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Lucy Carter has been bullied since the beginning of 6th grade. She has no idea why...despite her being rich, which no one really knew about. The beginning of junior year, she begins to hurt herself. He got up and says, “I’m going to go take a quick shower at home, wait in the car I won’t be long,” he smiles and places his keys in my hand. I nod at him, “Sounds good,” I smile as he leaves. He was something else, he was like a breath of fresh air, after all the suffocating torture I went through. I got ready, grabbed my stuff, ate a banana, then went to his car. I unlocked it and sat in the passenger seat, and waited for him. I waited 5 minutes before he came out, he looked amazing, jeans, a tight shirt showing his muscles, a zip up hoodie and sneakers. He was holding a navy blue pullover hoodie, in one hand his backpack in the other. He got in the drivers seat and handed me his hoodie, “Here, this will be warmer than yours,” he says as I take it. “Thank you,” I say as I pull it on, it smelt like him.

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Lucy Carson is a rich girl, keeps it hidden because she can’t stand fake friends. At the beginning of 6th grade a group of guys, Landon, Tanner and Grayson torment Lucy everyday. They hurt her repeatedly every school year, summer was the only break she got from being beat up and teased. If only they knew her life, they’d want to be her friend instead of hurting her every chance they got. They were truly assholes, they didn’t care about anyone unless they had money. Lucy would have more friends, but she didn’t want people to only like her because she had money, that was horrible. She has this incredible next door neighbor Trevor, who secretly loves her, he doesn’t tell her because of all the bullying. He feels she’ll isolate herself more if she knew. Little does he know Lucy likes him back. Her best friends Savannah and Chelsea try their best to help her through the school year, not knowing she has begun to hurt herself over the bullying.

For the record this is a story don't comment saying it's unrealistic its a story! It's made up so just please stop. Focus on the fact that i spent a lot of time on this and worked hard to finish it it took me 2 months. I know there are mistakes!

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