dear table. Mum why the chairs just like what we always wanted for the house. Oh the tears to such a shattering thing why we have to get to work for this things why we are endlessly gratified what a nice house it is why Mrs Bates could not have made me so much intense.

“Who is this Mrs Bates?”

“Why she is in Jane Austen.”

“What in Jane Austen, My dear you did not say a thing about the thing.”

“Why that is sort of what?”

“Why my son was perfectly right she is a ...”

“What she can’t be.”

“I can’t stand someone in Austen?”

“Look the Minor is over there.”

“What he is?”

“What an idea.”

“Stoop to do this to us to me when you know what we did for you.”

“Poor woman has had a nervous breakdown.”

“We must visit you some day?”

“I am afraid not. We work of course.”

“We must come and admire your bath room I see you are having a toilet in there it needs it when you are in the bath having to discuss this and that it makes it easier to have two of everything toilets too.”

“Don’t you remember we nearly had a house with two bathrooms’?”

“Was there an extra toilet there too?”

If the AIDS did not matter as if we do not matter anymore but the fiends which tempt them as if we are the whores who have nothing but the whores to make the society clean.

The next morning bright and early I went tiptoed down the steps and mum and the lady were cooking very hostile with silence. Mum tried to do and the lady undid sheer hard work. Then mum went to do and the lady went away aside and did not want her nearby then the lady said.

“I always do not like oil on chips the customers love my chips”

“My customers always said they loved mine because I cut them less fine than that?”

“My customers have become accustomed to finer cuts.”

“You put them on the serviettes.”

“Then I place them on the other the oils soaks through we are aiming for better type of customers we are going up market.”

“Well I daresay they will have me there as I am looking young? I can read.”

“I do not think reading is necessary?”

“Why the menu would be in some kind of French and then English would it not?”

“Come B what do you think the menu?”

“In the French”

“Yes her French is not up to it.”

“Yes you better go and learn the language what a good idea.”

“We are going into the common market why it makes such good sense does not it?”

“Yes all them?”

“What a good thinking why the common market all them customers wanting it in their own language what a good course menu.”

“Write in French or whatever.”

“We must move when we are made.”

“Yes this neighbourhood too quiet?”

“Yes the West End more the thing.”

“Why mummy in society their noses are up in the airing cupboard.”

“You don’t have an airing cupboard.”

“Well should we have one made?”

Anyway they are serving their notice and then we went to the tribunal to get rid of the tenants when we made through the lack of hygiene and made off that they should be evicted in two weeks. When we can become alone and a family again we can try and talk to each other.

“Each to their own”

The translator did not come and he got paid for not translating. Traffic he said triumphantly. Then we had made a hash of it as daddy lost his temper because I did not ask him all the questions. But he got confused and answered and then he made a hash of it forgot what he wanted to ask and say. So we had to make do with me. Well it is not worth doing you will never be an interpreter of my thoughts he told me in a menacing manner.

“You will study law won’t you when you go to University??”

“Yes indeed Magistrate I will get to University don’t worry your worships.”

Damnations these stupid foreign muck the thing was mother did not work and dad did not work and I was without any qualifications so where on earth would I have landed up in some means must be taken to make it right and work but I did have a flair for the law but without money what an unkind thing to tell me to do?

The man thought I had surpassed him and he said we might as well settle, I did not ask for anything better and the judge asked how much time the tenants should have to find a new abode. Two weeks I said and they all agreed I was an amazing wonderful girl.

After the transports dad said always say what you mean to say it is not nice not doing what I asked you to do. But we would have lost if I had done what you asked me to do. He did indeed feel the heat their brows very hot indeed they did not make sense to me why they so nervy. They looked so amazingly like dashed and quite fat and broad shouldered what took them so long why it involved what? I am lost for the things I wanted my parents out of our room and then to have some sort of living quarters.

The things which I wanted were simple than.

They were dark and made their clothes very creased or somehow not the usual thing when they spoke they did not even blink they did not stir they did not talk but some kind of Turkish which made sense to me only because I knew the language. Their hostility was strange they were strangers here.

Suntanned and indeed as if different foods altogether their disrespect was such that when I spoke they were indeed surprised that I spoke such good English. Knew the ways round the tribunal and did not seem a stranger there. That my language not theirs their manners not quite right they were strange people stood apart. That they were people men and I a mere female and they were the once being beating around.

They tried to speak but they spoke roughly their broth such that they felt threatening. That they wanted to shout at me one even had to do such a thing? When he said, the translator said this making a snarl. “Let the men speak”

But what I did make more sense said the magistrates and they were so agreeable with it too. They just glared.

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