DIARY of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression

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July 1

“Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit.” – Anonymous

June turned out to be a very interesting month, indeed. First, we get slapped with a rent increase, so I start pounding the pavement again – this time signing up to be a coach for a certain brand of health and nutrition products, which I was totally excited about. I loved the high vibration when I walked into the nutrition club. First there was the energetic music. Then there were the abundant variety of smoothies. This was the total antithesis of the environment and vibration at the company from which I just got laid off. At this club, people actually encouraged and supported each other. There was clapping for everyone and high-fives and omigod, it felt like an entirely different universe – one that I wanted to be a part of.

Part of drumming up my own business as an independent distributor was to go around and pass out fliers and referral coupons, which I did enthusiastically. But I did not receive one inquiry from this effort. Not one!

Then, later in the month, I got an email about a casting call for people interested in testing a turkey fryer and then giving testimonials about it in an infomercial. Since Simon loves to cook, and since he’s been moping about being unemployed so long, I thought, “purrfect.” What better hobby to take up at the beginning of the summer than deep frying?

So, we go to the casting call in Beverly Hills where we meet a Very Famous Inventor, who has come up with a bunch of ingenious things. This newest invention, which he’s worked on for years, is a turkey fryer small enough to fit on a kitchen counter. After giving us his spiel and generously giving everyone there an abundant sampling of all sorts of deep-fried food, (which he did five times that day for five different groups of people and five times the next day!), he proceeded to give us all a prototype of his turkey fryer, a fresh turkey and two gallons of olive oil, so we could all take it home and try it out.

Who knew that a mere two days later I would get a serious case of hives- something I have never gotten in my entire life, and something I hope, that you never experience either. So, still in the throes of this most pleasurable experience that confined me to the apartment, Simon decides to break out the turkey fryer.

Of course, the fryer started smoking. And, since the fryer is in the middle of our tiny kitchen, smoke was everywhere. So, the smoke alarm goes off, rousing me out of bed and outside and making me regret just a tiny bit ever signing Simon up for this. But, that was until l tasted the turkey, which was most delicious. And, from then on, Simon used the turkey fryer outside, to avoid our apartment smelling like a smokestack.

Thankfully, the hives soon disappeared into the nothingness from which they came. Still waiting for a response from the fliers.

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