The maid

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Chapter 4

Well the thing was the dignity of our situation we are flooded by our negativity that is why we do yoga and make sensible remarks after our daily grind to the work horses. Even at work we do the gym and all that in order to get the maximum amount of helping from the said people and they do not said. Sadly all of you sad people are unable to do justice to you and yourselves because you are into this lottery who will survive and who will die and what makes you all better than most is that you all need a gladiator or to become one. So the survival of this nation of the sick and the infirm is to have a gladiator so that they can protect each other.

“I daresay hear-hear.”

“It is in parliament that we must see the real workers.”

“All working diligently to become the most ill person in the work house look we are now in this huge work house the little thing is when we have basic minimum wage there is evidence that we do nothing but spend it on fripperies.”

“Not one unemployed amongst them.”

“Being sick is a full time occupation.” Someone with more wisdom teeth said that but my mother said I did not have enough teeth to chew her up.

“Some like to even work in their sleep.”

“God is my witness only nodded off for a wink and a cat nap.”

“You should be my judge.”

“The judge did not nod off as well?”

“It is a domestic situation brought all out of proportion.”

“He should be retiring.”

“In a retirement home him?”

That they did try to destroy me with love and cabbage dust adding to my sadness but the boy I used to know the baby that was known to me has since now become this strong stranger out to malicious wound and harm the lot of me.

“He so like my own son now this creep.”

“This is beyond us. Get into my cab” said the driver next thing he is proposing the things nasty things. Drove him mad he said almost with desires. Beyond me how men think that if you drive in their cab that they are there for you. Paid him as well what in the heaven and reputable cab company too been with them for years. He is alas not in that way he thought driving in his car meant get into my car. Well is it not that we have this insane world to live in and he a certified badge holder.

“Women are seen as meat or meal tickets in Turkish genetic makeup.”

“The women have to work and the men should be situated in the cafe making sweet talk last the whole coffee morning.”

“We all have our problems you see.”

My boy said he now into being a creep because he is now a disappointed man and he has to work all the hours which God has to send. See you have some money means and you do not love me enough to give me anything at all.

If there is a weak vulnerable male they come in groups trying it on. Until the man has nothing at all they speed walk they talk through they mate with you and their own wives and then they come until your mother gives them the deeds to the house the lands and everything she owns.

It is beyond writing about as them into all sorts of computing errors as soon as you write that they make the meals which do not deserve them. The vileness of having the penis out and then making it not a good idea to write about the things a little boy does when his penis is to be circumcised. It made me into a bad woman to be telling these things to this and that well poke my arse if I come upon you all in this not lady like way but when is somebody going to speak the truth and not the political correct ways of meaning? Mincing? Damn if a woman must say something than let her speak the honest truth. No one is safe otherwise.

Into the good things which a woman is supposed to have as clean and good to take into her bosom buddies. Possums then when he shoots down dead ten people especially his nanny as he hid the gun which he fired because he thought his pain would go away.

According to the relaxed dudes this is much work over nothing.

In Turkey we have them in the mountains screwing the wives and mothers of the true nation. But that means nobody noticed them before? Well we did but we thought they came from the war zones. They speak differently from us and this meant did not, could not understand what they said. When they took our wives and girls we thought of complaining but we figured differently when they went for our favourites as well.

I think most of them in the mountains are Russians who can’t take women as wives and have immigrated to the mountains and have settled into behaving in such a manner so that they can multiple as Turks they had been Cossacks I think I saw it in one of them shows in the seventies so it could be that. The Cossacks were always adventurous because Russian wives are not nice now. They are almost impossible as the English as such.

They might be sirens sexy and clever but not human they will not bear children and submit to being manhandled by their husbands when they can bring home the bacon and not be stripped of their privileges and such. A woman in Russia has a better chance of owning a flat than a man has.

That gives her privileges. A privileged position is a must in this world.

Landlords in many different countries have different methods to their land lording. Most tenants have to do what they are told to do so otherwise is total folly. Tenants are people who cannot afford to buy themselves a home but can afford the rent.

In London we go to the psychiatrist in order to stay within the confines of homes otherwise we will be homeless nowhere to go. Not when the children are trapped like we were. If stupid or in the imbecile class them aristocratic took to tutoring you and torturing you. It is worse case scenario in the backward class than hopeless and now I am being in this idiotic situation where my condition is one of behaving well all the time not even a punch up when there is the whole lot of them torturing me tormenting me and not leaving me alone for a space of a moment but what do I do I grin bravely and take it.

The boy a lad he deserves better treatment than well so do we all but we can’t afford that kind of a lad. So he shot down dead ten people then we all got into it and then we went berserk and fucked the entire civilisation. Yanked hacked off well whatever next?

We bought Oxford to make good gentleman who row and incline towards making better competitors of the rich as they wear out their welcomes and make the disease which is the permanent slaves of us all.

So we do not incline to criticise of the Gods of such mean behaviours no deal because they are feeding the nation with something else like what bile the sickness which was the Sultanate which we left behind but now found to our distaste in our landed gentry which we must bake and take as the good breads which we ate until the stuffing fell from the disgrace. The queues of make amends which we must do in order to make the good landed things the deeds which we fought to get and now we are labouring with them as the things which we had known and loved but now the new disease the disease the things which helped now the cursed.

That nobody can criticise these monsters which wear out their hides in hiding behind the traditions which now make them noble and makes meaning of meaning without meaning. They are outside inside and there making lawyers accountants buying out the world in the shamed behaviours which made the globally inane as the boss he is now known as we can’t argue with the boss he pays us he is the boss we can’t say anything difficult or different. He is the boss the new master. The boss who pays we can’t say a word different as he pays our wage.

So if the boss says go and get rid of all the new accounts and the old merge it together. Well he is the boss who I’M I to do any other thing. His word pays my meal his word pays for the mortgages and his word buys me holidays. He is the boss he is what matters to me to my family to the education of my siblings to the welfare of my goods. To the goods which we make which we matter in the group the family the word of the boss is the rule.

“Everything I say goes” She said.

“Why would I argue with the meal ticket the meal inside my mouth for?”

“What reasoning what intelligence why would I disagree with someone who pays me?”

“He is good on credits and discounts and he makes me wealthy by increasing the pensions the options to buy shares and makes me into the man I am able to support the status I am in.”

“Why nobody will or can talk to someone who has no car no house and without the right barbecue set.”

“Pay us and we will do anything do not pay and we screw the ones we are paid to screw.”

“We are the people who want to pay respect to the boss. He pays we make the deals for the boss he now has the pay check. He now has my total loyalty card. We make the deals we do the business nothing else matters but what he says because he helps me pay the bills.

“We are the champions of the world our sports are the best.”

“The blind leading the blind is the best sport we do.”

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