For The Love of A Vampire

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Chapter 13

It was late in the afternoon when Ken reached the hell-house. He burst open the door, hoping that Allen would be tucked away in his casket and sleeping peacefully. There were no more deals to be made. Allen had to die, period. The thrill of the kill coursed through his veins as he inched closer to Allen’s room. He could tell he’d been in there. His scent lingered all through the house, becoming stronger as he walked down into the basement.

The casket was closed, as expected. With his eyes squinted and his fists ready, he lifted the casket. A mysterious powder flew into his face, erupting in his eyes. He wiped the dust away with his shirt, and he began to feel woozy as he looked down. His sight began to blur and his head began to spin, forcing him to grab the wall to steady himself. He had been drugged. His human side was now affected, making him vulnerable. He cursed, realizing his own stupid mistake. Allen was far too old to be played like this.

His vampire senses still somewhat worked as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked over, seeing only a blurry image of a woman.


“I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” a taunting voice said. Ken watched as Salina continued down the stairs, her lingerie, once again, clinging to her body. She was more confident this time, believing she could finally achieve what she’d wanted all along. She helped him to his feet and pushed him against the wall. He laughed.

“So rough. I like that,” he slurred his words as he blinked, trying to clear the haze that wouldn’t lift. Salina rubbed her hands up and down his chest, lifting his shirt.

“I knew you would,” she said, licking his abs. She began unzipping his pants. Ken held his head as he swayed.

“Teya, what are you doing?” he asked, laughing. She pulled his pants down and sloppily licked his ball sack, watching his every move. He blinked a couple more times, and his vision finally cleared.

“Salina, what the…?” he asked. She jerked her body up, throwing Ken to the ground.

“If you won’t love me, then I’ll have to make you love me. There’s nothing that human bitch has that I don’t,” she said as she mounted him. “Welcome to the dark side baby.”

She let out an evil laugh as she bit Ken’s neck. He screamed.

“I’m going to fucking kill you, you fucking bitch!” he shouted. She stood up watching him violently convulse. He reached for her, but the wave of pain held him to the floor.

“You’ll come looking for me. I’ll be waiting for you when you are ready. You won’t have to thank me,” she taunted. Ken screamed again. His organs began dying off, and the only thing that could feed his hunger was blood. He didn’t know how long the burning pain would last. All he could think about was Teya. Her smile. Her laughter. Her love. How could he be with her now? He was soulless, becoming more of a threat than ever before. He was becoming the one thing he hated more than anything—a full-blooded vampire.

Teya paced the small cabin floor, feeling that something was wrong. Stray tears fell from her eyes. She wiped them away angrily.

“Stop crying, Teya. This isn’t helping,” she told herself, gathering up the courage to open the door, car keys in hand. Fear and anger coursed through her body as a visitor stood before her.

“Hello human,” he said. Teya gulped.

“Allen,” she gasped, backing into the cabin. “What have you done to Ken?”

Allen patted his chin with his long fingernails.

“I was actually hoping to find him here. I’m surprised he left you all alone,” he said, smirking. “I find him so predictable.”

Teya held the medallion in her hand as she faced him down.

“You’re the cause of all Ken’s pain. Why don’t you just leave him alone?” she yelled. Allen reached inside to grab her, but he flinched as the medallion lit.

“You are just like her. Consumed by a fairy tale love story. Do you really think love has a happy ending?” Allen laughed. “What would you do if he became a full vampire?”

“That won’t happen,” Teya responded defiantly. Allen paced the room.

“Who’s going to stop it? All Ken has ever wanted is to destroy me. Won’t he be able to if he becomes a full vampire? His wishes are not your own. I believe that is what love is supposed to be,” he sneered.

“What would you know about love? You don’t care about anyone but yourself!” she screamed, stepping further outside of the cabin.

“Careful. You wouldn’t want to piss me off, would you?” Allen taunted. “It’s a shame, really. I would love to rip into your neck and listen to your sweet screams, but that damn witch created that medallion to protect against vampires. I couldn’t touch you if I wanted to. But Ken? Ken isn’t wearing it right now, is he?” Allen asked. He smiled as he disappeared into the night. Teya’s heart began to pound. She stood in shock for a moment before her brain could comprehend what she needed to do. With much hesitation, she grabbed her phone, took a deep breath, punched in a phone number, and waited for an answer.

“Please pick up,” she muttered to herself.

“Hello?” asked the recipient.

“Markees, I need your help.”

“OK, OK. Calm down, Teya. What’s wrong?”

“I think a vampire took Ken. Can we meet up?”

“Yeah. Where are you?” he asked. She gathered her wits and opened the cabin door again, this time seeing no one. She ran as fast as she could to the car.

“Let’s meet at the mall close to my house. I can be there in an hour,” she told him. Markees sighed.

“I’ll see you there.”


Markees ran up to Teya, who was clearly terrified.

“Teya, what happened? Did a vampire hurt you?” he asked, examining her neck and face. She shook her head. The mall was crowded with people, and it was almost impossible to hear.

“Let’s talk somewhere else,” she said. They began walking to a quieter area, and eventually entered a little coffee shop. He grabbed her a cup of tea.

“Now tell me what happened,” he said.

“Ken is missing. A very dangerous vampire is after him,” she replied. Markees folded his arms.

“Teya, if you want me to help you, you have to help me. I need to know everything,” he told her. Teya calmed herself. Ken trusted Markees with helping them, so why couldn’t she explain the situation? He deserved to know.

“You won’t hurt or capture him?” she asked. He held his hand up, making her a vow.

“I won’t touch him, Teya. I couldn’t take him if I tried, anyway,” he said, half-joking. Teya took a nervous sip of her tea.

“Ken is a half-vampire. He was raised by the man who took him, a vampire named Allen. Apparently, Allen and Ross have been working together on capturing vampires for years. Ross killed Ken’s mother because he loved her. That’s why he hates vampires so much,” she explained. Markees sipped his tea, confused by the information.

“That would explain why Ross wants Ken so badly. He wants to kill the child made by his lover and enemy,” he stated. Teya nodded.

“When Ken learned this information a few hours ago, he ran off without telling me where he was going. I wouldn’t have called if Allen hadn’t shown up. I’m sure he has Ken somewhere, and if he does, he needs our help,” she said. Markees rubbed his chin in deep thought.

“What?” she asked.

“I can’t, Teya,” he finally replied. Teya slumped back in her chair, sadly. She began to look around, and she suddenly noticed all the hunters in the building. They were trying to blend in, but she could see the gun clips on their sides. She looked at Markees, betrayed.

“You lied!” she said, angrily slamming the table. “You lied!”

“I’m sorry; Teya, but Ross already told me everything. He explained how vampires have this thing they call ‘bloodline.’ It makes women fall in love with them. Young, innocent women like you, who fall for the monsters, thinking they’re good and kind when they’re actually killers, You have fallen under their spell,” Markees said. He stood up and walked around to her chair. He began caressing her shoulders.

“It’s not a spell. I chose him,” she replied angrily.

“That’s what Ross said you would say. Lana, unfortunately, said the same thing. I know this is a tad bit personal, but did he ever use a condom when you had sex?” he asked. Teya’s bottom lip quivered as the truth dawned on her. That would explain her sickness. Her world crashed down around her. Markees held out his hand.

“Come with us back to the office, Teya. We can find Ken once we’re there,” he said. Returning to the present, she slapped his hand away and scrambled out of her chair, stomping on Markees’ss foot as she did so.

“Grab her!” he shouted through the pain. The other hunters ran to subdue Teya. She began to kick and scream.

“Shut her up!” Markees yelled. He walked over to her as they contained her fully. “I’m sorry, Teya. This is for the best.”

“You’re a bitch, Markees. I’ll never forgive you for this,” she shrieked, kicking at him. Another hunter tased her until she was knocked out.


Ken eventually woke up, his head spinning and his body aching. He laid stretched out across the floor of the hell-house, trying to remember what happened. He noticed his pants had been slightly lowered, and began to remember the events of the night before.

“Salina,” he growled his throat parched and thirsty. He forced his head up off the floorboards, but his body felt like lead. He tried to lift his arm, but it wouldn’t budge. He looked up at the ceiling and tried to focus. He felt like he’d been hit by a train. Everything was constantly moving, and his vision played out in high definition as he looked around the crummy basement.

He could hear everything, from the cars passing by to a bee in the flowers. It overwhelmed him. His sight was a thousand times more powerful than before. His mind began to process why he couldn’t move. He realized it was because the sun was high in the sky. The room was thankfully dark enough that it wouldn’t affect him, but he still couldn’t get his body to move. Sniffing the air, he realized he was alone. Worry pierced his un-beating heart.

“Teya,” he whispered. He’d left her alone in the cabin all night. She would’ve gotten worried and gone searching for him, or worse. He had no choice but to move. With all the strength he could muster, he lifted his upper torso. His head spun senselessly, and he puked up the remaining contents of whatever human he had left.

“Shit,” he said to himself as he wiped his mouth. There was no going outside, that was for sure. He cursed again. It was too early for sundown, and sitting inside the hell-house was bad enough. What’s worse, his love was out there somewhere. Fighting the banging inside his head, he forced himself to stand completely. With great effort, he forced one leg to move, then the other, until he managed to walk toward the stairs. He had to find her. She was all he had now.

He grabbed a cloth off the table, and covered himself with it. He prayed it would protect him as he opened the front door, walking labored. He immediately flinched back, and retreated into the house, feeling the effects on his skin. The sun was not his friend, that was certain, but he couldn’t stop. His head snapped up suddenly, as Teya’s scent suddenly filled the air.

She was close; riding along with the vampire hunters, and Markees was one of them. He growled, anger boiling in his belly. The van pulled up in front of the house. Ken scoffed. If they wanted a fight, he would do his best to give them one. He crouched, ready to attack.

“Don’t!” Markees called from inside the van. He rolled down the window. He held his Taser to Teya’s neck. Ken’s mouth twitched with anger.

“I never should’ve trusted you,” Ken growled, his voice deeper than normal. Markees shrugged.

“Well, she did. She called me,” he taunted. Teya was knocked out, and leaning on Markees shoulder. Ken scoffed.

“I’m going to fucking kill you,” he declared. Markees smirked.

“Get in the car,” Markees replied. Ken took a step forward. He groaned in pain, but he refused to stop. He took one agonizing step after another until he reached the van. He opened the door and hurried inside.

“Knock him out,” Markees ordered. Ken turned to the hunter on his right and tried to fight, but the sun slowed him down and the electric gun tased his body until he blacked out.

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