Beamed down myself

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a short story about when our cavemen got hit with the spirited world and enhanced by an object as a communication device

Julian Mahikan
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Chapter 1

In the dusk, I beamed down by falling straight from the sky inside the streak of heaven down to an ancestor campfire. A vivacious sparkle grows to the ground level. The drawer of the cavern contemplated the apparition through the flame mixing up with ochre quietly.

In the daylight, I grabbed him for a flight across the valley and the great ape was jolted. The primate wore a protecting visor and his tongue stuck out like Pluto in the ravishing wind.

After the flight, he probed its skull with his apparatus in the deep of a cavern with artificial light prepping at the great ape. The grim of the affair was colorfully done. The enchanting light kept the ape quietly drawing and sounding at the curve of the canvass inside the cavern-- staring over and over at the shape of the stone remembering--as if he hasn’t been contacted yet. The first special effect occurred. The recording of the first primitive encountered abduction or for a joyride was engraved in the stone. Please, give me more details a 20, 000 years ahead.

My property.

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