For The Love of A Vampire

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Chapter 6

“Thank God you’re alright,” Markees said, wrapping his arms around her as soon as she opened the door. Startled, she just patted his back, comforting him.

“Why I wouldn’t I be?” she asked, confused.

“I heard you were in the hospital,” Markees said, releasing her to inspect her neck for bite marks. “Was it that boyfriend with the blonde hair? He’s dangerous Teya. You can tell me if he—”

“He didn’t,” she blurted out angrily, jerking away from him. “He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” Markees sighed, relieved.

“How’d you know I was in the hospital?” she asked. Markees ran a shaky hand through his hair.

“We’ve been watching you, of course. Ross and I,” he told her. Teya firmly tightened her lips. “It popped up in the database that someone had attacked you. I thought it was your guy friend.” Teya shook her head.

“It was a break-in. Some stranger got in here and attacked me,” she said. Markees stepped a little closer.

“What did he look like?” he asked. Teya wrapped her arms around herself, remembering the night. “I couldn’t tell you. It was a sneak attack. He knocked me out before I could get a good look,” she said. Markees nodded, looking around the living room gathering any information he could.

“Just be careful. The campus is still on lockdown until we can catch the killer. Be careful with that boyfriend of yours, he could be a —”

“Vampire?” Teya interrupted, folding her arms.

“You’ve seen him in the daylight. He takes me to work in the mornings, and to lunch in the afternoons. I can’t believe what you’re saying. I think you’re becoming obsessed, Markees,” she replied. He pouted.

“They are real, Teya. They’re ruthless killers. However, maybe I’m wrong about him. Maybe my detector was wrong.”

“Wait, detector?” Teya asked, covering her mouth from the shock. They were busted for sure.

“Vampire blood is quite different from human blood. Our detectors locate the heme and the toxins in their bloodstream, indicating if a person is a vampire. It took us years to perfect, but we’ve done it. My sensor went off slightly the day I met Ken. It could’ve just been broken that day, but after I left your job, it was gone,” he said, before going into his pockets and pulling out a piece of paper. “Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. That’s my cell.”

He slightly touched her cheeks one last time before walking out of the house. Teya locked the door behind him.

“That was close,” she sighed. She turned around to see Ken looking as grim as ever. He easily grabbed the paper out her hands.

“No, wait! That could be useful,” Teya blurted out as he ripped it to shreds.

“He was flirting with you, Teya. This guy wants more than the truth from you.”

“Then let me get as much information as I can from him,” she offered. Ken turned toward her.

“No,” he ordered, and it was clear that he meant it.

“I can help you solve this thing, so we can stop watching our backs at night,” she begged. However, Ken’s face was still marked with anger.

“I said no,” he growled. Teya began to grow frustrated with his stubbornness.

“Ken, if what you say is true, you know he wouldn’t hurt me. I can just go out…” she started, but Ken’s eyes turned deadly.

“I won’t use you, Teya. Haven’t I placed you in enough danger just by being with you? And now you want to have lunch with a vampire hunter who can probably sense when you’re lying?” he asked, turned his back to her and walked into her bedroom. Teya bravely grabbed his arm and tried to turn him around.

“I am a part of this. I’m the reason this is even happening. So stop being stubborn, and just listen to how this plan can work,” she fussed, her voice straining.

“You can help me get information, but not this way. I won’t be able to control myself or stay away while this man touches all over you. I won’t allow you to sell yourself for me,” he said, his voice remaining calm despite his desire to yell at her and shake her.

“The faster we get this done, the sooner it can all be over. I wouldn’t allow him to touch me,” she said. Ken closed his eyes to restrain the snarl rising in his belly. That man’s scent was all over her, masking his own. It drove him crazy with jealousy. He had wanted to come out the room so badly and claim Teya right there in front of Markees, but he had controlled himself.

“No,” he said simply. Teya groaned.

“I’m trying to help!” she screamed. It just seemed as though reason wasn’t enough for him. He was as stubborn as she was.

“I told you, Teya, I won’t use you. Your safety is my number one priority. You must understand I’m doing this to protect you. This is my fight, so please don’t argue with me on this,” he said. Teya crossed her arms.

“How can you go near that detector thing? I can – and should – do this, you know,” she argued. Ken sat on the bed, smiling despite himself.

“You look cute when you’re angry,” he said, holding his hand out for her to come to him. Teya refused. “Don’t you trust me?” she asked. She needed to know what the real problem was. Ken sighed.

“It’s not a trust issue. It’s a safety issue,” he explained, before refusing to argue with her anymore. “You’re more dangerous than he is, and I live with you,” Teya said, as he began laughing softly.

“Ouch. Low blow,” he said. He held his hand out again.

“Come here, Teya,” he said, using his seductive voice. Teya uncrossed her arms.

“You’re trying to distract me. I’m serious, Ken!” she shouted. He just nodded.

“I know you are.”

“Ugh! Stop doing that!” she yelled, stamping her feet.

“Stop what?” Ken asked innocently.

“You’re just agreeing with me to get me to be quiet. I’m not done talking about this,” she said. Ken sighed.

“If it’s that important to you, Teya, we can talk, but there’s no reason for you to stand in the doorway,” he said. With a loud groan, she walked over to him and sat on his lap, while he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Let me try and handle things for a little while. You were almost raped last night, so you can’t blame me for wanting to throw you in a box and keep you to myself. You are important to me, Teya. I’ll admit I don’t like the thought of another man touching you. It’s my insecurity, and I apologize,” he said, turning her face toward his. This was a big mistake. Once his eyes looked into hers, he found himself falling, and falling hard.

He kissed her gently, unable to help himself, in desperate need of the connection. Teya was the one who pulled closer, deepening the kiss until he was painfully erect. She rubbed against his chest and ran her hands across his back, causing their breathing to become heavy and ragged.

“Ken,” she moaned. His cock jerked. “I want you.” And she did—her body was up in flames. She didn’t know how long she could take this torture. She felt as if she would combust if something didn’t release her. Ken picked her up and placed her on her bed, climbing on top of her.

“Baby, you’re not ready. You don’t fully trust me—or yourself, for that matter. This isn’t going to be some one-night stand. I want forever, Teya. I want your love, and your body will come after that,” he said, unable to believe what he was saying. His cock was screaming at him, wanting her more, but her heart was more important.

“You already have my love,” Teya replied. Ken shook his head.

“You love me, but you’re not in love with me yet. There’s a difference,” he said. Teya bit her lip. Was that possible? Could she really just want Ken for his body? She was repulsed by the thought. Her heart and soul reached for his. She loved him. There was no doubt.

“I know I love you,” she admitted, holding his cheeks.

“Not just for the sex.”

“We will make love when the time is right,” he said, gently caressing her taut nipple. Teya’s womb clenched, almost painfully. His hands continued to explore her body like a blind man, remembering every curve.

“You said we weren’t —”

“We’re not. You’re far too tense,” he said, as his hands skimmed down her stomach, which shuddered under his touch. She felt so vulnerable, laid out in front of him with her shirt raised, like some sort of offering. He didn’t want to have sex with her, which was both flattering and heart aching, but he was deliberately arousing her more. What kind of game was he playing? He pulled at her sweatpants string to loosen them.

She waited for sweet agony as he placed his hand slowly inside until he felt her entrance through the underwear. Ken swallowed the need to take her hard and fast. He wanted to test his control—and hers—by giving her a release that would sate her for now. He shifted her underwear to the side, which proved to be a huge mistake. Her sex filled his nose instantly, hitting him hard in the gut and painfully making him grow harder than ever before. He groaned, unable to control himself.

He then leaned down and kissed her before he swiped his finger across her clit. The reaction was priceless, as she arched herself into him even more. He smirked before continuing his assault. Now he was fascinated with her breast. As he continued his assault on her clit, he licked her right breast, slowly and torturously. A moan escaped her mouth as she whimpered, closing her eyes from the pleasure of it all. With small, cat-like licks to her right breast, the nipple was becoming nice and taut. He placed his whole mouth over it, this time to test the reaction, and sucked. She arched into him even further as he sent her body into a wave of pleasure. Expertly, he eased himself down to her vagina entrance and inserted his pointer finger, hoping to test her wetness. Teya’s eyes went wide as her back raised completely off the bed.

Ken was constantly fighting the urge to take off his pants and bury himself deep inside her. It took most of his control, a control he’d learned while staying with Allen long ago. He closed his eyes, feeling the never ending pressure building inside of him. He used a second finger to push a little further inside. Teya couldn’t take it anymore. Her moans consumed her, loud and open, as he licked her nipples into hard peaks. He began to blow on them, causing a weird sensation to tingle throughout her body.

She clenched the sheets, a tidal of wave of pleasure was so close to releasing inside her. Ken felt the difference instantly. She was flooding wet, ready to come at any moment. He smirked at that fact, and quickened the pace of his hand until she damn near screamed. Her muscles clenched around his fingers. Ken moaned, thinking of how tight she felt around his finger. He could only imagine how tight she would be around his cock. Her orgasm began slow, but once he flicked her clit with his thumb, she let go and rode the wave of pleasure.

Once she calmed down, Ken removed his hand and pulled her shirt down. Teya laid there, looking confused, but satisfied.

“That wasn’t fair,” she finally managed to get out. He laughed.


Markees walked into the office, straight to Ross.

“I got nothing. She wouldn’t give me a name,” he said. Ross looked up from his desk.

“Miss Daniels?” he asked. Markees nodded, and rubbed a shaky hand through his hair. Ross put his pen down.

“Well, is she all right? No bites?” he asked. Markees nodded.

“Thank the heavens. She said a man broke into her house and attacked her. It couldn’t have been a vampire. They would’ve killed her for sure,” he said. Ross thought for a moment.

“Unless it was someone she cared about who managed to stop beating her. Did you mention the boyfriend?” Ross asked.

“She claims he didn’t, but I’m telling you, Ross something isn’t right with him. It was weird. The detector went off in the middle of the day when he was around,” he said. Ross stood abruptly.

“It did?”

“It was so faint, it barely sounded. It could’ve been broken that day,” Markees responded. Ross walked around to stand in his face.

“Well, where is your detector now?” he asked. Markees sighed.

“I lost it the same day, sir,” he said. Ross rubbed his chin.

“Interesting. How long had it been since you realized this information?” he asked. Markees coughed a little, choking on his answer.

“Three months ago, sir.”

“Three months ago!” Ross yelled. “Why the hell wasn’t I informed right away?”

“He was out in the day. There’s no way —”

“Did Miss Daniels introduce you? What was his name?” Ross asked, as he began searching through the papers on his desk.

“I believe she said his name, but it was so low I didn’t catch it,” Markees replied. Ross pushed Markees out his office.

“Come back immediately when you have the name,” he yelled, and with that, he slammed the door.


Ken woke in the middle of the night. He turned towards the clock and saw that it was two a.m. He looked down at Teya, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He smiled, kissed her cheek, and said “I’ll be back.” He turned on an alarm before he wiggled out the bed.

Putting his shirt on, he went off the balcony. He moved quickly to the vampire house this time, ready to rip out Rodney’s throat if he was there, or maybe Salina’s. He ran this time, careful to leave his car with Teya just in case someone watching noticed he was gone. Trying to calm himself, he replayed many scenarios in his mind about how this meeting would go.

He walked through the door, bold and unafraid, and could tell from the scent that everyone was back.

“Oh, you’re back from Paris. I would say I’m happy to see you, but I would be lying,” Ken said to Allen as he entered the liv1ing room. Ken’s eyes squinted at Salina and Rodney together in the kitchen, who were trying to pop his arm back into place. Allen clapped his hands together.

“Aw, why yes, Ken. I do enjoy Paris,” he replied. Ken gestured towards Rodney.

“Your little flunky over there broke our deal. The bastard hurt Teya. The deal was she wasn’t to be harmed or touched in anyway,” he said. Allen glanced over at Rodney.

“I believe my exact words were that I was not to kill her. What any other vampire does is not on my end. So the deal still stands,” Allen said.

“You son of a bitch!” he cursed, throwing a right hook at Allen. Allen lifted his hand and caught his blow. “This isn’t how you welcome your master. I uphold the deal, and this is how you treat me?” Allen questioned with a smile, excited about the ass whooping he was going to give Ken for disobeying. He kicked Ken hard in the stomach. Ken managed to block it, but the force still sent him flying through the wall.

“Get up,” Allen ordered. Ken stood up straight, watching Allen’s every move. He should’ve known that Allen would work his way around their deal. He never should’ve trusted him. Furious, Ken balled up his fist. Allen smirked and gestured for Ken to come at him. With all the hatred he could conjure, Ken charged Allen head-on, using his shoulder to push Allen into the wall. Allen repeatedly elbowed Ken in the back in order to loosen his grip, and allow him to bring the youth to his knees. Ken groaned in pain.

“You really think you can challenge me in your weakened state?” Allen sneered, kneeing Ken in the chin before grabbing his shirt and pulling him back to his knees.

“Stop this,” Rosa yelled, walking into the room, hearing the commotion.

“Have you heard any news about the hunters?” she asked. Ken nodded, wiping the blood from his mouth and pushing Allen away so he could stand.

“That pen I gave you from Markees was actually a device that can detect any vampire within a ten-mile radius. They have been working closely to Teya, so I have been keeping an eye on them. If your flunky had focused on scanning the area, he would ’ve realized there was a hunter nearby. You, Rodney, could’ve blown this whole thing. Think about that the next time you come near her.”

“The hunters are getting closer. We need to know every piece of technology that they’ve developed if we plan on hiding from them,” Rosa said, sounding concerned. Allen sat in his chair.

“Who’s hiding?” he asked mischievously. Ken shook his head.

“I’ll be back once I have more information,” he said before walking out the door, with Allen’s and Rodney’s piercing gazes digging into his back.

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