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The storm was catching up to me, but I could not see beyond the clouds that dimmed my view. My mind whirled. I thought hard to a time where I had peace and comfort. Unfortunately none would come. I watched as Marell took hits from my classmates. My hands remained by my sides. Frozen. Like they just would not move. Meanwhile I could see the helpless look in Marell's eyes. In the midst of all the punching and stomping, it was amazing how there was a strange sense of peace that came across his face. Like he could not quite feel it. "Cocksucker." "Crooked." A small sensation of guilt stung mel, but what was I doing really sympathizing for him; was I not a thinker, someone that did not know how to relate to others. That sat upon his own island. But soon their beating was over, and the beaten form of my friend met my eyes.

Other / Drama
Daniel Hur
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Chapter 1

I wandered into the open view. A storm was coming across the depth of the horizon. The clouds gathered into deep wisps of air.The only thing was that they were coming towards me.
My breathing started to rush into deep panic. The clouds were getting closer and closer, chasing me. I rushed across the field. My voice had gotten trapped in my throat, and a heaviness weighed every step that I tried to make.
My eyes cast downward, and that was when I realized I had the golden armor on. A soft voice called me."Peter. Peter."
And that was it. That was all I ever heard before it all faded away: the clouds, the armor, all of it. There I was, lying in my bed, my breath still in the middle of panic like the storm had still gone after me.
I turned my digital clock towards me. It read 7:40. In twenty minutes I would be late for the bus. I lifted myself up out of my bed. Everything is going to be normal. Everything is going to be normal. I thought; however, I could not overcome a quiver of fear from entering my body. Like I knew that I was being watched.
Stepping downstairs and entering into the kitchen entrance, my mind began wandering. It was here during the breakfast of morning time that I would wonder and think about the way they did things around here in the community. I thought about my family, tried to conjure just one memory of them. It wasn't like I was going to act upon this impulse. I couldn't according to community standards. The community had divided us based on the different strengths and weaknesses that we had. Feelers and thinkers. I had been deemed as a thinker. Someone that could analyze any situation and understand the complexities that go with it. They had said that I had the power and prowess of problem solving; therefore, compared to feelers, I was to be less dependent and did not need the parental figures I had been born with, and I had believed every word they had said.
But as the days drove on, the emptiness caught up with me, creating a gaping hole deep in the center of the core of the human soul--if there even was a human soul. Everything was questionable.
As I looked out the window, a wood pecker struck its beak up against the wood of the willow tree. How hard it searched for its prey.The sound of my watch alarming me of my tardiness interrupted my thoughts.
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