The Lighter Side

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I ran to the other side of the field, twirling around in all the beautiful flowers. Dandelion seeds fly away with the breeze creating a tornado of white. I hear my name being called in the distance, but I ignore it, focusing on the pretty garden. I was picking flowers and I would only grab the most beautiful.

“Blaine, hurry up. Mom says we can make cupcakes when we get home!” A little boy ran up to me, a bored look on his face.

“Almost done,” I told him, grabbing the last one and adding it to my bouquet. I declared,” Finished.”

I stood to my full height of 3 and a half feet, holding the flowers close to me chest.

“Moses, Blaine. You two hurry up now,” Mrs. Claire, Moses’ mother and my full time nanny called out.

We ran to her side and each grabbed one of her hands. We walked together the short distance back to the small cottage we all stayed in. When we reached the pathway to the front door, Moses and I took off, racing to the front door. I easily got their first, swinging the door open and running into the kitchen, Moses right on my heels. He tugged at the small rubber band that kept his brown hair in a ponytail until his hair was freed. We both sat on stools as Mrs. Claire walked through the doorway. She headed to the fridge and cabinets pulling out the ingredients to make our special treat before turning to us with a huge smile.

“Who wants to stir?”

We sat down in front of the TV, enjoying our plate of cookies. Mrs. Claire was in the kitchen, doing the dishes and getting ready for dinner. Moses had unfairly tricked me into watching one of his action movies instead of my princess movie. It was my turn to pick. There was a familiar knock on the door before it opened. Three kids scrambled inside, followed by a young man. The four of them had paid a trip to the basketball court downtown.

I shot out my seat, jumping on the man,” Daddy!”

He grinned from ear to ear, holding me close” Princess.”

Reed went into the kitchen, kneeling down beside Moses and snatching a cookie off the plate. Jerry, Moses’ older brother went and did the same. Brielle marched into the kitchen, immediately helping Mrs. Claire.

My dad held up my hand, examining the gauze wrapped around it.

“What happened, Princess?” His eyes filled with concern.

“I accidentally touched the oven. Mrs. Claire wrapped it up for me,” I said.

He kissed my hand before carrying me back into the living room where all the boys were watching the movie. He sat down, placing me on his lap and I laid my head on his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. After awhile, I didn’t notice he had fallen asleep when he let out a really loud snore, scaring all of us. Brielle stuck her head out the kitchen, calling us up for dinner.

“Daddy,” I sang, shaking him awake,” It’s time for dinner.”

It took a couple of tries, but eventually he got up and we all settled down at the dinner table. Mrs. Claire, Jerry, and Moses normally leave right after dinner after Mrs. Claire clear all of the dishes. Then, as normal, Daddy sends us all to bed after tucking us in. He didn’t want us to be awake for when he left.

“Don’t go, Daddy,” I begged, tears welling in my eyes.

He sighed, sitting back on the edge of my bed. He reached up and wiped the tears off my face,” I’ll be back in the morning. You won’t even notice I’m gone.”

“Promise,” I sniffled.

He kissed my forehead,” Always.”

“Moses,” I muttered under my breath, staring in awe. He didn’t speak, only stared, taking in the scene in front of him.

Then, he rushed off. I watched his back in shock until he disappeared into the crowd wondering what just happened. What were these sudden memories?

I winced as the familiar wave of pain ran through my head. No, no, no, not now. I held my head, my vision turning blurry and I stumbled through the people until I found the door we entered in. I just need some air, I repeated to myself. My fingers shook as I reached out to grab the railing of the steps. My lungs fought for more air than I could give them right now and my pulse was like an annoying ping in the middle of my forehead.

I thought I could make it down the three steps. I guess I was wrong.

My vision went black as I lifted my foot off the ground.


I sat on the window seat in my hospital room. I requested not to have any visitors. I didn’t want to see anyone. Besides, the doctors have been doing tests on me all day. I wouldn’t have the time.

I was fine.

I really was.

I kept trying to tell the nurses and doctors that, yet they wouldn’t let me leave. I had been here for three days.

There was I knock on the door before it opened. Gail stepped in with a bag swung over her shoulders.

As if reading my thoughts, she narrowed her eyes,” Do you honestly think smart people in pajamas are going to stop me from seeing you?”

”They’re not pajamas, Gail, ” I smiled, softly.

”Could’ve fooled me, ” she scoffed, sitting down in a chair beside me. She dropped the bag on the floor, ” Brought your homework. Your family said you’d be out for the whole week.”

I shrugged, muttering, ” I don’t know why. I’m fine.”

She looked down, the volume of her voice lowering, ” Not as much as you think, Blaine. You fainted while walking down the stairs. You hit your head on the cement.”

That just reminded me of the gauze wrapped tightly around my head. Apparently, I took a very direct hit and almost cracked open my head. It would heal though and it didn’t have to be in a hospital.

”Your family’s really worried about you. I think you should let them see you.”



They let me leave today. I didn’t let anyone visit me except Gail and Oliver. They were the only ones I wanted to see.

Gail had brought Oliver yesterday and he apologized for avoiding me and all. I wasn’t mad at him in the first place. I knew I said something that hit a nerve and he would need some space. He said sorry and that was all that mattered.

Blake was the only one there to take me home. I walked right past him and to the car. There was no point in making any conversation. That would lead to questions, which I didn’t want to answer. When we got home, I quickly went upstairs to my room. I could hear the twins and Nash calling my name, but I closed the door and drowned them out. I would play with them later.

Later, there was a soft knock on my door.

“Blaine, it’s time for dinner.” It was Jy.

“I’m not hungry,” I called back.

He was quiet for a moment before he sighed.

“Mom really wants you to come down. She did something special for you.”

“She hates me.”

“No, she really doesn’t.”

I argued with myself in my head. Part of me just wanted to continue to sulk in my room. The larger part of me was too curious on what exactly this woman did for me. Groaning, I rolled my lazy self off the bed and threw a t-shirt over the sports bra I had been lounging in. Jy looked shocked when I pulled the door open.

“Well, are you just going to stare at me?” I raised an eyebrow before walking past him. The usual smirk returned to his face when I glanced behind him. He gave me a little shove, jumping down all the steps. I was impressed. It actually looked cool.

The aroma that was coming from the kitchen was divine. I think I made the right decision because I would be crazy to turn down good food. Entering the dining room, I watched in amusement as Julia pushed Blake into one of the seats by Lani and Jy then adjusted all the plates full of food on the table.

“Is this all for me?” I blurted, staring in awe at all the food.

Julia snapped her head up, standing up straight. I could tell she was nervous. Her skin was pale as she stared at me expectantly, her hand twitching as they were folded in front of her. I stepped to her, placing my hands on her shoulders.

“I love it, ” I told her earnestly. ”No one’s ever done this for me.”

Not even my own mother.

A look of relief was evident on her face as she reached forward and wrapped me in a hug. It took me off guard, my muscles tensing before I relaxed and hugged her back. It brought me guilt that I was hiding something from her when she’s done all of this for me.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” she whispered before pulling away.

She grabbed my arm, pulling me to the head of the table. It was a little weird being the center of attention, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to it as dinner went on. It finally felt like a real family dinner. Well, except for Reed and Brielle, but I was sure that was soon to change.

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