The maid

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Chapter 3

They were seen moments before the catastrophe doing just that holding each others’ hands and everyone thought them so happy. My they looked so happy. Were they of course because they just went to the families graves and had a moment to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Of course going to the graveyard of a loved one brings on the hunger of one. I mean it makes one so hungry it sets the pulses racing to the first course second course and the Cous- Cous.

So they killed each other or something well she had the suitcase did not her? What matters is that a thinking head like ours must come and use their grey ceils and make up for thought and attention to detail. It is nothing to do with us if we all get murdered in our beds is it? Well if there is a war on there might be more killed and that matters of course we die nearly every day don’t we?

It does happen to England the man in the night club driving into the club when he refused entry is just one example it happens all the time now.

People are getting so aggressive are not they?

A woman beating another woman on the bus and getting bailed is one example.

Is it not a serious crime?

So this is the not the story this is a short outline of what is happiness in England now and in case it continues to snow we might have the winter bills topped up again. The snow and sleet and the waiting lorries to make the traffic go smoothly when we know the snow is nearly over but we had a good weather reporter discussing at some length her honeymoon and her having in march the snow so there it did happen before.

Then we can go to Italy and have a nice time with scenic views and buy a house with plots of land for under a £160,000 now the option would we do well in Italy if you are a furniture seller you can opt out and go to the market and sell your wares and everyone is cheerful there and happy with the patisserie thrown in what a delight that is.

Apparently the man who does the cakes is so versatile everyone just goes there to eat his cakes is not that a thriving community?

Well enough nonsense it is not good to be so emotional about cakes and as everyone wants to get away from it all the romance of it is that we do not care where we blow our money as long as we have a good time.

On the scale I should judge myself and B said you should wear just trousers one type of trousers because you are always involved with one man. They came every week to reinforce this by this it meant just that they came to tell me how well their lives were how smart they are and what an imbecile I was.

“What an imbecile you are.”

My body a tenant and the landlord had placed me under section to make community work good. But who and what these speeches were did not count for nothing they and we smiled altogether. Smile you looking cute and good sis. So sis is okay she should be taking all the calories and doing all the work it is appetising just to see you sis. It is well earned rest you need take mum and dad on their wheels on holiday take your mind off things. Wheeling round fourteen and fifteen stone pair a holiday nice work sis how you manage always to bring them back in one piece I do it myself if there were not many responsibilities on my time and shoulders. Lord gives and lord takes the pressure as well.

These are my siblings.

But do you know how hard it was?

Well the good Turkish male chauvinist land lords if a woman has an opinion difficult even revolutionary they come down and give one the elbow and try to make blend and bend you to their will. Who figure out when in their flats that the bottom is up for grabs? I know who you are yes you are who you are. We know this is family we know who we are decent honest hard working persons who do occasionally shit on our wives. Look when a wife shits away from the house these Turkish wits have the wittiest attitudes until their pricks are so aroused they do not have the decency they born with. Itching and scratching all the time until the whole family falls down. Abdul my dear friend come and sit down we need you to see how the pricks do.

So Abdul rest his soul gives nothing away but sits and discusses religion while he is smoking hash green and whiskey. Mixture can kick his arse in as he is a bus driver or something. So many collisions in Britain maybe all the bus drivers are on it too? Look you can all murder each other on the buses and the bus driver does not care at all so they must be on something.

No it was most definitely not did not see anything while the two women were murdering each other we did not see and the passengers thought a good domestic brawl.

Maybe it was should a domestic brawl end in a death?

It is not our job to maintain peace on the buses.

There it is that is why every member of the public must be at risk of dying on the buses if there is a fight. A woman had said in London everyone bisexual a man touching another man good and if you do not like it you must walk. I did not want to walk so did not even reply.

So if you are not gay in Britain you must walk that is what the woman shouted because the man in the back seat was being touched by another man and said England is not nice this other woman came out with her three kids and said it is that we must have that sort of thing. A child her child began to scream out crying why? Well it was upsetting.

So the woman said to hit the man and then another man begins to touch the child.

So sorry what does that have to do with the world and the woman in the suitcase? Well beware there is not enough happening round the television but if you go on them buses with the drivers semi in a coma there is a lot going on. And I mean a lot going on.

“What on earth are you saying?”

“I am saying that there is nothing in Britain that is democratic.”

That it is an autocratic nation and bent to the double. Not bent as in the weighty decisions but like robberies and theft and all that. Mind now some are honest too this woman was robbed and she still gives to the world which is good news.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“It is how we deal with life that makes us unique in Britain.”

“Think in a positive manner and all of Britain will come out with glee to greet you.”

“Let there be greetings after the rains.”

“I leave greetings to you brother too.”

“What she screaming about no dignity at all. You-you are fired.”

“I cannot stand such behaviour there is no dignity at all.”

“No humour and no human can stand it.”

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