DIARY of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression

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June 29

Boredom: the desire for desires.– Leo Tolstoy

No more frustration and boredom, no more being tied down to an office. I immediately get a used laptop and am thrilled to be mobile. I am staying steadfast to my commitment to write as much as I can with all my new, delicious gobs of free time. I’m starting to get unemployment funds now, so I can breathe a little easier for a while.

And, I have no qualms about not looking for work right away because I have been paying into the unemployment system since I was 17. I started working in high school, worked part-time through college and have worked full-time for 10 years! So I’ve earned this. I see this as a self-proscribed sabbatical – something I feel every working adult is entitled to – a year off to pursue something purely personal and creative, in order to recharge our creative juices. We humans are inherently creative, dammit! It’s only the constructs of society that have forced us into offices and cubicles and workaholism.

Fyi: While sabbaticals have traditionally been for university professors, originating in the late 1800’s at a college in Australia, they should be required for every working professional who has worked full time. So, why not have required sabbaticals every seven years! Take a cue from the seventh-inning stretch in baseball and the seven-year itch in most relationships, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that after working full-time for seven years or more anywhere, that anyone would need a break to recalibrate and recharge. So, jump on the sabbatical bandwagon!

My sabbatical starts now! But my desktop computer has the exact same thought! On the very same day I bring home the new laptop, my trusty desktop expires. Literally expires.

I am not kidding. My desktop had been going strong for seven years, with barely a whit of an issue. Then, in walks the laptop, and my desktop just says, “That’s it, I’m done, I’m retiring in Florida. See ya.”

Simon and I tried to revive it, but as it had the now ancient Windows 2000, it would not be resuscitated. So, now the laptop doubles as the house computer.

So, I get acclimated to the laptop quickly. The euphoria of freedom is motivating to me to write like a maniac. Once this bliss wears off, I know I may have to light a fire under my ass to motivate myself, so I’m trying to max out my creative output.

Later, I go to Dana Point and do yoga on a bluff overlooking the harbor. It is heavenly to do be doing yoga outside in such a stunning setting. The coolest thing? When you’re in downward dog, you can see the Victorian houses up on the hill upside down. How’s that for a different perspective?

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