The maid

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Chapter 23

They did say the same voice and the same hissing sounds as the fish cooked as the skewered made the decimals of language is lost.

“Well it is a fact is it not?” The rough with the smooth with such a smooth, grouch she is so gauche, you know inexperienced. I am very inexperienced I am a professional at it. No experience whatsoever. It did not make sensible sense to be sensible. They were taking what she had to offer. There was no two ways about this.

“You know my dad when he was 35 years old said he was getting older now people of seventy making believe them still young?”

“We are getting younger? Our children we play football with and netting the goals.”

“That is because now we have open minds and do things much better.”

“Well it must be the medications.”

“Yes we are all medicated.”

“In fact you are all getting younger to such a degree?”

“We get them youthful injections.”

“Like the Steed in the New Avengers he did it too he got younger too?”

“He had not the right things.”

“You see I thought for some time he had lost his mind?”

“He was not the right sort. He was not that strong as we are.”

Why we are so fond of him. Why we paid for the fish he has eaten. What I am thinking of the daughters why the sons? He is very fondness itself for the dear boy what it will give great pleasure to make him multiplications tables and we can now skewer him as he intends to skewer us.”

He is our son all our sons. Her brother has a wife who slept with mother because they friends. But the thing was multiplying for him and he is besides me I think it a huge joke. I said his mother contentedly a good lesbian lassie who slept with my mother in the rain nothing unusual in that they had the blankets over them so they did not catch cold. No sleeping with a woman is not behaving in a lesbian manner my mother and I have been debating this for years now. I think we have reached an impasse. Very close as she tried to sleep with me on holidays and this alerted me to facts. Mother and I had not had a separate room in all our holidays together. Even when dad was alive we all had to live together in this spaced out way. When in the hotel she said dad snored so I had to share room with her. What on earth lesbian my dear.

“She tried to strangle me.”

“She pointed a knife at my back.”

“She did what?”

“She did that because I refused to say a word in praise and had my paintings photographed that day.”

“Sorry what made her jealous?”

“I got all the attention and she had to go to the large room and watch television all by herself.”

“I thought the 44 inch television would compensate for all the attention I was getting.”

“You took all the attentions from me and I am your mother.”

“I daresay I startled and stared.”

“Moron does not look at me as if you do not understand.”

“I did not but I was trying to.”

“So now I am thinking something is not quite right with mother.”

“Oh you only just noticed.”

“She seemed okay a moment ago. Very close it is here.”

Mother owns the money. She half owns the house she will have her revenge.

Did you see that she has evicted us for not paying rent so we must do the same with her? When she does not cook for us all of us we evict her too? What sort of fool does she think we are? Look went to her shop did not pay rent for a year now she is evicting us out of the cafe so we must do the same for the likes of her. When an eviction of the parents occurs the parents then evict their own children too?

Mother has a lot of friends with the mafia.


“Yes most of the family are you know.”

“No I do not know.”

“They are mafia.”



Well it was on this eviction thing on the television this lad had a drug disorder his mother evicted him out of the flat. Her flat she said her own after 18 months of being there in his own home when he had not paid any bills and did fat all?

The father does not deserve this. He deserves something better the woman had a difficult life why the son is not right nor is she why the evicting officer said families most difficult.

“He took a pet said it was his own shop he evicted from.”

“I can’t explain reason to a crook.”

“No they do not understand about the pros and cons of being in a rented establishment they think once in they own it.”

Why he so handsome and did not pay rent he had a girl some place where he went to why he paid nothing at all he had a job he did have work permit. He is with an English boy with his name on it. Why his mother too upset to come to find out how he did. He did a fine mess that is what he did.

But he did not become violent he did take his TV and he did not seem to take too much of being cross why he not very upset. He said his mother not deserving of the name at all. Why the mother said such a thing bought the flat for him. He did not pay the rent money. Why the son was bought a flat by the mother so that he could become well out of the drug habit. He did not pay because it is his ma. He got a girl friend. The mother most upset as he did not like to be okay but he had the flat okay. It was okay I mean not ransacked or anything and he okay with being evicted well sort of said his mother not the right kind of a name. But was it his mother or some old woman making out with him?

The son was the very youth apparent he into drugs before the rent and the mortgage not paid why the mother paid his insurance too. We can’t deal with life’s necessities. That makes me think it was not his mother after all but someone making believe that it is his ma. You know paying his insurance as well when a real mother would never do such a thing but want the man not the boy. But his mother paid off his insurance as well so there he is well sort of sorted.

The woman has had the most difficult life. Why her life spent mostly working and working why she did not deserve him. Why her son let her down? Her son sort of not the thing he something rotten; we are all rotting away because we do rotten things. Why he took everything inside his small van and he disappeared not violent. Families are most difficult where did the mother get her money and is the son not the heir? She said she wants now the payments owed to her. Well to ask a junkie to pay back money due is not the right sort of deal I mean most junkies doing not have any money at all.

Why would he have to pay her rent because he drugged or something or did he make the utilities more utility. He said he had debts because he had debts the flat could have gone. His big huge bill was 20,000 grand and his flat would have been repossessed so he had to pay it off.

He said his credit cards spent. Not the wisest thing people flog it at you adding to the vulnerable youths troubles.

My credit cards when not employed in this manner is a sin because the flat went then he has this bill to pay and that to pay and his ma could be not his ma. So what is he going to do and make of his life? The court had an idea he had to pay a set amount every week or else imprisonment so he takes a girl and sets her to work and she pays off the bills.

His mother said we will be okay and apparently flung the cards at him. How was he a teenager ready to figure them out? What a parents’ duty is to make the safe environment not bring the drugs and the credit cards and then make the final demands.

The shop evictee was very cross and said I was on the crossed out list. He snarls at me I smile as I drink his over dated orange drink. Now we are outside looking in. Why is everyone drugged out of their minds? I blame them youth drugs everyone of the clan too drugged out their minds to think right they must be all in rehab or something.

Are our parents children too do we have to have ourselves protected against them as they into everything we are into? We are the ones grown up. Then they have the deeds and they make the demands? What rights do we have as children when we are flung into the adult world?

“Nobody has come to work. He is taking photos our little Roger is.”

“These are most important when it comes to court.” He said laughing in his eyes.

I am so tired I do not argue but my rage gives me enough strength to continuously empty the shop of the tenant. His things are all around the place littering the whole shop. Roger seems to know the man and I think what a idea that he and them are connected somehow that Roger coming to our lives was the beginning of the end for us all as a unit, A family a good will he is still laughing at the whole thing thinks it is jokes and there is nothing but this young boyish glow of confidence in his whole attitude I am not even amused anymore there is not even a hint of anger in my whole attitude at all. Then Mum who has been guarding the door as this is her job and he taking the photos are all over. The last of the things in the van and the man phones the lawyer the lawyer says go now and it is over.

“Tenant evicted?”

“Yes evicted” Said the lawyer.

“We shall make him sorry.”

“He is sorry already I just paid over seven hundred pounds for this.”

“It does not come cheap what with one year he did not pay bills because the lawyer gave bad advice and then on top of that this huge bill. This is daylight robbery and still the bloody tenant is complaining.”

As he is still complaining I ask him if he wants to pay for the lawyer and he snarls.

Then I ask the lawyer why I need to pay for him as well why not the tenant?

“No you have to pay otherwise we might face opposite camps.”

The tenant smiling leaves.

I pay off the lawyer that week. There is this expectancy that I wouldn’t. I know better than not to pay a bloody lawyer you know.

When we do not cannot budget and make the credits card work? When they are all a game and fun and making the funny times. Parents are the ones who are the grown- ups not us? Teenagers we are not ready for the responsibility of the grown up world. So we get to play ball all the time wherever we go to our parents not our parents our playfellow. We are the playthings wherever we go? No escape the sexual acts. We are the sex. We are the sexual revolutionaries who believe no one left standing.

When all we need to do is grow and have our ownerships and our own living spaces. There is a price to pay for ownerships and living spaces because the prices is not as high as we had reasons to think that we thought the price war was rocketing that we did not need to think that we did not feel the narrow space narrowing down to a closet.? Places her into the broom cupboard where she remained my dear. That the fondness we expressed was misinterpreted? That the ma did not only put us in a hole and make us cook and slave all the time while she paraded her authority but she seemed to think this normal natural thing to do? That this was the make believe of the serfdom that is the new slave war. That the thinking is that it is the only way to do things.

“With all my chicks with me” She would hum.

I often saw a duck with her chicks behind her. I even began to ape the walk of a duck.

And this is bloody Britain.

This is within the society when the young ones are the ones to be defended not the aged not the grown up parent. Who needs advice from us when we have our own problems?

“Nobody left standing because we are all into the groove. Why baby how about it?”

“No need to worry about your age I blink when they shower me.”

“Not horizontal at all why we are not even vertical.”

“Where did he get to?”

“Night clubbing we are all night clubbing so jet lagged we can’t remember which house we came from.”

“No it was on the right?”

“Bloody make sure?”

“What about me?”

“If he is to be left behind”

“Who left me behind?”

“Then it must be the wrong daughter.”

“Was it the sister the mother or the auntie?”

“Who cares? We paid for the damned thing. Look Ruth in the Bible had the Sam now we are sort of into that if we pay we enjoy.”

“It must have been very dark for that man not to have noticed the wrong girl?”

“He was not used to be in bed the lights not on and him hasty?”

“So he made the poor Sarah pregnant?”

“Yes he lived to regret it?”

“I bet he did.”

“Such a mistake he made.”

“Well he had to work another seven years to wed the Ruth?”

“Why is that for?”

“I loved her.”

“I am demented with jealous rages.”

Is giving us the disease to become bankrupt and we are sort of thrown out and about the lives destroyed because the parents had a difficult life and now we are to blame for that too?

Did we ask to be born? Did we ask to be in that shop with them working it out and being drugged out of our lives so that we can compensate for the hardships we gave to them? What rights do we have when we pay and pay again so that their lives are less hard and we are the lives which are made with bills and credit cards and cash out of pockets?

Eviction notices, the door is closed the evicted is out and the boyhood is gone and the only person who cares is the woman who now has the house. We share what if that was broken too? Why he is nowhere without a home without a baseline. Where did the women go when the mother is not there when the children are growing when it is always her and her? When the mother is not there when the woman is always sex?

When to be housed means to be sex? When to be re-homed it is always sex when the boy or the girl to be in a house is to be sexual activities? When to be at home not doing but being in that home means not doing so being evicted? Is this the right thing did we make it right for the dear woman who had it bad? Who had this bad life that did not have the right parents herself who got nothing for her troubles?

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