The maid

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Chapter 2

I am not anti British in fact I was more British than most people did not believe that they could behave with anything but proper respect to all the conventions and such in a manner of speaking but their double dealing has left me in some doubt as to the whole show they are performing.

Why did they do it?

Simple they have a set of values which they want the world to adopt and they wish to be empire once again. The first value is their new creed gay rights. Second value is their anti poverty thing and how to steal from the poor in order to enrich the rich. The third is their acts of violence towards the rest of the world because they want things which they are no longer willing to work for. It had begun in the Elizabethan 1 era and has continued with the pirates and such being in the government and then the princess herself from the tower.

The thing is it bears resemblance to what is happening today we have no idea we have similar things happening all round us and why? Because we are humble able to suggest not ours and so willing them to die. The little things do not bear thinking about.

I thought I would calm the world down a bit about the woman with the suitcase travelling from Moscow and going through customs with the deadly gas and all that not being observed at the customs. I mean come on the customs have nothing to declare what they are always looking for deadly chemicals what had happened? The custom officials did not know about the chemicals inside the suitcase they had no reason to believe anything of contamination had occurred well it is very reasonable that and why did not they suss out such a raw deal when it comes to me they are always suspicious and mummy only has to walk through the barrier and the barrier is bleeping like mad.

After they eat at the restaurant they take a walk and the chemicals are released? Well you see I think it was a suicide pact or something but they do not know or even want to know. Why was it a suicide pact well you see they walking arm in arm they had the good meal they went to the cemetery and there was nothing else they had to live for? Make believe or what?

Anything to declare what is there to declare but the enormous things which happen to this world when we all have crammed in into this tight circle and have everything to fear when politicians are being arrested when we live in such a dynamite world that the slightest things can spark the world into flames and then we will have nothing to moan or talk about there won’t be communications there won’t be many people and we will have this enormous gap.

When we live and behave as if the world is our oyster with the oyster the real pearls in our purse what does reason have to do with it but to help oneself to all the helpings? One these days may not become obese and all that is frowned upon so the only thing one can do is exercise poor judgement and work hard for very little and behave as if the world is the end of us and that we are living as the last kings of the world.

A man may not speak at all you all are retards it is the women now who have the right to be provocative and ill tempered a man must be at all times behaving according like a gentleman otherwise he is found out to be a nerd and you do not want that do you?

All men are nerds?

No beneath their red ties there is nothing nerds like about them most of them have school children who they did not see for some time and there is nothing the matter with that as they can’t remember if they are at school at home or what.

Some men are luckier?

Of course their wives take the children not his and they can take the Oscars too at the same time. Sorry there is a bad temper inside me because the reason is I am not feeling at all nice when in this sleet and snow I have to cart round forty top soils which are 25 litres it is making me very nervous. As I have weak hands and all but that is perfect is it not the perfect accident the perfection of having a human mother who thinks that I do not deserve anything but she does.

Look there is nothing of interest in this world is there? We all want to die so we are gambling with our world in order to head along there in the right direction at top speed.

The lovable things in this world are that bad things happen that bad deeds do get done and who knows about them the victim and when is there the victim after it has been done the affray had been and done and the forensics come along to inspect the whole crime scene.

Back to the woman with the suitcase and her father they had their meal they had the good chats and then they were in a coma. I think about it this endlessly thing this endless game which he is a former spy and the families of defectors are not treated well in Russia they are not treated well anywhere. So why can it be a suicide pact?

Then at the right restaurant the deadly chemical is released. Did they like the food and the good wine maybe she did and that was it maybe her father having the good times and her family all now deceased mattered more to her than him and her sharing their moments together. They had been to the graveyard they wept with flowers.

Does it make it murder and suicide?

I have no idea but the little ones are having such a time shouting at each other and time is becoming a bit short. They said at the foreign office they had evicted each other out of their premises and said nothing would make it right ever again.

To make matters worse they did not only say the harshest of words but they meant it. But the thing was where did she get the poison gas from? Maybe she had contacts in Britain because there have been other ex spies who came in from the cold having the beastly flu.

You see the suicidal girl had suffered at their hands and it might be that. So it is being beastly but in the right way who she works for?

I have no idea. She can be working for the queen or something or a nasty foreign power who wants to sell something. We do not know.

Dad you left me when you migrated or changed sides and my mother and brother died and that means me had the rapes or something back in the home of Moscow.

The thing is when a spy doe’s change sides what happens to them back home? That is a thought for today what did happen well there was a explosion of some sort the daughter went and hugged her dear father and said how did you do what a wonderful father you are we can see them walking arm in arm.

Yes and that is why it gets complicated I mean was it very nice for a daughter not to share the information she mad as hell about something but the poison was found in her luggage and the customs says anything to declare and they look at your face for lies and tell-tell traces of something.

Shops are closing in Britain so maybe they are all thinking if we went to war we can have a cut price and make a billion.

Well you see everyone wants a war and that means what?

I am not saying that the things are there maybe not as brutal as I see them but why it is a cause and an effect.

What matters in this world is happiness and laughter and looking after the old and infirm making certain the children are comfortably situated making the love we all must have. In a life time we pack so much we endear ourselves to many we make do with not much let us hope there is not another war about to happen let us hope the chess game plays evenly and well. That they all get what matters to them that we all cool down a shade or two.

Inside that lasts’ a lifetime it does not have many changes and the chance encounters which change lives and bring disruptions and chaos with it. To love changes our attitude makes us better or bitter and there is nothing called love about certain people who do it with the aim of being pleasing to everyone. We do like to shag everyone not me I am formerly not in that way but to shag is good of course but not everyone. Because love is not water distilled to last that long so if love dies just let it go.

So when a woman comes to Britain with a deadly poison through customs and nothing to declare but her animosity towards her father who having defected had the off chance killed her brother and mother we must be open minded about it all? Of course my dear let us go and hold and shake hands on it like we are in love.

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