Blood Descent

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Chapter Twenty-five

The moment I did, pain exploded in my side. I looked down in time to see claws aiming for me. “Fuck me,” I gasped, driving the blade I was still holding into the demon’s hand the same time as those claws dug into my side again and shredded me. Screaming, I turned and unsheathed a halogen blade. The demon hissed, and I had time to realize that this wasn’t your ordinary imp I was fighting, but a god damn vortex for a head, body made up of flames, wind, lightning, and oh-my-god-I-was-going-to-fucking-die kind of demon before it launched itself at me. Yeah… my blades were useless. As I launched myself into the air, I sheathed my blades, and for the first time, I reached deep inside myself and prayed I didn’t blow up the state of California as I let loose. The demon and I winced as thunder sounded overhead. Not what I wanted, I thought as my hands glowed blue. I just wanted ice for fuck sake. Icicles formed in my hands, but along with that came the rain. Hissing sounds came from the demon, and I realized that it was laughing at me. Wasting no time, I threw my icicles at it, and it screamed. It sounded more like a very loud crackling hiss than a scream. A fireball came at me, and I wasn’t fast enough to dodge it entirely. I screamed as it slammed into me, sending me spinning and crashing to the ground. I pelted it with ice bolts as I screamed my lungs out as it continue to throw fireballs at me along with lightning. Wind rose up and out of me, and the demon snarled as the gale forced wind blasted it back. Too bad it didn’t knock its ass to the ground. In pain and enraged, I got to my feet and hit it with both ice and wind. The rain didn’t do jack-shit in dimming the flames. Fuck you mother nature, I snarled. Fuck you in the ass so hard I hope you fucking choke on it. Lightning struck the ground, and the shockwave of it deafened me and screwed up my balance. A rope of crackling white light shot from the demon, and I shrieked as it struck me, slashing into me. I convulsed, unable to make a sound as the painful currents of electricity coursed through me. I somehow rolled out of the way as the fiery demon brought his foot down on where my head was a split second ago. As the convulsion slowly fade, I let out a snarl. Getting to my feet, I slammed into the demon, screaming as it burned me and from a little relief that it was solid… mostly solid anyways. My right hand glowed blue, and I punched it hard in its stomach. My hand went all the way through as it screamed. Pulling my arm out, I jumped back, almost falling on my ass as the overwhelming, blinding, agonizing, white hot pain consumed every inch of me. I sent another blast of wind its way, and it stumbled briefly before regaining its balance. It was just my fucking luck that I just had to stumble upon a fucking demon that could kill me. Unsheathing my halogen blade, I met the demon halfway and stabbed it. It let out another scream, but of course, it didn’t vaporize like I really wanted it to. Then again, I didn’t stab it in the heart. Matter of a fact, I had no idea where I had stabbed the fucker. Claws dug into my elbow, and I continued to scream as it clawed open my forearm. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up the fucking dead halfway around the god damn motherfucking world. Cursing, gasping, wheezing, screaming and shrieking, whether out loud or inside my head, I punched and kicked the living shit out of it, no longer feeling the fact that I was burning… or giving a fucking shit as I went all out. At least it was screaming in pain along with me as we went hand-to-hand-fuck-the-elements-smack-down mode. The beast within me wanted out so bad it wasn’t even funny. Another crackling white light flared, and I once again couldn’t make a sound as the demon punched my convulsing ass through the air, and I smacked into something solid. The smell of chard flesh and fresh spilled blood were thick and heavy in the air as I continued to convulse on the ground. The demon paused, and when I didn’t get back up to attack it, it came over and knelt beside me. It lowered that vortex-like face down to mine and seemed to inhale. The little ounce of energy I had slowly drained from me, and in the back of my blood-deprived, pain-clouded fog of a mind, I knew that the son of a motherfucking piss ass bitch of a demon fuck was draining me of my remaining energy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I silently screamed as my beast rose eagerly to the surface. This time, I couldn’t do shit to hold her back. A vortex opened up behind the demon, and the fucking bastard cackled, waving to me as it disappeared. I hoped for unconsciousness to take me over, but it eluded me as I remained on the ground. The beast slowly clawed her way out, and I silently let out a bloodcurdling shriek of rage. Where there was no answer before, this time, the sound of Tristan’s enraged scream filled my head. During the battle, I hadn’t realized then that I had been blocked. I had no idea if it was on my part or the demon’s. Taking her sweet ass time, my beast roared to life, and I took a backseat while she took over. It was… strange, because I shouldn’t have been aware, but the bitch thought it would be funny if I didn’t slip into the dark hole I so desperately wanted to crawl into. I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry like a fucking baby. Everything fucking hurt, and it was going to continue to hurt for who knew how long. The ground shook underneath me, and then I was surrounded by vampires. Tristan appeared beside me with Jailyn holding onto him, because well… it was either that or falling on his ass. Gasps filled my ears along with the roar that seemed to grow louder by the second.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit,” Sarisa gasped. “Uh,” she squeaked. Jailyn froze as she stared at me, Tristan hyperventilating in her arms. With a feral snarl, he cut off the connection between us and doubled over, gasping. After a moment, he straightened and pulled away from Jailyn. Sarisa’s pale hand came into my line of vision and hovered, as if afraid to touch me. Tristan finally looked at me, and he went very, very still. His nostrils flared, and then his hand shot out, sending Sarisa flying as I bolted upright and snapped my fangs at what would have been her hand. Instead, I got hold of his arm, and he let out a strangled sound as I bit down hard. Inside, I screamed as pain redoubled at my sudden movement. My world went black, and sadly, it wasn’t the blackness I wanted. I jerked my fangs out of Tristan’s arm, and not of my own volition, I somehow was upright and launching myself at Sarisa. “In the bathtub!” she shouted as Sergei was suddenly there. He cursed, and then let out a stream of profanities as I all but ripped into him, knocking him to the floor. “In the bathtub!” Sarisa repeated. I screamed as my fangs withdrew from his neck. Unable to move, I shrieked as Tristan lifted me off of Sergei and settled me into the tub. “Freya!” Sarisa shrieked, so loud my ears bled even more than they already were. A second later, Freya was beside Tristan, and she all but stared at me, her eyes going solid white. Tristan fired something at her in rapid Swedish, and she slowly nodded. Her eyes stared into mine, and she took in a deep, deep breath.

“Ari,” she said, both out loud and into my mind. “I am going to put you to sleep.” She rested a hand on my cheek that I could not feel and dropped onto her ass. “You will not feel or be aware of anything that happens from here on out.” She leaned in, and her eyes were as cold as the Arctic Ocean. “Are you going to bite me, if Tristan releases you?” she asked softly. Fuck yes I will, I shrieked. I’m fucking hungry for god fucking damn sake! “Okay,” she said slowly and sat back with a huff. “You can compel her to sleep,” she said to the room at large. She paused as silent conversation went on between them. “Very well, but you must hold her.” Tristan let out a low growl filled with promises of death as he got into the tub and took me into his arms, hissing as demon blood burned him. Like a rubber band snapping, I was suddenly struggling in earnest against him. Tristan grunted, cursing, as I probably broke several something inside him. Freya took hold of my chin, and her hand locked my head in place as I slowly died inside from pain. The scent of magic rose in the air, and though Freya did not speak; a few seconds of intense staring contest later, my vision blurred, then darkened as the pull of unconsciousness slowly but surely dragged me into blissful oblivion.


Waking up was slow and painful as fuck. The first thing that registered was the overwhelming stink of sulfur. The second thing was the fact that I was in an awkward heap on a hard floor, my cheek sticking to the shit like it was glue as I lifted my head, only to let it fall back with a thump. The third thing I’ve noticed and pissed me off to no ends, I was inside a fucking god damn pentagram. This was not a good start to my fucking, shitty ass mood. I slowly reached out and touched a finger to the outline done in chalk and my own fucking blood. I let out a yelp, snatching my hand back as a flare of pain shot through my finger and up my arm. The pentagram itself was done in chalk, but just inside, a circle was drawn, using my blood to do it. “Fucking bitch,” I snarled, and then groaned as pain shot through my skull.

“I hope that wasn’t directed solely for me,” a female voice said from out of my sight. I stiffened, ignoring the new waves of pain that came over me. “Because I wasn’t the one that pulled you screaming out of the portal. Luckily you fell unconscious the moment you hit the floor. If it’s any comfort, you were not violated while you were out.”

“How… comforting,” I drawled. “If you’re trying to make me feel better, you can just shove it, and I’m supposed to believe that you kept me from being… what did you call it? Violated?”

“I’ve spoken the truth. Why would I lie? It’s no use lying to someone such as yourself.”

“Why am I here?” I asked and let out a pained gasp as I forced myself to roll over, until I could see everything. It looked like I was in a basement of some kind, and the demon herself was leaning casually against the wall that was behind her. She had waist-length black hair, pale skin, and violet eyes. Great, I thought. I had a god damn succubus in the same room as me. I would’ve known she was a succubus, even if her eyes didn’t give her away. The succubus shrugged.

“I wasn’t told.”

“Really?” I asked dryly.

“The bargain was not to ask questions.”

“In exchange for a good fuck is that right?”

She glared at me. “I can’t help what I am,” she snapped. “Just like you can’t help what you are.”

“Touched a nerve, did I?” I asked and smirked. “I’ll tell you something right here, right now,” I said and slowly sat up.

“That is?”

“If you ever pull your succubus shit on me, the moment I am able to, you will be the first demon I’ll have the pleasure of killing, and an army of Ahzeekis won’t be able to stop me. Do I make myself very clear?”

The succubus stared at me for a long minute before nodding. “I believe you’ve made yourself very loud and clear,” she said and looked to the closed door. “But the others will not care for your threats.”

I gave her an evil smile and shrugged. “I am fully aware of that. I did not live this long by being careless and stupid,” I said and gulped, as several white, slimy worms wriggled down the steps toward me. I felt rather than saw the succubus departing as I stared at the things and shuddered in revulsion. My skin crawled as one of them made its way onto my hand. Sucking in a sharp breath, I grunted as the contact burned. I didn’t have to check to know that my weapons were gone, and I contemplated on squishing one of them. Then I thought better of it as the burning pain grew. Gasping, I shook my hand, cursing when the thing remained in place. More worm-like things crawled onto me, and I swallowed a scream as I got up and threw myself at the invisible barrier of my pentagram. Unable to hold back, I screamed, as a brilliant white light flared to life, searing me and tossing me several feet into the air before slamming me to the floor hard.

“As much as this entertains me,” a hissing voice drawled. “Time is of the essence.” I made a sound somewhere between a snort, a laugh, and a scream as the Ahzeeki came to a stop just outside the bloody line that was my cage. The pentagram was ten feet all around, and I was just inches from activating the light show. I grabbed a worm and pulled, gasping as it dug its way into my skin, hanging on like it had claws and teeth. For all I knew, they probably did have claws, teeth, and could fart fire out of their asses. The dark green-scaled Ahzeeki narrowed his red eyes at me and scowled. “None of your powers will work within this circle. So if I were you, I would consider cooperating.”

I glared at the demon, wanting to rip out his heart and incinerate it while he watched, but for once in my life, I couldn’t just up and do that. “I would rather die,” I snarled. “Than betray my people for the likes of you. Or do I have this all wrong?” I gasped. “You and your buddies pulled me into hell for a tea party. Is that it?” I let out a strangled noise, gritting my teeth as pain exploded in my head.

“Where is the shroud?” he growled.

I laughed, because I just couldn’t help it. “You,” I hissed as tears rolled down my cheeks. “Pulled the wrong vampire through, because I have no idea of what shroud you are talking about. Care to give me more information?”

“You know exactly the shroud I am talking about, you fool,” he spat. “Where is it?”

“Ah,” I wheezed and smiled as my own blood slowly pooled around me. “That.” I chuckled, shaking my head. “No idea where the fuck it is. As I’ve said earlier, you pulled the wrong vampire through.”

The Ahzeeki shrugged and smiled cruelly down at me. “No matter, because I will get it out of you one way or another.” I laughed, and this time, I didn’t stop, even as the pain grew. The demon looked confused, as I all but curled into myself and just laughed my ass off. Taking in a deep gasping breath, I gave him a chilling smile.

“I dare you,” I hissed and bared my fangs at him. “To give it your best.” I paused, groaning. “Because whatever you do to me, I will take great pleasure in adding to my long, long list of ways to torture my victims. After all… I’m fresh out of ideas.”

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