DIARY of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression

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August 20

“Becoming adept at the internal process of self-inquiry and symbolic insight is a vital spiritual task that leads to the growth of faith in oneself.” – Carolyn Myss

So, I’m going into my fourth month of being a nutrition coach for this company that I really like. Only problem? I have zero customers and zero coaches under me. It started out much more successfully. Right out of the gate, as a result of my first two client evaluations, I got a customer and a coach. One wanted to lose weight. The other said she wanted more energy. Things were looking good!

Then, my first customer emails me a week later and tells me it’s just not working for her because she gained weight the first week, which my mentor tells me means she wasn’t following the exact program prescribed. I don’t know if I agree with that, but I’m not going to harangue my very first customer for not doing it “right.” And, then it becomes obvious that my first coach doesn’t really want to be a coach. She apparently just wanted to try the product at the coach discount and I don’t even know if she’s following her program. I can’t get any of my friends or family to buy the products, although Simon and I are using them and seeing some results, with increased energy, which is our goal.

So, this source of income is not panning out at all. Bummer. Because the environment of the nutrition clubs is still super positive, and even after bringing several friends there, only one -- bless her heart – bought some product, even though there is zero membership fee and no obligation to buy any more. You just buy them as you need them. What’s not to like?

Then, when I follow up with this friend a few weeks later, she confesses that she never opens anything new until she finishes all the remaining food in her house. To this day, I have no idea if she ever opened it.

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