The maid

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Chapter 22

Mother was saying to us all as if she was the centre of motherly love adding to our worshipful stance.

We were behaving as good children and she did well to speak about how good we were. I was in my late twenties and this made me smile.

“With all my chicks with me” She would hum.

I often saw a duck with her chicks behind her. I even began to ape the walk of a duck.

And this is bloody Britain.

This is within the society when the young ones are the ones to be defended not the aged not the grown up parent. Who needs advice from us when we have our own problems?

“Nobody left standing because we are all into the groove. Why baby how about it?”

“No need to worry about your age I blink when they shower me.”

“Not horizontal at all why we are not even vertical.”

“Where did he get to?”

“Night clubbing we are all night clubbing so jet lagged we can’t remember which house we came from.”

“No it was on the right?”

“Bloody make sure?”

“What about me?”

“If he is to be left behind”

“Who left me behind?”

“Then it must be the wrong daughter.”

“Was it the sister the mother or the auntie?”

“Who cares? We paid for the damned thing. Look Ruth in the Bible had the Sam now we are sort of into that if we pay we enjoy.”

“It must have been very dark for that man not to have noticed the wrong girl?”

“He was not used to be in bed the lights not on and him hasty?”

“So he made the poor Sarah pregnant?”

“Yes he lived to regret it?”

“I bet he did.”

“Such a mistake he made.”

“Why is that for?”

“I loved her.”

“I am demented with jealous rages.”


“Yes again.” There is a circle asking when my balance of mind might resume so that they can feed and add to my sex life.

“Damn difficult life she had we all made the same mistakes why we had sort of difficult world to be within.”

That they cannot touch a mad woman because it was a sin.

“If a woman is mad it is not right especially if she a virgin.”

“Well that is according to you what should we do with her then?”

We all like to think she has the difficulties why she into being such difficult world we are making the nods and the dismays why it is sure to be difficult the sons and daughters can’t pay the rent money. So we throw them out. They all say and shrug eat their food. They are not making it pay so we can sow with the piglets and make the happy-happy hour. Their credit cards too low..”

“Beasts.” I want to shout.

“If that does not work have a long court case and make everyone of our friends come outside and shake their heads?”

“Then the whole of the world can come for the stoning.”

“Yes then we can make a better holiday and then get Christmas gifts for everyone.”

“Wrapped in a blue ribbon?”

“Any kind would do?”

“Better the red then?”

“Such a handsome family do”

“My mother began eating shit when two.”

“Well she did not have anything else to eat?”

“Well she is now addicted to it.”

“Mother always is surprised that she has to pay for the normal things like electricity and gas and the water leaves her baffled.”

“That is the reason why she is disabled?”

“No that is why she is a crook.”

“Come we will hold hands.”

I was a bit shocked actually a bit queasy and could not eat the cake left I bought the wrappers and did not even make a try for the little other cakes. I felt for the first time thoughtful.

We were so out of this. I made it my business to take care of the things.

“She looks so ..”

“But we can’t be sentimental.”

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