The Illusion of Freedom

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Look around at the world we live in. Isn't there something wrong? Don't you feel powerless to make a positive change? Don't the problems of the world feel so big, so overwhelming, that you feel defeated? Like you can't possibly make a difference? So you don't even start? What if I told you, you could change that? What if I said that the interests and influence of a select few groups have purposely orchestrated society, to make you feel that way? What if I told you, your own freedom is an illusion, and that the current monetary system is designed to enslave you for the benefit of others, while simultaneously convincing you that you aren't enslaved? If that rings true to you, even a little bit, you should read this book. It has been transcribed from an audio recording of the author, in free flow form of consciousness, expressing his theories on this society and been made available as widely and cheaply as possible, so that all people can decide for themselves if they feel the same way, and if so, change the world that we live in.

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Mike Gagnon
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Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the beginning of a recording that I never thought I would make, so follow with me as I get through it with as few distractions as possible.

First of all, I’m not going to say things like “this is going to blow your mind” or any other cliched fucking saying, because it’s cliched and because I’m not going to use any fucking quips or embellishments or flourishes to try and make me sound fucking smarter than I am or to make me sound important and smarter than you. I’m not. So understand please that all the information included here is not me telling you, “oh I’m a fucking genius so I figured this out.”

The crux of this message is that if you hear this or you read it I ask only I ask only that you be honest with yourself.

Talk to yourself and tell yourself how you really feel about everything, not just the words that you’re listening to or reading, but ask yourself “why am I doing the things that I am doing in my life?“.

Why are you worried about the opinions of people that you either don’t know, or never see. When it really comes down to that, look at the world we live in. Look at the real world without any moral brainwashing one way or the other, to try and “turn a frown upside down” or “put on a happy face”. Really just look at the world, look at the society we live in. Do you think it’s OK? Do you agree with it? Honestly, can you look at the world we live in and not say that there’s something wrong? There’s something wrong, even if you can’t put your finger on it even if you don’t know what it is and how to verbalize it.

We compromise ourselves so much. We compromise ourselves mostly for money or for excuses that we use to justify our mission for money.

Think about it. Why do you have to give up your morals and ethics? Why do you have to compromise yourself? Why do you have to make yourself a slave to the person paying your wage? Even if you hate your job just to help and take care of your family? Aren’t we supposed to be smarter than that? Aren’t we supposed to be the smartest animals on Earth? We’ve been around for, you know, thousands and thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years and we haven’t figured out a better system yet? we haven’t figured out how to take care of ourselves, without working jobs we hate and feeling like willing slaves? If anything we’ve moved in the opposite direction.

We’ve moved in the opposite direction. When I see that I mean: shouldn’t we have figured out how to take care of ourselves and our families and loved ones by now with having to make ourselves a wage slave?

Shouldn’t we have figured out how to be self-reliant and be in business to work together?

The society we live in, if anything is pulling us further apart. Wouldn’t the fact that we’re supposed to be programmed for survival mean that we would have figured out that the more we work together the larger our team of allies are, the better for everyone?

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