The Lighter Side

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Roman Freakin Winston...And Court

When I was ten, Reed and Brielle brought me over to one of their weird looking friends house that had at least fifty animals, I swear. They thought it would be a cool experience. A free petting zoo, they told me.

Fuck free shitty petting zoos. I nearly died!

I almost came home with nine fingers. I had to go to the hospital and get stitches for my middle finger and immediate attention because I was bit by a rattlesnake. It was a very miserable day for me.

Why is this random information relevant?

It’s not. Has nothing to do with anything. It’s just really cool background information. It gives me a lot of pride to say ‘I got bit by a rattlesnake, you didn’t.’

…I probably shouldn’t be proud of that.

Gail and I were partnered in film class to make a short animation movie of any genre. So, we totally chose comedy and it was by far the best animation movie ever. Here’s the plot:

There were a group of six boys. Roman. Avery. Winston. Other irrelevant names.

They were all best friends. They were all stupid. They did everything their leader, Roman told them to do.

One day, Roman told them to run out on ongoing traffic. Two boys of irrelevant names died. Roman told them to try and pet a wild wolf. One boy lost and arm and the other was in critical condition of the irrelevant names.

It was soon only three. Roman walked to a cliff of the deepest ocean, looking back to his friends. He stood in the middle, holding on to each of his friends hands, promising that they would all go off the cliff together in sacrifice of the many lives lost. The boys stepped back and jumped off the cliff.

All except one. Roman. He stood back on the cliff as his friends fell into the raging waters.

Since it was an animation movie, we decided that he randomly pulled out a bag of popcorn as his friends died in despair.

Moral of the story: Don’t trust your friends. Especially if they’re named Roman.

“Hey!” real Roman complained, looking just a tiny bit hurt,” Mr. Nester.”

Mr. Nester looked very conflicted. Should he be the good teacher and punish us OR be a bad teacher and encourage us to make more masterpieces like this one.

“Blaire and Gail, that wasn’t very nice. Apologize.” he scolded. Then his eyes brightened,” I loved how detailed the characters are and how real everything looks. I could really see the blood when that kid got hit by a car and the screaming.”

Meeting in the middle it is.

I grinned,” Thanks. My little brother and sisters did all the vocals.”

Oliver sat down at the table, a wild look in his eyes as he grabbed my sprite and chugged it down like water. He slammed the bottle down on the table before his widen and he ran out the room. Gail and I exchanged glances. What was that all about? It didn’t take us long to get our answer because he returned just minutes later, his leg shaking the table. I placed a hand on his knee to stop the bouncing, but it just kept going.

“Uh, Ollie? You good?” Gail hesitated, her eyes holding concern.

His eyes moved to her as he spoke quickly,” Who me? Definitely. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Where did you just go now?”

“To the bathroom. I had to vomit that pop out my system, you know. Big game today.”

The first football game of the season. How could I forget about it? Oliver had talked about it nonstop since I got back in school. He was really nervous about this whole thing. I was wondering if he was taking good care of himself. He didn’t even have his mass of food his mom usually packed for him.

“Where’s your lunch, Oliver?” I wondered, biting in my food.

He shrugged,” Wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t bring it.”

Gail stared at him,” You predicted this morning that at lunch, you would not be hungry.”

Before he could answer, we heard yelling at the front door. We all quickly turned our attention in that direction, trying to figure out what all the commotion was. Oliver immediately froze when he saw just who was yelling in front of the whole school.

Mrs. Marina Daniels. AKA. Oliver’s mother.

“Aww Ma,” he groaned.

She approached our table with the coldest glare I’d ever seen in my life. She slammed the Transformers box down with a loud noise.

“Abel Joseph Oliver Teare. You will come, take this bag that I put all my love in, and you will enjoy it. If you ever waste my time and energy again, leaving your lunch at home, you won’t be leaving anywhere but in an ambulance.”

She stormed off out the cafeteria door.

“So overdramatic,” Oliver muttered under his breath.

She poked her head back through the door. She gritted through her teeth,” What did you say?”

“Nothing Ma,” he called.

“That’s what I thought.” Then she was gone.

The lunch room was silent. Everyone was still trying to process what just happened. Hell, even I was in awe. I wasn’t sure how Oliver would live this down, but hey, it would make interesting childhood stories. After a couple minutes of dead silence, the room returned to their normal ruckus.

“Is that a sign of bad luck?!” Oliver croaked.

The bell rang and we all quickly gathered our belongings. Because our class was scheduled in the morning instead of the afternoon, Gail and I had a free period. Unfortunately, that also meant Roman had a free period as well. Then, to top it off, Gail had to go discuss her grade with her teacher, leaving us alone. We walked outside in awkward silence.



He glanced over at me, speaking hesitantly,” Are you okay?”

I shrugged, stepping up to one of the tables and settling down on the bench. He followed, sitting down across from me.

“You look...good today,” he complimented, slowly.

”Are you okay?” I frowned, confused on where this conversation was going.

He quickly looked away, his cheeks tinted pink as he scratched the back of his head. He honestly looked really adorable, but I wouldn’t say it to his face.

“Yeah,” He chuckled nervously,” I’m fine. Don’t know where that came from.”






I stood inside the hallway of the courthouse, playing with the edge of my black dress. Leva and Sky were asking me constant questions that I didn’t have answers to and Nash was sitting on the floor playing with a toy truck. Jy and Lani were settled down in one of the rows of chairs, chatting about school and Blake and Julia were discussing something quietly in the corner.

The sounds of footsteps catch my attention and I look up in the direction of the doorway. Dressed up in the most formal attire I’ve ever seen them since prom was Reed and Brielle. A large smile grew on my face and I took a couple steps to meet them. Reed was the first to hug me as always, giving me a little squeeze before passing me off to the killer grip of my sister. She placed a light kiss on my forehead before releasing me. They both looked up as they saw someone approach behind me.

“Hey, Dad,” Reed greeted, his voice even.

Blake nodded and gave him a rather awkward side hug before giving another one to Brielle. Then something took us all by surprise. Sky ran up to Reed, an excited look on her face.

“You’re the guy in Daddy’s book. Isn’t he, Daddy?” she exclaimed.

Reed frowned in confusion. He looked at Blake,” What book?”

He looked away, but he didn’t have to respond. Sky did it for him.

“His book with all his special people,” she explained. She looked at Brielle,” It even has you in it.”

Reed looked down at his dress shoes,” Come on, Bri.”

They both silently walked around the three of us, sitting in a row of chairs far away from the rest of the family. I would go talk to them later. I was about to head to the bathroom when Blake held my wrist. I looked to him expectantly as he suddenly gave me a worried look.

“Blake, what is it?” I asked, getting a little bit worried myself.

“You don’t have to stay with us if you don’t want to. We can end this. As soon as your mom gets out, you can go back home like you wanted,” he sighed, glumly. “It’s your choice, Blaine. It’s your life.”

I pulled my hand away from him. I already knew what I was going to say.

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