Blood Descent

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Chapter Six


Holding back Tristan was like holding back a starved predator from a hunt. Grunting, I strained against him, trying to keep him away from the closed bedroom door. It wasn’t easy as we exchange blows after blows. Well, I was doing most of the hitting while he pushed me off of him, sent me flying into the wall, or mentally whipped me, which hurt like a fucking bitch. “Allia,” Tristan growled, and I held back a gasp as a surge of energy blasted through me. He grunted as I slammed him into the wall. “Release me,” he warned. The strong smell of multiple cleaning products reached us and I coughed. Tristan let out a strangled, choking sound before he threw me across the room. “God fucking damn, Davina!” he yelled. “Allia, release me!” A snarl ripped from him, and I jumped out of the way before the door could hit me. He flashed from the room, and I was a step behind him. Sven appeared just as Tristan grabbed his sister and slammed her headfirst into the window. To my surprise, it only shook against the impact. From the kitchen, Davina was muttering, speaking softly to Amaris who was coughing and sneezing. Like vampires, shifters also had heightened senses, even for a half-breed such as Amaris. According to Sven, the little girl was half wolf and half witch. She got all the awesome abilities from her shifter side while her magic was on the misfiring side, more so than not. Without the help of Davina and Skyler to rid Trynnadon of demon blood, she could have just as easily exploded his brain or turn everyone around her into ducks. I held back a laugh at the image my mind conjured up and pulled out my deadly silver blade, flicking it open. “Release me, sister,” Tristan hissed. “Or I’ll make you.” Allia glared at him and let out a sigh. A moment later, he was gone, leaving her blinking, rubbing the back of her head, and straightening her shirt.

“Blocked him from teleporting, did you?” I drawled.

She shrugged. “I couldn’t have him leaving the room while the spell was active now, can I?”

“I suppose not,” I said with a sigh. “But I could have really used your help with subduing him.”

“You did fine on your own.”

I scowled at her. “I would not consider being mind whipped as fine.” I rubbed my own head, still feeling the mental pain beating at me. Sven’s cold hand wrapped around mine, and he pulled the blade from my loose grip, flicking it close and sliding the safety back in place. He dropped it into my pocket and looked past me.

“How is he?” he asked someone I couldn’t see.

“Tryn will be fine,” Ari said as I turned. She cleared her throat and looked around. “He’s going through Tristan’s mini blood bank like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Well, that will definitely annoy him to no ends.”

“Yes, and I have to be the one dealing with him.”

Sven smirked. “I’m glad that I am not you.”

“Speaking of, where is he?”

I shrugged. “He probably took a header into the Arctic Ocean.”

Sven sighed. “Why must you be so cruel?” he asked, and I let him pull me into his arms. Of course, he nuzzled my neck and inhaled deeply.

“For the last time,” I said, grumbling. “I feel fine.” I tried to pull away, but he tightened his hold on me. Suddenly, he stiffened, and I cursed as my entire body prickled with alarm. Allia, still standing by the window, let out a groan.

“Tristan,” she snapped. “You really need to stop jumping bodies without permission.”

“Where is the fun in that?” Sven… Tristan drawled. She opened her mouth to snap at him again, but she paused at my sudden intake of breath as fangs pierced the side of my neck. Sven pulled back, and I glared at him, rubbing my burning and hot-to-the-touch bite wound. His eyes went distant and thoughtful as he swirled my blood around in his mouth. Nodding to himself, he swallowed. A second later, he blinked, and I grabbed onto him as he staggered and caught his balance. “I am going to kill him,” he growled. “One of these days.”

Allia sighed. “Allow me to do the honor,” she said dryly. I heard the sound of a throat being cleared, and I turned to find Davina standing in the archway between kitchen and living room.

“Do you by any chance have food around here?” she asked Ari, who frowned in thought.


“I saw leftovers in the refrigerator,” said Sven. “I didn’t check what it was. From the smell of it, I’m guessing it’s some kind of steak.” Standing silent beside Davina, Amaris’s eyes lit up.

“I don’t…” Davina scowled.

“It’s Skyler’s. I don’t think she will mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very,” said Ari. “Go ahead and eat whatever you find here, Amaris.” The girl nodded, blushing crimson and tugging on Davina’s hand until the witch relented, following her back into the kitchen.

“Well,” Sven said, chuckling. “I sometimes forget other people need food and not blood to sustain them.”

“Tell me about it,” Allia muttered. “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going after my brother before he tears up half the city.” Sven groaned, and the air crackled like he was going into hunter mode. Allia laughed, giving him a respectful nod before teleporting. I dropped my hand from him before it could go numb. Rubbing my hand against my pant leg, I dropped onto the table, stiffening when it creaked under my weight. Sven glanced down at me and held out his hand. When I didn’t take it, he grumbled something unintelligible and looked to Ari who folded her arms and stared back at him.

“I hate you both,” he muttered and pulled me up and against him before I could break the table.

“I know you hate us…” Ari started, but paused as Sven kissed me. “Uh huh,” she drawled. “Hate us, riiiight.” I wanted to laugh and moan in pleasure at the same time, but instead, I took in a deep breath and kissed him back. After a moment, I began to feel hot… in a good way. Sven growled low in his throat as he sensed my arousal. Ari coughed and cleared her throat loudly. Out the corner of my eye, I saw her pointing. Sven pulled back and glanced at her. She grinned, still pointing.

“Oh,” Sven said and cleared his throat. “Excuse us then. Before shit blows, I like to spend some alone time with my mate,” he finished and everything went dark. Take your time, Ari drawled into our minds. I am off to find Tristan. This time, I was the one grinning, while Sven had a horrified look on his face. Ari burst out laughing, and her laugh still rang in my mind after she left. “I have no idea how she does it,” Sven muttered. “He’s going to kill her one day.”

I laughed. “Well, good thing she likes it rough.”

He pulled away from me, grimacing. “Okay,” he said with a heavy sigh. “Can we not talk about—” He sucked in a sharp breath, letting out a groan as I reached out and cupped him.

“What were you saying?” I asked sweetly as he once again grew thick and hard.

“My sire’s sex life?” he finished with another groan as I stroked him.

“Sorry,” I said, smirking. “I swear I won’t bring it up again.” I glanced around and realized that we were in one of Tristan’s many guest rooms. Sven’s cool hand locked around my wrist, his breathing hard. I hooked my finger around the zipper of his pants and his fingers tightened around my wrist. He pulled himself from my wandering fingers, and a split second later, I shivered as the chill of the room hit me. I blinked, staring at him, now naked in front of me. Glancing down at myself, I got my answer to the sudden chill that came over me. He released my wrist and backed me up, until my ass hit the bed that was behind me.

“You know,” he growled in my ear. “As much as I love to believe you, I don’t.”

“That hurt,” I said, pouting.

He tilted my head back slightly and smirked. “Does it?” he asked as his mouth fell on mine. His tongue easily slipped in, and I sighed as the heat between us quickly built. He leaned me back, until I was flat on the bed. I put my arms around him, bringing him down with me. His mouth left mine, trailing down to my neck as one of his hand went to my core. I let out a gasp as he prodded a finger at my opening.

“No teasing,” I complained, and then moan as he rubbed my clit with his thumb while nibbling my neck.

“Teasing is the best part,” he growled, and I silently cursed as he removed his hand. “The waiting is worth it.” Chuckling, he moved lower to my breasts and flicked his tongue at a nipple before closing his mouth over it. I groaned and moaned as he suckled it before switching to the other breast. His hand once again found my core, and this time I let out a long moan as he slipped a finger inside, moving in and out. Another finger joined the first one, and I squirmed, gasping as he pressed down on my clit with his thumb, alternating between that and rubbing it. The pleasure built until I couldn’t take it. I thrashed under him, and he growled, his fingers moving faster and faster in and out of me. Just as I was about to go over, he suddenly stopped, his mouth making a popping sound as he released my nipple. He pulled his fingers out, and I seriously wanted to cry and slap him. He moved back up and kissed me hard. “Now that is not nice,” he purred, and I wrapped my legs around him, drawing him closer. We both groaned as his hot, hard length found my entrance. I nibbled his neck, and he let out a low growl. I arched, trying to get him inside me. Sven growled and held me still. I growled right back at him, and his mouth once again fell on mine. He swept his tongue inside, turning my growl into a groan. His tongue wrestled with mine for dominancy, kissing me hotly, fiercely. He pulled back and lifting me slightly, he plunged himself inside me. We both let out a long groan as he slowly withdrew only to thrust back into me, going deeper. I held on to him, digging my fingers into his back. I felt his breath on my neck as he continued to move in and out of me. My pleasure built until I couldn’t focus on anything but the feel of Sven inside me.

“Bite me,” I gasped, barely able to get the words out. His low growls turned into a snarl as his fangs sank into my neck. I cried out, tightening around him as I came. Without thinking, I buried my own fangs into his shoulder. He let out a guttural sound and thrust into me one last time, burying himself in deep as his hot seed spilled inside me. I arched, feeling him still thick and hard. He withdrew his fangs from my neck and licked slowly at the bite wound. I took one last pull of his blood and withdrew my fangs, licking at the two punctured holes. I let my head fall back onto the bed, panting. Still inside me, Sven rolled until I was on top of him. His arms came around me, and I rested my head on his shoulder, both of us still breathing hard from the fun… exertion we just had. “You think we can go for round two?” I asked and laughed as he twitched inside me.

“I would love to,” he rasped. “But if I don’t answer Jordana, she might break something I value.”

I blinked, sitting up and forcing him to drop his arms from around me. “Please tell me she wasn’t in your head. She is practically our daughter.”

“Oh, no,” he said, clearing his throat. “I wouldn’t allow that.” He chuckled. “I’ve just been ignoring her insistent knocking on my mental door while we were… engaged in each other.” I smirked and made a move to get off him, but his hands stopped me. “Please don’t move,” he said, almost begging. I stilled, as hot pleasure coursed through me. He was fully erect and ready to pounce. His ragged breathing slowly returned to normal along with his erection, though not completely. He nodded, and I reluctantly got off of him. We could stay like this forever, and I’d be contented. But no, reality just had to crash down around us. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Sven was pouting. “You know, sweetheart, you’re not helping in the slightest,” Sven groaned as he once again, swelled to full arousal under my stare. He let out a stream of profanities as I wrapped my hands around his hard length. “Liana,” he growled in warning.

“Yes?” I asked innocently as I slid my hands up and down his length. I stroked the tip and smirked as pre-cum made its appearance.

“Stop,” he groaned. That groan turned into a growl, and then a snarl as I continued to work him. I glanced up at him, in time to see his eyes flashing from black to white in rapid succession.

“I do like it when—” I didn’t even get a chance to finish my damn sentence. One second I was stroking and squeezing him, and the next, my face was being pressed down into the mattress. Above me, I could hear Sven’s harsh breathing. Out of all the days of the week, today I just had to bring his beast to the surface. Then again, we hadn’t had alone time since the demons first made an appearance like two, three weeks ago. I tried to move, but a cool hand came down on my back. Sven let out what sounded like a half growl and half snarl, and I stiffened as he moved my hair to expose my neck. He let out a grunt, and I yelped as his fangs drove into the side of my neck. Then my world exploded into nothing but pleasure. My head spun, and I screamed as my mate took me from behind. My own scream of pleasure and Sven’s snarls filled my ears as he pounded into me, in time with the hard pull at my neck. My vision dimmed, and I grabbed his arm and buried my fangs into his wrist. It was either that, or bringing the house down with my shrieking. I didn’t think the soundproofing could block out that much noise. Sven let out a scream, burying himself deep as his hot release exploded into me. I squeezed my eyes shut as I came along with him. The orgasm lasted another few long seconds before Sven could withdraw his fangs and close the wound. He slid out of me, his arm remaining where it was since I still had my fangs in his wrist. I collapsed and groaned as blood spilled out of my mouth. Mentally cursing, I pulled back and rolled off the bed onto the floor. “Oh man,” I said with a heavy sigh. “Tristan is going to kick our asses.”

Sven’s hand reached down and pulled me to my feet, leading me into the bathroom. “I’ll take full responsibility.” He coughed and cleared his throat, grimacing at himself in the mirror. “Get cleaned up, I’ll grab us some blood.” I eyed him, and he smirked. “I’d like to join you, but at the rate we are going, we’re never going to leave this room.” I chuckled and kissed him. He broke the kiss a few seconds later and glared at me. Shaking my head, I shoved him out the door, and then jumped into the shower.

An hour later or so, the bathroom door opened, and Sven stepped inside, my clothes and weapons in his arms. Glancing at me, he set everything on the toilet lid and leaned against the sink counter. “Are you going to stay in here for the rest of the night?” he asked, his eyes zeroing on my breasts.

“I quite like it in here,” I said and shut off the cold water. I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself, smiling as Sven grumbled under his breath. He picked up my weapons as I reached for my clothes and quickly dressed. “Did you go see Jordana?”

“I did.”

I smirked, holding out my hands for the weapons. “How was it?”

Handing them over, he straightened and shrugged. “As always, she tried her hardest to kill me.” With a hand on my shoulder, he led me from the bathroom, back into the bedroom, and out into the hall. I finished strapping on my weapons as I scowled. Sven’s hand tightened on my shoulder, and I let out a sigh. Lorena rounded a corner, and we came to a stop. She halted, giving us a knowing smile.

“Do I need to clean up?” she asked sweetly.

I arched an eyebrow at her. “How long have you been here?”

She shrugged. “Long before you two were done,” she drawled.

I huffed. “And I’m surprise you didn’t bother us.”

Her eyes narrowed, and she jabbed a finger into my chest. “Are you still in bliss land?” she asked, exasperated. Sven chuckled, and I elbowed him. “All the rooms in this entire house may be fully soundproof, but my nose works just fine. You guys must’ve gone at each other super hot and heavy if I can smell it the moment I stepped through the front door.” My cheeks heated, and I didn’t have to look in the mirror to know that I was blushing. Sven only chuckled some more. “So,” she continued with one hand on her hip. “Do I need to change bed sheets or anything before they return?”

“No need,” Sven said, dropping his hand from me and still laughing. “I already dropped them into the washer.” He glared at me.

“What?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Next time swallow.”

“Well, I would have, but I was too busy screaming.”

Lorena shook her head, a finger in each ear. “No details,” she said loudly. “I don’t want any details.”

“Well, he—” In a blur, she was beside me and had a hand clamped over my mouth before I could finish the sentence.

“Not another word or I swear I will stab you. You know I will.”

“Stab her, and I’ll stab you,” Sven said, taking a deep breath and holding back a smirk. Lorena dropped her hand, and I shook my head at them.

“So violent,” I muttered.

“Yes,” she said slowly, softly. “It runs in the family. Don’t you agree?”

I grinned evilly, pulling Sven to me and wrapping my arms around him. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Sven held me tight against him and chuckled. “Some are just better at hiding it.”

“That?” Lorena whispered. “I agree with.”

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