For The Love of A Vampire

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Chapter 14

As soon as the sun disappeared over the horizon, Ken’s eyes shot open. Again, he looked around, his eyes trying to figure out where he was. His mind put the pieces together quickly, and he looked around until he found a camera in the corner of the room.

“Where’s Teya?” he growled at the camera. He tried to move, but he realized he’d been chained to the wall a couple of feet off the ground. There was a man in front of him, head hanging low, almost as if he was dead. Ken looked directly into the camera again, struggling to pull the chains apart.

“She is safe,” a voice spoke over an intercom. Ken pulled at the chains again, but he was pulled back against the wall. He grunted, cursing.

“Struggling is useless,” another voice said. Ken looked at the man in front of him, who slowly lifted his head to meet Ken’s gaze. Ken’s eyes opened wide as he looked at the man. He appeared to be strong, but there was a weakness present in his eyes. Lines had formed across his face, and he had wrinkles around his eyes. There was so much sadness, as if he’d been crying for years. His gray hair hung down across his face.

The grizzled man knew immediately who was chained up across from him. His scent was familiar; it was faint, but he knew exactly who he was. “Ken,” he said through the silence, his eyes aglow with sadness. His voice was raspy, like he’d smoked cigarettes. “You’re alive.”

“Dad? You’re alive,” Ken replied, stunned. Their revelation was stopped short as Ross walked in, clapping.

“What a reunion we have here,” he mocked, looking over at Ken. “You have definitely grown since the last time I saw you.” He then turned his gaze toward the other man, before asking, “You haven’t spoken in over twenty-two years. Did the return of your son shock you back into reality?” Kenneth growled, lunging forward to attack Ross. He managed to shake the wall, but he was still firmly secured to the wall.

“You told me he was dead. You had him alive all this time?” Kenneth asked, his fist clenched.

“Allen raised me. He told me you were dead as well,” Ken replied, calmer than his father. Kenneth’s eyes shot over to him.

“Allen is still alive?” he growled, deep with hatred. Ken realized that this hatred was something they had that in common. Ross opened the door to let Teya and Markees inside the small space.

“Ken,” she cried. His eyes lit up as she ran over to him.

“Teya, I’m so sorry, baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t there,” he replied. She wrapped her arms around his legs. Markees pulled her away.

“Let’s get down to the issue at hand,” Markees said. Ken shot daggers at Markees.

“Get your hands off her,” he growled.

“Calm down, newborn. We just want to talk to her for now,” Ross replied, offering her a seat. “Has Markees informed you of the spell these vampires put you under?” Ken scoffed.

“What are you talking about?” Ken asked.

“The ‘bloodline’ spell. It causes human women with a certain scent to fall in love, or so they believe, with vampires. They use these women to give birth to a superior race of half-human, half-vampires. They have godlike speed, as well as super hearing and smell. Everything a vampire can do, as well as the things they can’t. They walk in daylight as part of their plan to make their army of half-breeds,” he explained. Markees slapped some papers on the table in front of Teya.

“Almost a hundred women have left their normal lives to be with these vampires. According to our research, almost fifty half-breeds have been born already. At this rate, they could take over in less than a year,” Markees continued. Teya bit her bottom lip. Was that true? Was Ken just using her for sex? Was the love not real? Tears fell from her eyes.

“Teya, don’t believe them. I love you,” he shouted. She couldn’t even face him now.

“It’s not possible for them to love, Teya. They don’t have a soul. Think about it,” Ross told her. Kenneth laughed, stunning everyone.

“Ross, your personal hatred towards me has coaxed this fantasy. Is this really your excuse for why Lana didn’t want you? Have you really convinced yourself that I cast some type of love spell on her?” he asked, laughing again. Ross walked over to him angrily and punched him in the face. Kenneth smirked.

“We were going to get married, and because of you, she’s dead now,” the hunter snarled.

“Because you killed her!” Ken blurted out. “Is that what you plan on doing to every woman who falls in love with a vampire?” Teya’s eyes widened.

“That’s very astute, little Ken. I’ll do anything to stop this half-breed army. Starting with you,” he said, pointing at Ken. “You were the very first half-breed. Allen wanted to keep you alive, and it looks like he’s still performing his experiments on you now. Who turned you?” Ken looked away from Teya’s sad gaze.

“It was Salina,” he replied bitterly. Ross crossed his arms.

“Interesting,” Ross said, and Ken growled.

“Am I on trial here? It’s clear I don’t know anything about this half-breed army someone is making. Allen has been working with you for years. Why haven’t you questioned him?” Ken asked.

“No one questions Allen, that’s why,” Ross replied. “Our goal is to stop this uprising, starting with you, Miss Daniels. You have lost so much thanks to Ken’s presence in your life. Markees told me he left you alone in a cabin to go find Salina.”

“That’s not what happened,” Ken growled. Ross placed his hand on Teya’s shoulder.

“Do you know how vampires usually turn their victims?” he asked. Teya shook her head.

“Stop! Please! Ken isn’t a monster. He isn’t to blame for any of this,” she cried.

“Leave the girl alone, Ross,” Kenneth warned. “You know nothing about ‘bloodline.’ It has nothing to do with mating. If vampires are the soulless creatures you say they are, wouldn’t it make sense that we’re lost? That we’re so far gone from our human side that when we find our souls, it will be a stronger bond than any of you humans could conjure with soulmates?

It’s a deeper bond; one that binds heart, mind, body, and soul. Regardless of how you may feel, there is no breaking that bond, Ross. You know that.” Kenneth explained. “I’ve lived a long time, but I’ve never met anyone else I’ve shared my soul with. There is only one.”

He looked over at Teya and spoke directly to her. “You are that connection for my son. If he loses you, then he is lost forever.”

“Men like you don’t deserve a soul,” Ross said, spitting on Kenneth.

“Not my soul,” Kenneth replied, and wiped his face. “When I get out of here, Ross, I’m going to fucking kill you.” His lips twitched, and his jaw tightened.

“When?” Markees responded. “There is no escape out of here.” He reached his hand out to Teya. Her head spun as the doubt clouded her judgment. She didn’t know who to believe. Ken had consumed her life, and nothing would be the same again. Today was the day she had to make her choice. Either she took back her life or her man. Her heart wanted one thing, but her mind wanted another. Torn, she made the only choice that made sense. She walked over to Ken, and staring him into his eyes.

“I love you,” she said. “But how do I know if this is real?” she asked. Ken sighed, unsure of how to convince her.

“Did you sleep with Salina?” she asked, and his eyes turned dark and deadly.

“She drugged me and took advantage of me. I didn’t ask for this Teya. I hate what I have become. If you have even the slightest doubt of my love for you, just go with Markees. At least he will keep you safe,” he told her. Kenneth stirred.

“Ken, don’t do this. You’ll lose her forever!” his father shouted. Ken looked at him sadly.

“I’ve already lost her,” he replied. Markees grabbed Teya’s arms and pulled her out the door.

“Ken, you can’t let her go,” Kenneth shouted at his son.

“She’s gone, Kenneth. The look she gave me was so sad. Besides, I couldn’t be with her if I wanted to. I’m full-blooded now. I shouldn’t have started this,” he replied sadly. Kenneth sighed.

“You remind me of myself. I doubted Lana, your mother, many times. I didn’t think she would be safe with me. I was the leader of a group of vampires; I’d killed people before, but I changed my whole life when I met her. Allen didn’t like it, and he eventually turned. He found my love weak,” Kenneth told him. Ken pulled the chains harder. The thought of Allen pissed him off more. He’d already lost Teya at least he could fulfill his goal in killing Allen.

“Allen has to die tonight. It’s all I have now,” he declared.

“You need to feed first. It’s a disgusting life, but you don’t have to kill anyone,” his father explained. Ken looked down, trying to wrap his head around his new life. How could he live without his soul, the only soul he’d known, the angel who he had corrupted? Then the hunger slapped him hard. His fangs grew, and his mouth watered.

“It’s the thirst. You’ll learn to control it,” Kenneth said. Ken snarled at him.

“I don’t need any advice from you. I was raised by my worst enemy because of you. You don’t exist to me,” he snapped. Kenneth sighed.

“I’m sorry, Ken. I never knew Allen would take you. Ross had me locked up all these years. He’s been torturing me ever since. He told me you’d been killed” Kenneth told him. Ken turned away, childishly.

“Spare me. You saw the kind of man Allen was, and you still—” he looked over at the heartbroken man and paused. “I know it wasn’t your fault. Let’s just get out of here and discuss this later.” Kenneth was all ears.

“How do you suppose we do that?” he asked.

“Say please,” a voice over the intercom replied, and the chains dropped them to the floor. Ken landed on his feet, while Kenneth fell to the ground, weakly. Ken walked over to assist his father as the door opened beside them.

“You’ll need blood to get your strength up,” Markees said as he walked in. “I’ve got some right here.” Ken looked confused.

“Markees, I’ll kill you if you’re setting us up,” he snarled. Markees laughed softly.

“I’m counting on that. We have to hurry. Ross will know I’m gone soon,” he replied. He helped Kenneth drink the blood from a few of the donation pouches he’d brought. He looked back at Ken.

“He took Teya,” he stated, watching Ken’s reaction. His face was emotionless and grim, and he grabbed Markees by the collar.

“You let this happen,” he said calmly, but his insides were raging.

“Just so you know, she was forced to choose us over you. If she would’ve chosen you, Ross would’ve had you killed. She didn’t have a choice, really. She loves you,” Markees replied. Ken dropped him to the ground.

“That doesn’t make her wrong for choosing to stay away,” he said. Kenneth handed him a blood pack.

“So was all that talk about someone creating half-breeds to start a revolution true? Or was that one of the hunters’ stories?” Ken asked, feasting. Markees shook his head.

“No, that part was the truth. Someone is after women with a specific scent in order to produce half-breeds,” he replied. Ken pondered this as he drank from his pouch. His eyes rolled back in his head as the liquid quenched an undeniable thirst. He had little time to feast, though, as both vampires’ heads snapped up as they detected movement in the hallway.

“Ross must have realized you were gone. It’s time to go,” Ken said. Markees helped Kenneth to his feet, and the trio opened the door to escape. Hunters swarmed the hallway left and right, leaving no way of escape. They were armed and ready for the attack.

“Don’t kill them,” Markees said, backing away from the younger men. Kenneth smirked.

“I was just going to suggest the same thing,” he replied. Ken looked over at the rogue hunter.

“These are your people, Markees. Is there any way to talk sense into them to avoid a fight?” he asked. Markees looked at his hunter brethren.

“Afraid not. They follow Ross, and they’re not afraid to kill for him,” Markees replied. Ken cracked his neck and flexed his muscles.

“So be it,” he said. Kenneth boldly walked past them, facing down the men on the right side of the hallway.

“You handle the left. I’ve got the right,” he said. He walked confidently, and Ken began to admire him. He’d been starved and tortured for twenty-two years, yet he was still built like a Viking warrior. He even made Ken look small when compared to his broad shoulder and muscular arms and legs. The hunters gulped as he continued walking towards them.

While the others remained amazed by his father’s strength, one of the hunters took the opportunity to attack Ken with a baseball bat. He dodged right, pushing Markees out the way as he did so. The hunter’s bat hit the wall, illuminating it with electricity.

“What the hell? A Taser bat?” Ken asked, glaring at Markees. Markees shrugged as he dodged another hunter’s attack. Ken kicked the hunter with the bat towards the one Markees was battling, knocking them both into the wall. Ken looked back at his father, who ran full speed at the hunters, flipped into the air, and kicked several of them in the head. He was a blur as he swung his huge arms in a circular motion, taking out dozens of hunters, and sounding a battle cry that even shook Ken. He was a warrior, without a doubt, and one that had been out of commission for a long time.

Ken slammed two hunters’ heads together, knocking them unconscious, while Markees threw another headfirst into the wall, knocking him out. Ken picked up the Taser bat, stopping the hunters in their tracks.

“Come on,” Ken taunted. The hunters finally ran in for the attack, but each found themselves on the receiving end of its debilitating voltage.

“Go find Teya. We can handle them,” Markees shouted as a hunter grabbed him by the neck, choking him. Ken started to rush to his aid, but was waved off.

“No! Just go!” Markees shouted, elbowing his attacker in the ribs to break free. Ken nodded and ran ahead, following Teya and Ross’s scent.

He ran toward the courtyard and opened the door, only to be greeted by a familiar scent that made him snarl. Allen stood before him, grinning.

“Ken, looking a little pale I see,” Allen taunted.

“You will die tonight, Allen,” Ken replied through gritted teeth. Allen laughed.

“I’ve been dead for centuries, Ken,” he said, and he broke into a sprint toward Ken, zig-zagging left and right but always moving forward. Ken could see him clearly now. His vampire senses were stronger than ever as he caught Allen’s fatal blow with his hand.

“I’m not the same half-breed you loved to beat. You should never have told Salina to change me,” Ken snarled. He aimed a sharp kick at Allen, forcing him to jump back.

“I never told Salina to change you. It was never my intention for you to become anything more than you were,” Allen replied. He kicked upward and managed to make contact with Ken’s leg, causing him to stagger backward. Allen tried to land another vicious attack with his knee, but Ken managed to catch it in time. Allen used the opportunity to throw a quick jab with his elbow, and connected with Ken’s jaw.

“Such a sorry piece of shit. Now you know the real reason I couldn’t kill you. You were the first, after all,” Allen sneered. Ken wiped his mouth.

“Are you in charge of the half-breeds?” Ken asked as he returned to a fighting stance. Allen looked disgusted at the accusation.

“Those wretched excuses for vampires? No. A vampire mating with a human is something I could never agree with. But that’s—” Allen started to say, before Ken shocked him with a right hook from hell, sending Allen sliding through the courtyard. Ken lunged towards his enemy, ready to smash his ribs, but Allen managed to roll away in time. Allen twirled around on the ground, swinging his legs in an attempt to kick Ken. He managed to connect and bring Ken to the ground. Allen viciously rolled over and brought his elbow down hard. However, Ken managed to block the attack in time, grabbing Allen’s elbow and throwing him into the air.

Frustration began to affect Ken as Allen landed perfectly on his feet.

“You’re a traitor to the vampire race, Allen. You allowed them to take Rosa, Goslin, and Grams,” Ken said with disgust. “How could you do that? Why would you do that?” Allen shrugged.

“Just like you, they are of no use to me now,” he replied. Allen leaped into the air, his fist cocked. Ken leaped to counter. Their attacks connected before they had even hit the ground. Ken landed in a crouch, and pounced, driving Allen into a tree and threw a punch. Allen blocked the attack, leaving the tree shattered, and retaliated with a shot to his side. Ken took the hit in stride and reached for Allen, grabbing his hair the way he had once grabbed his, and brought his head down into his knee. He began to knee Allen in the face repeatedly.

Allen pushed Ken away and drove his nails into Ken’s flesh, his claws like tiny knives. Ken screamed as Allen stabbed into his side and released his grip. Allen took advantage of his opening and sliced Ken’s face, followed by a vicious head-butt. Continuing his assault, he landed a vicious kick with his right leg, sending Ken flying into the building, breaking a window in the process. Ken cursed as blood oozed from his side. Allen hovered over him smiling as he held a knife to his chest.

“Allen!” a voice shouted. Allen frowned as he heard Kenneth rush towards him. “You son of a bitch!” Kenneth yelled, rushing toward Allen and landed the quickest punch Ken had ever seen. He sent Allen back into the courtyard, where he landed on his knees, his head snapped up in fury as he set his sights on the father-son duo. Kenneth helped Ken up.

“Son, are you alright?” Kenneth asked. Ken shook him off.

“Yeah. Just don’t interfere. Allen’s mine. Stay back,” he ordered. However, before Ken could attack, Allen launched himself at Kenneth, stabbing him in the leg. Kenneth flinched from the impact, but showed no signs of being hurt. He grabbed Allen by his throat. Allen laughed.

“I should have known Ross wouldn’t have the guts to kill you,” he taunted, using his claws to slice Kenneth’s wrist and force him to let go. However, Ken had managed to recover from his injuries and kick Allen back into the courtyard. He leapt after him and brought down a hard, two-fisted punch, pummeling Allen to the ground with a hard thud. Allen snapped back up angrily. He was losing, and he knew it.

Ken wasn’t the half breed he use to beat up on. Even Allen had to admit he was stronger and better. He smirked as he prepared himself for round two. Kenneth waited on the sidelines, anxious as he wanted to interfere. Allen and Ken circled each other in the predator stalking prey fashion.

“You will pay for what you have done to me and everyone else you hurt.” Allen scoffed. “If it helps you to pin me as the bad guy then go ahead. I won’t be the blame for this upcoming uprising. You can thank your father for that.” Kenneth snarled, showing his fangs. “I am not to blame.”

“You are for everything! That elderly couple who wanted to protect me, Carol, my mother, Goslin, and Rosa.” Allen sighed. “Well then let’s end this.” Allen ran full speed towards Ken, punches ready. Ken blocked his attack and countered with an attack on his own. They were so equally matched; however, a scent caused all the men’s head to turn in fear. They all smelled Teya’s scent coming into the courtyard strong and potent alongside Ross. Allen made a turn for her. Ken’s eyes opened wide.

“No!” he screamed as he flipped over Allen, grabbing his neck, in the air, and he twisted. Once his feet hit the ground he thrust his hand inside Allen’s chest, ripping his heart. Teya gasped as she saw the scene. Kenneth walked up beside Ken with a taser.

“You know what you have to do.” He said, keeping his eye on Ross. Ken electrocuted the heart until it vanished along with Allen’s body, turning into dust on the ground. Ken looked viciously now at Ross. “Let her go.” His voice was demonic and deep.

“I don’t think so. This scene looks familiar doesn’t it Kenneth?” Ross pointed a gun to Teya’s head. “And if I killed the woman I loved there is no doubt I will kill your lover similar, Ken.” Ken moved forward ready to attack but Kenneth placed his arm in front of him. “Ross we have been there before, but we won’t have the same ending this time.

My son will surely kill you.” Ross moved the gun closer. “I have to free her from his spell.” Ross sounded so sure that this was the answer; he even made Ken doubt that Kenneth would save her in time. He stepped forward again, but Kenneth stopped him with his arm.

He glanced at Ken this time, his eyes begging for his trust. Ken wanted to stay put, but he didn’t know this vampire. His scent may have been familiar, but he had no proof he could trust him. However, as Ross prepared to make another move, Markees leaped out from behind him, pushing his arm down at the last second. The gun fired. Ken’s heart would’ve stopped if it hadn’t already. Teya fell to the ground.

“No!” Ken shouted as he ran over to her.

“Ken, stop!” Kenneth shouted. Ross fired twice, hitting Markees in the side and Ken in the shoulder. Ken refused to stop moving forward. With all his might, he slammed into Ross’s chest, sending him flying backwards. Markees caught the gun and started to aim it at Ross, but Kenneth was already there, grabbing Ross before he could hit the ground.

“I’ve waited for this,” Kenneth snarled, and he threw Ross forcefully against a chair. His bones cracked and he screamed in pain. Kenneth delivered another blow, sending him flying into a tree, and blood trickled down Ross’s mouth. He delivered one final blow for all his pain, smashing his enemy’s head into the trunk and shattered the tree into tiny pieces.

Ken picked Teya up off the ground. He cradled her close, checking for a gunshot wound. Her eyes fluttered opened.

“Ken,” she said. He squeezed her tightly, feeling a weight lift off his shoulders.

“I thought he shot you,” he told her. She sat up.

“No, I ’m OK,” she replied, before looking at his shoulder. “But you’re not.” She began to check his wound, but he gently brushed her off.

“I’m fine. It’s just a scratch,” he explained. It was then that Markees passed out. “He was hit in the side. We have to get him some help.” Kenneth helped pick Markees up off the ground, and his ears pricked up.

“We got company coming,” Kenneth said, and vampire hunters soon surrounded the courtyard.

“Shit. We’ll have to take them all,” Ken said, preparing to attack.

“No. Don’t shoot,” Markees muttered weakly, holding his side. “Ross is gone now. They will follow me. ” He grunted from the pain.

“Do you have somewhere they can take you to get that bullet out?” Kenneth asked. Markees nodded.

“I can get them to take me to the hospital,” he replied. Kenneth nodded, handing Markees over to one of his comrades. Teya walked over to him.

“Markees, I hope you’ll be OK. Thank you for everything,” she said, kissing her fingers and placing them on his forehead.

“Don’t count me out just yet. I’m still in the race for your heart,” he replied, winking at her as he groaned. She laughed softly.

“Just get better,” she said as the hunters took him away. Ken walked over to her, followed closely by his father. He wasn’t able to help himself as he lifted her up in his arms and kissed her with all the love he had. She was a little overwhelmed at first, but she soon deepened the kiss passionately. Kenneth cleared his throat, and Ken separated from his love.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Teya, this is Kenneth. My father.”

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The room was dark, and Ken couldn’t see anything. His head was spinning as he struggled for focus.

“Don’t worry. I can make it better,” a voice said. He felt a woman grabbing his face and planting kisses like his Teya would, but these lips were different. He snarled.

“Salina!” he screamed, grabbing her hard with all his strength. She just laughed.

“I’m in your head, Ken. I made you, and my venom runs through your veins. There is no escaping me,” she taunted. He heard a scream, and his eyes snapped open.

“Ken, stop! Please!” Teya shrieked. He looked horrified at the scene around him, and he removed his hands from Teya’s arm, revealing bruises. He seemed so lost and hurt.

“Teya, I’m sorry,” he sighed as he climbed out the bed and walked over to the bathroom. He took a good look in the mirror, wondering what was happening to him. The nightmares were getting worse, and for some reason he couldn’t shake the events of his turning out of his head. What haunted him most was the unanswered question of if he’d had sex with her. In his drugged state, he didn’t know what had happened, or how to explain to Teya his reasoning for leaving for in the cabin. He shook his head, confused.

“Ken?” Teya asked, saying his name as softly as possible. He glanced at her briefly before turning away. “The nightmare is getting worse?” Ken nodded, unable to look at her.

“Talk to me. You never want to tell me what it’s about.” She begged. Ken looked at himself in the mirror.

“I can’t tell you because I honestly don’t know. Salina has tied herself to me, and somehow she’s messing with my head. I don’t want to hurt you, Teya,” he said. She sighed.

“I know. Isn’t that the reason we aren’t having sex anymore?” she asked. Ken put his head down.

“I’m a vampire now. I don’t know if I can control myself enough to not harm you in our lovemaking. Besides, I see the doubt the hunters placed within you about me just wanting you for breeding. You still believe that,” he explained. Teya bit her bottom lip, remaining quiet. Ken scoffed. “We aren’t adapting to these changes, and it’s affecting us in different ways. It kills me that I have to lie under the dark covers while you go to work. I miss picking you up for our lunches.” Teya touched his arm, testing his reaction. He accepted it, allowing her to comfort him.

“It will be hard for a while, but I think we can make it,” she assured him. Kenneth knocked on the bedroom door.

“Everything alright?” he asked. Ken went to open the door for his father.

“Yeah, we’re OK,” he replied dryly. Kenneth looked at Teya for the truth. She just held her arms to comfort herself.

“Are you ready for this conference Markees set up?” Kenneth asked. Ken ran an agitated hand through his hair.

“Do I have a choice?” he asked. Kenneth shrugged.

“You could always say no,” he replied. Ken smiled, knowing his father was joking.

“You could always go in my place,” he shot back. Kenneth shook his head.

“I haven’t spoken in twenty-two years. I don’t think I’m qualified to speak to a group full of hunters. They need a half-breed’s perspective, and you know what they go through better than anyone,” his father said, placing his hand on his shoulder. “You’ll do great.”


Ken walked into the conference confident and cocky. Markees was standing by the door, awaiting his arrival as he introduced him to the vampire hunters. The hunters gasped at the sight of the father and son as they walked through the crowd.

“What are they doing here?” one hunter shouted in protest.

“They’re here to help. Please don’t be alarmed; they can tell us things that we humans can’t comprehend. They aren’t the bad guys,” Markees assured the room.

“Like hell they aren’t. They’re vampires. Killing vampires is what we’re here to do, and you’re telling us a vampire is going to help us do that?” the hunter replied. Ken placed his hand on Markees’s shoulder and began speaking.

“Hunters, I know you believe your past leader was just, but Ross was obtaining help from a vampire behind your backs. Markees is here to do the right thing and inform you of a situation that affects both humans and vampires,” Ken explained as professionally as possible. “I want the same things that you do: to stop the bad vampires and become their executioner.

Not all vampires deserve the same fate Ross’s partner, Allen. There are some who didn’t choose this way of life, this way of life chose them. If we’re going to stop this army of half-breeds, you will all need to be informed on how they work, their strengths and weakness, and how to spot one out of the crowd.”

“How do you know all of this?” another hunter asked.

“I was one a few weeks ago, before I was turned. Half-breeds are still vulnerable. They have all the strengths of a vampire, but all the weaknesses of a human. At times, my heart would fail, and it would feel as though I was having a heart attack. The vampire blood wants dominance over the human blood, which causes them to weaken at times,” he explained. Another hunter jumped up.

“Why should we trust you? You’ve killed hunters. You are the very thing we’re fighting against,” he shouted. Ken sighed.

“I killed many of your people at Club 89,” Ken admitted, looking over at Kenneth. “So I do understand your concern. I won’t hesitate to kill when I’m provoked to do so, as I was back then. One of your hunters put a gun to my girlfriend’s head. I don’t trust any of you, and I know you don’t trust me. But at the end of the day, I want to stop rogue vampires and protect humans. And I know that that’s your job.”

Ken pressed a button on a remote and turned on the projector. “These are vampire women. Salina Williams and Rosa Estelle. They will have some idea of what’s going on with the half-breeds. Finding them is our top priority. Our second priority is the disappearing women, which Markees and I will be working on together,” he explained. Markees walked up and took over.

“Thank you. That’s all for now,” he announced, before turning to Ken.

“Is that Salina the one who changed you?” he asked. Ken sighed.

“Yes,” he admitted. Markees ran his hand through his hair.

“I saw her at the hospital when Teya was visiting me one night,” Markees informed him. Ken could only glare at this news.

“She still wants her revenge. I chose Teya over her,” he snarled. Kenneth walked over to the duo.

“Ken, if she changed you, then you is able to sense her presence anywhere. Her venom is forever inside you. Go track her. I’ll bring Teya here to work on the missing women’s scents,” Kenneth explained. Ken nodded, and immediately rushed off to find Salina.

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